Wall Murals for your Child and Teen's Bedroom

When designing for children it is important to create a scheme that both you and your child are comfortable living with that has inspiring and explorative qualities. If you're looking for something traditionally children's to design their spaces with wall murals may be just what you are looking for. Our latest collection of wall murals will bring you styles with both stereo-typically boy and girl centered wallpapers with a unique twist in style and composition. Many of these styles are also available in similar boarders and and stripes giving you a full range of applications for these unique child centered wallpapers.


Pink Lady Girl’s Wallpaper Mural M8878


Pink Lady is a bold wallpaper mural depicting a woman's face adorned with pink gems, butterflies, and flowers. It is a soft, warm, and delightful addition to any child's bedroom with its warm colouring and floral and nature motifs.


Pink Gems Kids Wall Mural M8882


Night Lights is a glamorous lit up city scene wallpaper mural adorned with jewel imagery. It depicts a city overlaid on a faded face of a woman. It will act as a soft, calm addition to your child's bedroom space with an illuminated night life quality to create a restful atmosphere.


Rose Forest M8877


Rose Forest is a collage style wallpaper mural with overlapping text, ribbons, trees, jewels, flora, and birds. It is calm, airy, and enchanting wallpaper that has a fairytale like quality for any girl's bedroom. It is great for creating a fantasy dreamlike quality in a children's space.


Ochre Runway M8889


Air Fighter is a graphic helicopter themed wallpaper mural with a helicopter runway aesthetic. It will instill a sense of adventure and imagination in your child creating the perfect stimulative, engaging feature in your child's play or rest space.


Navy-Blue Surfer M8881


Surfer is a surf inspired wallpaper mural with a grid and numeric backdrop in a scheme of sea blues and turquoise. It features a surfer, palm tree,s and an island making it the perfect fit for any adventure seeking child in their bedroom or playspace. The rich colours and layering add an engaging depth and complexity to this wallpaper.


Blue Sail M8892


Blue Sail is a nautical sail themed wallpaper mural with a calm relaxing vibe. It depicts a mix of soft painterly organic text and geometric sail inspired forms with a large sketched sail boat in the background. Use it in your child's bedroom for an enchanting charming sailor aesthetic. The depth and detail will allow your child to constantly explore new elements and engage with this wall mural and their space.


Orange Longboard M8896


Orange Longboard is a graphic bright orange wallpaper mural. It features images of surfers, longboards, cars, hibiscus flowers, palm trees, islands, and surf themed words. It will make a fun and vivid addition to your kid's play or bedroom space for a look that evokes a carefree vacation.


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