What’s Trending: Using Unconventional Wallpaper Designs to Create a Modern Look

Wallpaper designs are constantly evolving. Whether a designer is blending geometric and floral motifs together or adding a minimalist element to the imagery, being creative with wallpaper has never been easier. In this article, let’s take a look at 5 different wallpaper designs that really stand out. They’re a bit unconventional compared to other designs in the same category, but these wallpaper patterns exist for those who want to achieve a modern, unique look for their home.

A Different Take on Wood Wallpaper


Wood Grain Faded Wallpaper Beige R4659


Wood wallpaper is a category that’s extremely popular. The faux finish design means you’re getting a photorealistic look for your own home. What also makes this wallpaper design stand out is that it doesn’t feature the linear wooden pattern that most people are familiar with. Take a more traditional wood pattern for example:



While a more rigid placement of the wooden boards is what comes to mind when we think of “wood wallpaper,” Wood Grain takes the unconventional route of using curves and waves to create a more rounded aesthetic. What results is a more relaxed feel that’s playful and totally creative. It's perfect for use as a kitchen wallpaper or bedroom wallpaper to achieve that casual atmosphere.


Floral Wallpaper for the Modern Home


Leaf Outline Abstract Wallpaper White and Black R4691


If you want an aesthetic that’s inspired by graphic novels and comic books, look no further! Continuing with our theme of unconventional wallpaper designs, this floral pattern features bold outlines in black and white. Instead of using a lot of details to create the traditional leaf shape, this wallpaper relies on thick lines in order to create a stylized look.


Leaf Outline Abstract Wallpaper Black and Silver R4693


The majority of traditionally designed floral wallpaper emphasizes a sophisticated, elegant look that is timeless. Here’s an example:


Floral Sketched Blue Dainty Wallpaper R4376


While the example above has a more classic aesthetic, Leaf Outline is a minimalist and contemporary take on the floral wallpaper category. The contrast between black and white creates a powerful visual dynamic. In addition, the sharp lines that dominate the imagery is in stark contrast to the rounder, softer floral wallpaper aesthetics.


Damask Wallpaper With a Contemporary Twist


Contemporary Metallic White Damask R3949


Similar to the previous category, this wallpaper has reduced the traditional damask image down to its core elements. Presenting the damask pattern as an outline gives this wallpaper a contemporary touch. Damask wallpaper is generally known for its highly detailed designs that weave floral motifs with intricate borders. Here’s an example:


Silver Royal Damask R2967


On the other hand, minimalism takes center stage with Contemporary Metallic White Damask. For those who want the classic damask design but with an updated twist, this wallpaper offers just that. The interplay between the lines and negative space puts emphasizes simplicity, presenting a clean look that fits any space.


Putting Your “Floor” on your Walls


Bohemian Persian Rug Inspired Coral and Indigo Wallpaper R4705


Adaptation and innovation are integral parts of the interior design industry because shaking things up is the name of the game. Another unconventional design technique is to put what’s usually on your floors on your walls. In this case, we’ve got a gorgeous wallpaper pattern that’s been inspired by traditional Persian rugs.

It has all of the aesthetic motifs, such as the intricate weaving of different borders, shapes, and details. Like many Persian rugs, the vivid colors and how they interact with each other is a staple in its design. It’s definitely making a bold statement when used as wallpaper!


Cork, a Trending Wallpaper Material


Elder Cork Metallic White and Silver Wallpaper R2825


Last but not least, let’s talk about different materials. Cork wallpaper is on trend this year and Elder Cork Metallic is leading the way with its innovative look. With a highly textured finish and an eye-catching metallic sheen, this is one wallpaper that will completely transform the space. What makes this design stand out is its combination of rustic qualities with an overall elegance that’s more modern than traditional.


Elder Cork Metallic Bronze Wallpaper R2824


The various “scratches” and textured parts of the wallpaper offers a highly level of visual detail that is much more randomized than your standard pattern repetition. This gives it an interesting look that makes the walls seem more original and artistic; use it as a dining room wallpaper or bedroom wallpaper to create a high-end look.


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