Top 5 Striped Wallpapers for Your Hallway

Your hallway is a space that you see all the time upon entering your home and moving throughout your space. Simple stripes in a range of styles can allow this pattern to be a unique feature in your hallway with a stunning impact and a simple timeless effect that will complement the rest of your home. Wallpaper is a great way to add visual interest and texture to a bland hallway or transitory space that lacks life and vibrancy.  


Taupe Limitless Classic Striped Wallpaper R2532


Limitless offers a bold yet classic striped pattern in a neutral rich shade of taupe. It is a simple choice for a hallway that is not overpowering but will still give you a significant impact and presence in the hallway with its large scale uniform stripe.


Grey Chevron Stripe Wallpaper R2554


Chevron patterns along with grey design elements are right on trend with the latest design styles and fashion. The chevron pattern adds a bit of playfulness and movement to a hallway adding some more interest to the traditional stripe while still being refined and simple. The chevron stripe is the perfect way to add a very contemporary element to your hallways that will immediately give your home a fashionable statement upon entry.


Blue Swell Striped Wallpaper R2405


Swell can bring a unique cadence and rhythmic feeling in your hallways with stripes that shift from narrow to wide. The light blue and grey tones offer a hint of colour and playfulness without overpowering the entire space and will bring a lively ambiance to your transitory spaces.


Tan Tye Dye Striped Wallpaper R2400


For a less defined stripe pattern tye dye is great for adding stripes with a more organic quality. The textural look gives off more of a casual feel and is a non-traditional pattern for an unexpected effect that will create both vertical and horizontal stripes in one.


Black Strait Striped Wallpaper R2367


If you want your hallways to really stand out with a bold dramatic look, black and white stripes in an organic pattern can do the trick. The neutral shades still allow the wallpaper to work with lots of other spaces leaving room to play with colours and patterns in adjoining spaces. The look will be highly fashion forward and on trend for a striking elegance upon entering and moving throughout your home.


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