Top 8 Dramatic Red Wallpaper for your Bedroom

Creating a bold look for your bedroom can easily be done by choosing the right wallpaper. This means not only looking at the actual design, but the color as well. Color can have an impact on our mood, whether it’s using yellow wallpaper to create a sense of optimism in the space, or purple for a mysterious, royal look. Red wallpaper is truly one of the most vibrant colors. It’s dynamic, romantic, energetic, and dramatic. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at our top 8 dramatic red wallpaper for your bedroom!


Contemporary Faux Leather Marsala Red Tufted Wallpaper R3681


The most popular faux effect wallpaper generally include brick, wood, and concrete. However, leather is a pattern that shouldn’t be overlooked as it adds a luxurious, rich appearance to the bedroom. Whereas the other faux effect materials typically have a more contemporary look, leather is definitely old school! Featured in a gorgeous deep red, the photorealism is rendered through a high degree of detail, meaning the look and feel of leather is brought to life with this faux effect design. When used in the bedroom, faux leather designs have a cozy aesthetic that’s contrasted with the dramatic red color – this creates a feeling of visual intrigue.


Vintage Deep-set Brick Wallpaper Red and Orange R4804


Speaking of faux effect designs, the next red wallpaper on our top 8 list is this iconic red brick pattern – a favorite among interior designers! There’s just something about red brick that’s such a classic look. It’s simultaneously traditional and contemporary, managing to balance the two different styles effortlessly. This particular brick wallpaper features a more prominent brick façade with its deep-set look that seemingly protrudes outwards. Whereas the previous red wallpaper has a romantic, cozy appeal, this brick wallpaper is all about creating a modern aesthetic. Bedroom wallpaper can help determine the “mood” and with brick designs, it typically adds an upscale yet relaxed feel.


Marsala Divine R2627 


Moving in a completely different direction, Marsala Divine is a red wallpaper that adds a dramatic, sophisticated look to any bedroom. Featuring a stark black and red color scheme, the boldness of the visuals makes it an excellent choice for use throughout the space or even as a single feature wall. Floral bedroom wallpaper is one of the most popular choices because the style tends to be versatile and easy to use. With this red wallpaper, the dark color scheme helps to create a more enclosed look, which is best suited for medium to larger bedroom spaces. With smaller spaces, darker colors can make the room look too small or cramped.


Bohemian Persian Rug Inspired Burgundy and Taupe Wallpaper R4704


From romantic and modern to cool and creative, this red Bohemian wallpaper is a complex design that definitely caught our attention. Inspired by the intricate details of Persian rugs and artistic motifs, the vibrant reds are truly a bold look that transforms any bedroom space. The fading effects also add a level of visual interest to the imagery, making it appear old or weathered. The vintage look is truly inspiring and the different colors compliment the dominant red. Such an interesting look deserves a spot on our top 8 red wallpapers!


Almond Blossom R5003


Who says wallpaper can’t be art? Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, Almond Blossoms, his iconic artwork has been reimagined as wallpaper for your very own bedroom. Featured above in a burnt red-orange color, the artistic look is truly eye-catching. The hand painted look is a perfect match for the floral motifs, giving it a gentle, fragile look. With a vibrant background and thin branches, this is also an excellent choice for those wanting more minimalist bedroom wallpaper. If you’re creating a feature wall in your bedroom with this gorgeous floral wallpaper, consider pairing it with textured wallpaper from the same collection. This smoky black/gray wallpaper is a plain textured pattern that helps create a more unified theme, while the same pattern in yellow can help create a brighter look.


Traditional Grand Floral Damask Maroon Wallpaper R4160


Damask wallpaper is always a popular design with interior designers thanks to its timeless qualities that keep it in style. This one is a more traditional damask design, complete with small floral accents and intricate details. Featured above in bright red, the darker red background offers a monochromatic look that is sure to please. When used as bedroom wallpaper, this red damask pattern adds a sense of sophistication and elegance to the space.


Metallic Scratched Industrial Wallpaper Red and Silver R4732


For a design that focuses less on specific imagery, Metallic Scratched Industrial Wallpaper is an abstract/textured wallpaper that adds a unique accent to the walls. Although it’s hard to see in the image above, the “scratch” marks actually have a subtle metallic surface. Don’t believe us? You can always order a free sample and check it out yourself! While the design is simpler than the other red wallpaper featured in this list, we think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with creating minimalist bedroom wallpaper. The subtle stylishness proves that less can be more.


Bagasse R1978


While green and yellow wallpaper are usually the “go-to” choice in terms of setting a natural or organic mood, you can also achieve a similar atmosphere with red wallpaper by using grasscloth. Made from natural materials, grasscloth wallpaper is an eco-friendly option. Its highly textured look makes it stand out from traditional non-woven or vinyl wallpapers. Because of the way the materials are prepared and applied to the wallpaper backing, no two grasscloth wallpaper rolls are exactly the same, meaning your room will truly be one of a kind!

And there you have it! Our top 8 red wallpapers that are perfect for your bedroom. From classic damask patterns that add a romantic look to abstract designs with a contemporary edge, red wallpaper can transform any bedroom from “drab” to “glam.” For even more eye-catching red wallpaper, feel free to head over to Walls Republic.


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