Why Interior Designers Love Faux Brick Wallpaper Mural

Faux effect wallpaper murals are a popular choice among interior designers worldwide, but perhaps one of the most iconic patterns within this category is brick wallpaper murals. It's a classic design that finds its way to the bestsellers list time and time again. In this article, we'll be giving you the inside scoop as to why interior designs love brick wallpaper murals!


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Brick Wallpaper Murals Blends Modern and Classic Aesthetics

There's no denying the stunning look of exposed brick! While you can get that look through using real bricks or even faux bricks, brick wallpaper murals are cost-effective, much easier to install, and it offers the same photorealistic look. Wallpaper murals themselves have an intricate, highly detailed printing process that results in lifelike imagery. This especially comes in handy if you're dealing with "real" imagery, such as a cityscape mural or materials, such as concrete and wood.

With its iconic look, brick wallpaper murals blend together a sense of modernity with a classic aesthetic. This results in an incredible backdrop that evokes feelings of "newness" with a more traditional flair. Because of this, brick wallpaper murals look right at home and can blend into any atmosphere, whether you're choosing a wallpaper for an English pub or a high-end jewellery store.


Historic Brick M8994


Brick Wallpaper Murals Have A Minimalist Touch

With a simple pattern and color scheme, brick wallpapers have a minimalist look about them that helps unify the space. Sure, photorealistic brick murals tend to incorporate a lot of detail, but it never looks tacky or overly "busy." Because of its minimalist approach to imagery, brick murals make the perfect backdrop for those who want to add a custom quote to their mural. Text really stands out against the brick, putting more emphasis on the quote, as can be seen in the example below.

With the majority of brick wallpaper murals you'll come across, the color scheme tends to favor a single color, with red/brown being the most popular, common, and iconic. That's not to say you can't find other brick colors, with options including gray, white, and black.


Weathered Brick M9239


Brick Wallpaper Murals Are Versatile

With a visual style that blends modern and traditional, brick wallpaper murals are quite versatile and can be used anywhere. For home usage, brick murals add a loft-inspired look that is sure to be the centerpiece of any room. For commercial spaces, brick murals add an authentic on-trend style that's welcoming and inviting.

Part of a brick mural's versatility is also in its color scheme. It generally uses a single color, which makes it easy to account for when designing an entire room. Neutral brick mural colors, like white and black, can be easily used even in pre-designed rooms, while the more traditional red brick can add a burst of color to the space that isn't overly tacky.


Brick Layer M9226


Brick Wallpaper Murals Are Effortlessly Stylish

The simplicity of its pattern and colors translates to its effortless stylishness. It's such an easy pattern to use and it transforms the space completely. Brick wallpaper murals catches our attention and it's one of those patterns that just seemingly does more with less. Interior designers love how it can inspire both a vintage flair but also how it can add a cool touch to any space.

Brick wallpaper murals have a timeless appeal and we don't see this particular faux effect pattern falling out of favor anytime soon. In fact, it's always been at or near the top of our annual bestselling list because of its on-trend look.


Brick Heart M9240


Brick Wallpaper Murals Feature Surprisingly Diverse Patterns

Last but definitely not least, while the traditional red brick wallpaper mural is most common, there are other brick patterns that are much different in terms of its pattern or color. Some wallpaper designers like to mix in different colors, such as a chalky white overlay that adds a gritty, more weathered look as seen in the brick mural above.

Some brick wallpaper murals feature other imagery, such as a large-scale heart on top of the brick. Some brick wallpaper murals go for more traditional imagery, such as the Aged Stone wallpaper below. It has a more historic visual style, rather than the compact, symmetrical one of traditional brick murals.


Aged Stone M8997


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