Vibrant Summer Wallpaper Colors

In our last article, we talked about our top 4 favourite summer wallpaper trends for your living room. Let’s narrow our scope and take a look at some wallpaper colors that would be perfect for the summer season. Focusing on floral and natural wallpaper, here are some of our picks for summer wallpaper!


Yellow: Creating an Optimistic Atmosphere

Using yellow wallpaper is a great way to add energy to any room, whether it’s a living room with a lot of natural light or a smaller powder room with limited lighting. Yellow can often be a “love it or hate it” color – for some, it’s the perfect representation of optimism; for others, it’s too bright and causes headaches. However, one thing to keep in mind is the shade of yellow wallpaper. Lighter, pastel yellows offer a more relaxed look while deeper yellow shades have a more dramatic appeal.


Reed Yellow Grasscloth R1973 - Grasscloth wallpaper adds a natural touch to your home.  


Speaking of darker yellow tones, this one is an excellent choice for those who want to use a yellow color for their space but may be worried about it being too yellow. Made from natural materials, this grasscloth wallpaper offers a more organic, real look. It mixes together other colors to create an earthy palette: the brown threads, the slight hint of orange on some areas of the wooden pieces. While yellow is predominantly associated with optimism, darker yellow wallpaper such as the one above veer more toward the high-end, sophisticated aesthetic.


Contemporary Damask Floral Geometric Mosaic Fields Yellow And White R4540 - Look for pastel yellow if you want to add a more subtle splash of color. 


For a more “traditional” yellow tone, this gorgeous damask wallpaper is our pick for the summer. The light, pastel color adds a more subtle yellow to the room that will still compliment the current interior design. What we love best about this particular example is how it uses a lighter, playful yellow color alongside an innovative damask design that is truly modern. Damask patterns are often noted for their higher degree of detail, but this one is absolutely stunning. The weaving borders that frame the main floral elements are composed of smaller designs that make this yellow wallpaper an elegant choice for the summer.


Green: Infusing the Space with a Fresh Aesthetic

Whereas yellow colors can imbue a space with optimism and vitality, green wallpaper is all about nature and adding a sense of freshness. The color green often symbolizes the wild outdoors, authenticity, and renewal. Whereas earthy tones like beige, taupe, and brown can also represent natural elements, we think green wallpaper is the perfect summer interior design color because of its vibrancy.


Painted Stamped Fern Wallpaper Pastel Green R5025 - The verticality of the design adds a visual element of interest.  


Speaking of nature, our first pick for green wallpaper is this fun floral design featuring stamped fern leaves. It has a painted aesthetic, giving it a homemade or hand painted look. The creative visuals complement the simplistic color scheme well, as the white and green tones mix together to create a relaxed, natural look. The vertical placement of the leaves also gives the illusion of height, which makes this floral pattern particularly suitable for smaller spaces, such as a powder room or bathroom.



For a more rustic look, this green wallpaper features an eye-catching design over a weathered background. It mixes two wallpaper categories together – floral and faux finish – to create an interesting look that’s totally unique. The clean-cut, sophisticated damask design presents an elegant appeal, which stands in contrast with the aged, rough appearance of the background. What you get is a wallpaper design that can be used in many different settings, from living rooms that have a more traditional interior design to bedrooms that are contemporary.


Blue: the Perfect Summer Day – Indoors

Last but definitely not least, our final pick for summer wallpaper colors is blue. What better way to evoke the image of a picturesque summer day than to use spectacular blue wallpaper that catches everyone’s attention? The mood you want to set for your space can depend on the specific shade of blue – darker blue shades tend to have a more mysterious, sophisticated look while lighter blues are more open and playful.


Blue Iris Flowers R2792 - This Vincent Van Gogh inspired design is brimming with color.  


Our first pick for blue summer wallpaper is quite the multitasker – it also incorporates yellow and green colors! Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s art style, this abstract floral wallpaper design has a highly dynamic look that adds a lot of energy to the room. The different shades of blue – dark to light – create a stunning gradient appearance that make the wallpaper come to life. The contrast between blue and yellow also makes for a visually appealing aesthetic that is bold and lively.


Cloudy Stucco Wallpaper Light Blue and White R4792  


Our final pick for summer wallpaper is this light blue design featuring a peeling plaster wall. Like all faux finish wallpapers, this one is flexible in its usage and can suit any space ranging from larger hallways and bedrooms to smaller dens and powder rooms. Similar to the concrete floral design highlighted above, the aged and weathered appearance has a very modern appeal that’s very popular these days. Mimicking natural materials, the photorealistic finish is a welcome addition to any contemporary home.


Summer is all about having fun with colors!

Whether you want to create a bright, relaxing atmosphere for your bedroom or an upscale, elegant dining room, summer wallpaper trends emphasize the use of vibrant colors that add energy to the room. Color becomes the main focal point in the space, and yellow, green, and blue colors all emphasize the summer season.


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