Wallpaper and Murals Featuring Collages

Wallpaper and wallpaper murals are a great way to spruce up your interior space. Whether you’re aiming to get a new look for your bedroom, powder room, or living room, finding the perfect pattern can be challenging. However, there are certain wallpaper designs that feature an eclectic mix of imagery that adds a creative and artistic feel to the space. Collages, which features various visual elements combined on one surface, are an excellent way to make your room stand out. It's certainly a unique look, different from your traditional floral or striped pattern. In this article, let’s take a look at some stylish wallpaper and murals featuring collages!


Starting off our list with a bold, creative collage, this wallpaper mural makes the perfect feature wall in any residential space with its colorful, large-scale design. The modern look uses a geometric chevron pattern, alternating between white sections and full images. This helps to keep a visual balance, making sure the wallpaper mural isn’t too overwhelming or visually complex. Instead, it adds a striking feature that adds an effortless sense of stylishness to the product. This collage features images such as portraits, animals, and signs.


Windmill Avenue - Everything Will Be Okay

For a more traditional collage look, Everything Will Be Okay is a wallpaper mural featuring gorgeous imagery, inspiration quotes, and positive vibes. What we love best about this particular mural is the vintage color scheme. The pastel sea green adds a burst of color but the overall color palette is rather retro. The sepia tones add a historic look, while the grey and white tiles add a more minimalist touch.


Windmill Avenue - Enjoy the Little Things

Looking for a darker, dramatic, bold look? Getting an “old-school cool” look is made simple! Enjoy The Little Things is a wallpaper mural that showcases vintage imagery and aesthetics, perfect for creating a sophisticated atmosphere in any space. Images range from nature themes (such as animals and trees), to portraits and quotes. What’s interesting about this particular mural is that there’s a diamond geometric overlay on top, which contrasts with the square tiles in the background.


 A collage isn’t just about showcasing different images. This one is definitely a unique take on the genre, opting to create a collage of different pages of text. What results is an interesting visual style that’s both complex (because of the text) and minimalist (simplistic color scheme). It’s a look that will have people talking for sure as it becomes the centerpiece in the space. Because of the highly detailed design, consider using Paper Collage as a feature wall or in larger spaces.

Tiled Floral Collage Wallpaper Grey R4865

If you’re looking for a more subtle collage effect, this next wallpaper is perfect for creating a more minimalist look. Featured in a gray and white color scheme, the neutral colors make it easy to use in pre-existing spaces. Although it’s still a collage, the imagery is more similar to each other, emphasizing floral motifs and other elegant designs. The traditional classic look also contrasts the more contemporary aesthetics of other collages featured in this article.


Giraffe Collage M9221

 Collages aren’t always organized in geometric tiles. For instance, this wallpaper mural takes a more abstract, free flowing approach to how images are organized. Giraffe Collage features different images that are placed onto the pastel green background, creating an fascinating visual landscape. The general nature-theme is spearheaded by the large central giraffe, while other imagery, such as trees, add to the organic look. As with all wallpaper murals, when placing an order you can edit the color, scale, and other features as well.


Hawaiian Treasure M9209

 Another abstract wallpaper mural that features a collage is Hawaiian Treasure. While the design is featured above in full color, the gray-scale version is also a visually dynamic look, adding a classic touch to the space. Similar to the previous wallpaper mural, this one has images spread across the entire surface, rather than segmented into smaller tiles. It has a floral aesthetic that’s lighter on the “collage” aspects, perfect for those who still want a unique look but with a less structured appearance. If you’re using this as a feature or accent wall, consider pairing a leaf wallpaper pattern on the other walls to complete the look.

 Sepia Architectural Collection Wallpaper Grey and White R4814

Last but not least, this traditional collage has a more structured, geometric look with equal sized squares laid out in a repeating pattern. Each square contains a different image, but they work to create a unified theme. The gray color scheme also fits with the imagery, creating a sense of historic tradition with the different architecture and landscapes. For those who enjoy the look of old buildings or dreamed about having a small art gallery right in their very own home, Sepia Architectural Collection is the wallpaper pattern for you! Given the complex design, you might opt to use this as a feature wall. If that’s the case, you may want to pair this wallpaper with a damask design to create a strong sophisticated aesthetic in your space.


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