Travel from home with Vintage World Map Wallpaper Murals!

World map murals are great conversation starters that add class and culture to your personal spaces. ATLAS... help has arrived! If you’re looking to add some adventure into your home, satisfy your wanderlust and journey into these tips that will help you choose the world map wall mural of your dreams!



  • A world map wall mural is an elegant and cool way to bring out and express your inner explorer! Map murals are a great choice for people who indulge in and are inspired by travel. They are also great for the individuals that revel in the diversity of art, history and culture. You can create a scenic atmosphere that enables a peak of worldly curiosity and builds inspiration for your future travel aspirations.

  • With a world map mural, you can skip the airfare and travel from Europe to South American in seconds! Even if you can’t quite pinpoint where that is, your world map mural can be interactive, functional and educational with highly detailed and accurate geographical or historical references that are great for children as well.

  • >Overall, World Map murals are highly customizable to fit every space and taste. Map wallpaper murals come in different scale ratios from large or small stretches. They present unique and colourful aesthetic properties that cultivate perspective, adventure, and life to whichever room you please.

Deep and rich hues and historical iconography paired with soft lighting for your study.



Historic map wall murals are highly enriched with great intellect and traditions from the past. The deep dark colours and luxurious iconography are magnificent for living rooms with darker furniture and can be illuminated with warm light for those chilly evenings.


Lavish warm and washed hues of an old vintage map mural for your bedroom.



Vintage and retro Map Murals pay homage to history and art with natural fading textures, soft tones and light wash pastels. Vintage wall murals are perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms where you want just want to sit back, relax, and ponder the world and all its possibilities.



Antique map murals are an elegant addition to any library or serious study. They articulate a delicate charm that emphasizes the value of time and the pricelessness of life. The deep rich colours mixed with washed fading hues generate calm and focus that can instantly enrich the minds of studious and sophisticated.


Interactive geological wall murals are a great addition to and gathering space.



Geological maps are great for the environmental enthusiast or the even outdoors type traveler. You can understand the world from the ground up with geological maps that are highly informative because of the accurate graphic detail of the geological features. They are great for bedrooms, living rooms, offices or any other space with a great view or benevolent lighting from the outside.

Magnificent Japanese calligraphic details with an old weathered texture and grid.



Cultural world map murals can spark a worldly curiosity and cultural cultivation. Cultural maps are vibrantly saturated and coloured juxtaposed with an old textured look that appropriates but appreciates cartography from all over the world. They are great for dining rooms, offices, and even restaurants for that extra flavor to your space.



See every detail in every scale at high-resolution. | Walls Republic M9165


If you don’t want to commit to a large scale feature wall, you can change the original scale ratio of your image and zoom in on a specific part of map for sectional application on smaller spaces. For larger spaces, like restaurants, retail stores, and business offices, you are provided with the option to blow up the mural while still maintaining detail and quality.




You can easily customize your vintage mural to fit your character and lifestyle. If you love to be loud and expressive, you can play with the brightness and saturation of your map mural. These maps will illuminate the room and add dynamism to your space. You can go all out with a brightly painted wall, or balance it out with darker furniture and let the map do the talking. For the quiet adventurers, lower contrast, use pastels, or even monochromatic or an achromatic mural to adjust the tone of your space. With the optimization of colour options, you can easily change the mood and aura of your bedroom or kitchen. A Map Mural can improve the light quality and boost the awe factor of your space.



Try to mix up antique and old vintage murals with new modern furniture.

 I hope you are inspired to try out a world map mural that expands your world from the inside of your home that reflects out into your everyday life. There’s a customizable map mural for every taste and personality, from old vintage and historic, to current and informative. Remember to have fun with your map mural. Travel, learn, and mark off all the places you’ve been!


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