Versatile Contract Textured Wallpaper For Commercial Project

Versatile Contract Textured Wallpaper For Commercial Project

Walls Republic’s catalogue of contract wallpaper features some of the highest quality wallpaper for any commercial project. For this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the most versatile textured wallpaper that can be used across multiple commercial applications. Whether it’s a salon/spa, restaurant, corporate office, or educational center, the versatility and flexibility of textured wallpaper designs is unrivalled. Easy to slip into pre-existing spaces or add to the overall vision of the design, here are some of our top picks for textured contract wallpaper!

First up is this vibrant green wallpaper that adds a sense of organic freshness to the atmosphere. Lighter colors also works wonders in smaller spaces or rooms that don’t see a lot of natural light, making the area seem brighter and more open. The vertical alignment of the pattern also creates the illusion of taller walls, which is another benefit for smaller rooms. With a simplistic color scheme, the different shades of green add a nice visual element that bolsters the stylishness of this textured wallpaper.

If you’re looking for a wallpaper with more defined imagery, Tangle is for you! It’s a geometric commercial wallpaper showcased above in an eye-catching golden beige color. Neutral colors – such as white, beige, taupe, and brown - are generally much easier to use with an established interior design since the base color pairs well with a variety of other tones. In some design projects, the wallpaper is one of the first aspects to be chosen whereas in other projects, it might be one of the last. At Walls Republic, we offer a variety of colorways to fit any project needs!


Slate Triad C7008

For a much more contemporary theme, Slate Triad is another geometric wallpaper, but with an updated look for the modern space. The use of positioning, color tones, and shadows create a sense of depth that adds a unique characteristic to the walls. The 3D effect makes it stand out, perfect for those looking to really “wow” their guests! Each commercial project is different; some requires a “lighter” touch with wallpaper that helps unify the space, but not necessary something that is the center of attention. On the other hand, vibrant, out-of-the-box wallpaper designs may suit a different commercial project.


Starry Basketweave Brown and Beige Grasscloth Wallpaper R4610

Wallpapers that use natural materials are a unique class of commercial wallcoverings. Its highly textured finish is indicative of its usage of natural materials, such as organic fibers, mica stones, and cork. The handcrafted look of natural or grasscloth wallpapers not only visually sets it apart, but it creates a much different atmosphere for the space. These environmentally-friendly wall décor products have a finish that’s unlike the flatness of traditional vinyl wallpaper. This particular grasscloth wallpaper features a star-themed basketweave in two colors, creating a duo-toned look that’s sure to be an instant classic!

Using brighter colors can dramatically transform the space, giving it a different mood. For example, this blue commercial wallpaper features a rich color that infuses the space with a vibrant, energetic look. The textured wallpaper features a dense packing of “bumps,” giving it a highly tactile appearance. The denseness of the pattern makes it perfect for large and small spaces alike. Alternative, if you’re using a wallpaper mural, Sea Blue Pinot would be great as a complimentary wallpaper thanks to its minimalist look.

Next up is Textured Denim, featured above in a flexible light beige color. Similar to the previous commercial wallpaper, this one has a compact textured look that makes it truly versatile. This one has a faux finish theme, mimicking the look and feel of denim fabric. This particular pattern is perfect for spaces where only a light touch is needed.

Commercial wallpapers come in different themes, perfect for setting a specific mood in the space. For a professional or clean-cut approach, Aspero does the job! It has a subtle crosshatch pattern that adds a touch of character to the space without being too overwhelming. Our commercial wallpapers have a high degree of durability, making it perfect to use in a commercial space over traditional wall décor, such as regular paint.

Last but not least, using bold colors in a commercial space is just one way to create an original, creative look that makes the room stand out. Ridge is a contract wallpaper that has a linear pattern that seemingly shines in the light. The glamorous style is one that combines a minimalist look with a deep red color that adds energy to the space. The small shift in colors – from a deeper red tone to a lighter red – creates a gradient, dynamic flow that’s not only on-trend, but has a timeless appeal for years to come.


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