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Top 6 Nature-Inspired Wallpaper Murals 2021

Posted on April 04 2019

Top 6 Nature-Inspired Wallpaper Murals 2021

As its name implies, nature wallpaper murals really do add a touch of the outdoors in your space. Whether you're decorating a bedroom in your house or a boardroom at your workplace, nature wallpaper murals feature versatile imagery that adds a soothing vibrancy to the room. In this article, we're counting down our top 6 nature wallpaper murals of 2021! Which nature mural is #1? Read on to find out!


#6. Add A Rustic Touch With This Wood Wallpaper Mural

Twined M9029

The first spot on our list goes to this wood wallpaper mural. At its core, the imagery is simplistic, emphasizing textures and giving the overall mural a tactile feel. The warm brown tones add a cozy aesthetic to the room.

The entwining sticks create a sense of movement with their vertical orientation. Pair this nature wallpaper mural with brown wallpaper to create an overall sense of a wooded area or green wallpaper to emphasize more contrast while maintaining that nature-themed aesthetic.


#5. Minimalism At Its Most Stylish

Vintage Lily M9447

The idea of a "nature-themed wallpaper mural" doesn't necessarily mean it has to feature photorealistic imagery. Our #5 nature mural takes inspiration from the natural world, but translates it into something much different. With a minimalist approach, lilies have been rendered in a more stylized fashion, with sweeping lines and an array of different colors.

It breaks the mold that nature-themed wallpaper murals "must" feature naturalistic colors, like brown, beige, and green. Instead, this opts for more imaginative coloration, such as purples, blues, yellows, and pinks, giving the overall nature mural a more abstract look.


#4. A Bird's Eye View of Nature

A Hint of Light M9405

One of the things that wallpaper murals do so well is photo images. Our #4 spot goes to A Hint of Light, featuring a bird's eye view of a dense forest. On the cusp of entering the fall season, some of the tree leaves have begun to change colors, creating a visual feast for the eyes.

The oranges and yellows really stand out against the deeper greens, creating a dynamic that keeps our eye moving across this stunning nature-themed wallpaper mural. The sheer amount of detail creates a stunning vista.


#3. An Artistic Representation of the Natural Landscape

Vintage Engraved Mountains M9450

From a photograph of nature to one created by hand, this gorgeous artwork of the natural landscape adds a sense of relaxation and calmness to the space. It has a traditional-classic appeal thanks to its composition, but also due to its simplistic color scheme.

The subtle textured finish gives it a vintage aesthetic that adds to the overall image. It's a nature-themed wallpaper mural that's a bit out-of-the-box, opting for a visual style that's more classic than modern.


#2. A Current Favorite Gets An Updated Look

Dramatic Watercolour Jungle M9437

By now, we've all seen the ultra popular "green jungle leaves on a white background" pattern that's been making its way across pretty much every industry. From clothing and accessories to pillows and wallpaper, this is such an iconic pattern because of its versatility and visual appeal.

However, simply changing the background color can create an entirely different look, so our #2 spot has to go to this particular nature-themed wallpaper mural. While a white background gives the pattern a minimalist, softer look, a black background adds a sense of drama and mystery. It makes the greens "pop" and also accentuates the watercolor aesthetic.


#1. Make A Big Splash With This Nature Mural

Aerial Waves M9292

And the #1 nature wallpaper mural of 2019 is this absolutely gorgeous ocean mural. With a fine attention to detail that brings the photo to life, the rich colors are on full display with deep blue and crisp white.

Unlike with a lot of other nature murals, this one is a nature mural that adds a sense of energy and excitement to the space. With its swirling colors and dramatic waves, it's definitely our #1 pick!


Our Top 6 Nature-Themed Wallpaper Murals of 2019!

To explore even more stunning nature-themed wallpaper murals, be sure to check out our complete catalogue here ( So what did you think? Agree or disagree with any of our choices? Which one is your personal #1 nature-inspired mural for 2019? Let us know in the comments below!


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