Top Wallpaper Trends for Spring 2017

Out with the old, in with the new! Let’s say a fond farewell to winter and step into the new season with an updated look for your home. In this article, we take a look at the hottest spring wallpaper trends for the upcoming season.

Spring Wallpaper Trend #1: Screen Print Wallpaper For a Minimalist Touch


Screen Print Trees Wallpaper Black and White R4755


For the new spring season, why not achieve a minimalist look that adds a traditional aesthetic to your room? Some new designs coming from the interior design world is centered on screen print patterns. These wallpapers have an artistic look, similar to watercolor wallpaper. However, the images look denser and more apparent, contrasting watercolor wallpapers that have a more blotchy or painted look.

What we like best about this pattern is its classic appeal. Unlike some of the more modern floral patterns we outlined in the past (check out Profiling Floral Wallpaper Styles for more details), this one is firmly traditional and adds a sophisticated air to any space. That being said, this screen print wallpaper would be the perfect addition to a bedroom or dining room.


Spring Wallpaper Trend #2: Colorful Murals to Brighten up any Space


Painted Marble Wallpaper Mural Teal and Gold M9253


After a dreary winter season, maybe you’re not in a minimalist, black and white mood. For those who want a burst of color for the spring, this wallpaper mural is the way to go. The marble façade of this wallpaper features stunning teal and golden colors that mix together to create a beautiful effect. A mix between faux finish and abstract, Painted Marble offers up a more modern, playful aesthetic compared to the traditional, minimalist look of the previous example.

Perfect for use as a “statement piece” in any space, this marble wallpaper mural is suitable for both residential and commercial use. So whether it’s hanging in the living room or as a feature wall in a retail outlet, murals are meant to make an impact.


Spring Wallpaper Trend #3: Pastel Floral Wallpaper with Soft Colors


Abstract Watercolor Splatters Wallpaper Teal and Grey R4756  


Abstract Watercolor Splatters Wallpaper Taupe and Orange R4759


If there’s a color palette that’s typically associated with the spring season, it’s pastel. Soft pinks, purples, and blues can add a breath of fresh air into the space. What pastel colors do for a room is give it a lightness that invigorates the space with a calm energy. Our next spring wallpaper pick features different pastel shades in a versatile floral pattern. The mix of different colors gives it an appealing visual that draws attention.

The softness of the color scheme is matched by the floral design, which uses feathery brushstrokes. This gives it an added creative appeal that is sure to make guests go, “wow!” While this pattern also comes in a color variation that’s much darker and bolder, we like these two picks specifically for spring wallpaper trends.


Spring Wallpaper Trend #4: A Natural Look Using Grasscloth Wallpaper


Double Tiled Beige and Yellow Grasscloth Wallpaper R4639  


Grassknot Orange and Yellow Grasscloth Wallpaper R2864


This season is all about renewal and growth. Keeping with that theme, our next trend for spring wallpaper is grasscloth. With its eco-friendly material and natural look, it’s no doubt that grasscloth is a great addition to any room. However, this type of wallpaper isn’t suitable in all rooms so be sure to plan ahead. Grasscloth’s natural material means it’s slightly more vulnerable to wear and tear than regular vinyl wallpaper, and wouldn’t be suitable for a children’s room where there’s a lot of activity or bathrooms with poor ventilation.

Our two picks both have a golden or yellow/orange tone, which will help give the space a more vibrant, lighter look. Grasscloth wallpaper offers an elegant, sophisticated appeal, which is boosted the golden colors. The tactile surface gives the walls a sense of depth, creating a space that is more unique and engaging.


Spring Wallpaper Trend #5: Geometric Wallpaper Murals with a Contemporary Flair


Modern Geometric Snakeskin Wallpaper Mural Grey and Gold M9265


Moving away from a natural or floral look, our last trend for spring wallpaper is using geometric patterns to create a modern aesthetic. With this wallpaper mural, it mixes together geometric and faux finish patterns to create an interesting look. The repeated diamonds are overlaid with a snakeskin pattern, creative a contrasting visual effect. On one hand, the symmetry in the geometric pattern is very structured and rigid; the snakeskin design is more fluid and random.

The golden accents also add another layer of interest to the imagery. Against the predominantly grey colors, the golden highlights give the wallpaper mural a “faded” appeal, similar to what you would find with concrete or brick wallpaper styles. This aged look has been a popular trend in interior design, but with this example, it’s been added to geometric wallpaper.


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