TOP 6: Geometric Home Office Wallpaper Styles

Geometric wallpapers are right on trend with the latest in wallpaper design and home design for 2014. They are the perfect way to add a sense of symmetry, playfulness, and serenity to any work space for an inspiring and motivating ambiance.


Grey Lattice Home Office Wallpaper R2550


Lattice is a take on the popular trellis pattern with decorative curving line work. It is a great staple for your office with its simple unadorned nature. It will allow you to play with other colours and prints while providing the perfect neutral backdrop to make your space stand out that will not be overwhelming or over stimulating while you work. This trellis wallpaper will give your office a contemporary look that is right on trend.

Ivory Spotted Home Office Wallpaper R2235


Spotted is an energetic shimmery dotted wallpaper. With glittered details it will add a dash of simple playfulness to your office space that will keep you inspired and enthusiastic throughout the day. The tone on tone neutral colour scheme is simplistic and adds just the right touch of motivation to your workspace that can be played up with other bold patterns and colours for a truly contemporary scheme.




If you like a little more colour Orange Hexagonal wallpaper offers a good balance of neutral tones and bold colour to enliven your home office. The patterning makes for a large scaled highly dynamic overlapping wallpaper. It adds a strong graphic gesture and a refreshing vibe with its networked patterning and illusionistic look.



Puce Evolve Geometric Wallpaper R2538


For even more colour Puce Evolve offers a muted shade of violet with a bold geometric pattern. This pattern has a strong sense of symmetry and balance which will make for a calm serenity in your office space.



Tan Geometric Home Office Wallpaper R2244


For a combination of popular trends Tan Geometric offers both the look of faux wood imposed with illusionistic geometries making for a highly engaging and invigorating feature. Comprised of basic cubed, circular, and triangular forms entanglement will play with your perception using the same forms yet different finishes than Orange Hexagonal (above).



Slate Scratched Home Office Wallpaper R2440


Slate Scratched is a casual geometric pattern with chalky lines and a hand sketched aesthetic. The tone on tone scheme makes it a simple yet impactful and texture adding element in your office space.




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