Top 5 Designer Wallpaper Trends for Winter 2016/2017

2016 is almost over but that doesn’t mean we don’t have more trends to share with you! What wallpaper styles are in this season? From wood-themed wallpaper to designs that suit minimalist tastes, here are our top 5 designer wallpaper trends for winter featuring some of our newest favourite designs!


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5. A warm wood-inspired abode

It may be cold and snowing outside, but it’s a whole different story indoors. What’s the best way to create a warm atmosphere in your home? With wood-inspired wallpaper, of course! These designs will transform the room, making it seem like you’re sitting in a cosy cabin.

Faux finish wallpapers have been extremely popular throughout the year, whether it’s concrete wallpaper murals or contemporary white brick patterns. With wood in particular, the diversity of the designs you’ll find means there’s something for everyone.



As with many faux finish wallpapers, some feature an aged effect that makes it look “old,” while others are more contemporary and look absolutely pristine. For this selection, the large-scale wooden design features a stained panelling effect, giving it an aged appearance that is completely on-trend.

The swirling mix of brown and beige colors makes for a visually dynamic wallpaper pattern that is sure to be eye-catching. With a high degree of details outlining the “wooden” surface, it even rivals the photorealistic nature of wallpaper murals! The darker brown shades work to create a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere, perfect for use as a living room or dining room wallpaper.


Wood Weathered Herringbone Wallpaper White and Grey Brown R4664


While this wallpaper also features some aged effects, the lighter beige and brown colors give it a more contemporary, lightweight feel. Lighter colors help to make a space feel more open, and this wood wallpaper would be an excellent choice for rooms that get a lot of natural light, such as a living room or bedroom.

Herringbone patterns add a lot of energy and dimension to the walls with its repetitive angled design. Since many wood-themed wallpaper feature linear patterns, this herringbone wood wallpaper has quickly become one of our favorites. We can’t wait to see what other patterns make the translation to wallpaper.

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4. An escape across the world

If you didn’t travel anywhere in 2016, don’t worry. You can still end the year off by doing just that! Wallpaper murals are transformative décor items that can change the ambiance of a room immediately.


London Streets M9071 (pictured above in black and white)


Fancy a trip to London? This London Streets wallpaper mural replicates the vibrant city centre, complete with bustling intersections and historic architecture. Available in black and white, sepia, or full color, the amount of details in a wallpaper mural is on full display.

Used as a feature wall in a living room or bedroom, this urban wallpaper mural adds a contemporary touch to your space. Like putting up a work of art on your walls, wallpaper murals are meant to be the center of attention.


Take Me Away M9215


If ultra modern isn’t the look you want and an old school vibe is what you’re after, this one is just for you. Take Me Away is a wallpaper mural featuring hot air balloons and an inspirational quote (which can be removed due to wallpaper murals being highly customizable). The aged etching on the surface and taupe color scheme gives it an authentic, vintage appearance.

What catches our attention with this wallpaper mural is the careful balance between simplicity and intricate details. The scratches and weathered effect gives the wallpaper mural a high degree of details that makes it stand out whenever someone enters the room. On the other hand, the faint landscape at the bottom and the two hot air balloons contrasts with the background.

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3. A cutting edge minimalist design

Sometimes, less is more. Some of our newest favorites features minimalist design that is both contemporary and elegant. What we love best about this trend is how it emphasizes simplicity but never at the sake of quality or inspired designs and artwork. Check out our top two picks!


Painted Tree Silhouette Wallpaper Black and Beige R4692


For a fun take on the traditional floral category, this minimalist wallpaper features repeated tree silhouettes that’s sure to catch the eye of nature-loving interior designers everywhere. The black trees sit on a solid light beige background, which is part of what gives this wallpaper its minimalist look. Though it’s a bit hard to see in the image above, the trees also have a hand painted look. The black shades aren’t solid, but have a watercolor aesthetic that gives it a really creative appearance.

Often times, nature-inspired wallpaper tends to have bright, vibrant colors and complex patterns. However, this one is perfect for those who want something simpler, yet still contemporary and fresh.


Leaf Outline Abstract Wallpaper White and Black R4691


Mimicking the stylized outlines found in comics and graphic novels, this minimalist wallpaper features a thick canopy of leaves in black and white. The abstract aesthetics makes this wallpaper a great choice for interior designers who want to create a playful, original, and creative atmosphere.

Whether used as a feature wall in a bedroom or all walls in a kitchen, the intricacy of the leaf patterns helps to create a sense of dimension. While the colors may be simplistic, the repeated lines and leaf placement works to boost the energy in the room.

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2. An invigorating large-scale pattern

One thing about large-scale patterns you should keep in mind is that they command attention. The moment your guests walk into the room, their eyes will travel directly to your wallpaper. Here are our two favourite large-scale patterned wallpapers for the #2 winter wallpaper trend!


Jungle Leaf Floral Wallpaper Taupe & Grey R4699


Another nature-themed wallpaper pick! (That itself could be its own trend and its popularity is rivalling that of faux finish wallpapers). The floral wallpaper category is getting to be quite diverse these days, especially with the addition of this gorgeous jungle leaf pattern. Featured above in taupe, beige, and grey colors, this wallpaper adds a touch of nature to any room while using neutral colors that allow it flexibility in terms of usage.

Large-scale patterns are best used on large walls in order to get the full effect of the design. That being said, spaces such as dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms are excellent areas to showcase wallpapers like these.



For a more traditional and classic look, this large-scale patterned wallpaper features ceramic tiles with floral motifs. The neutral color palette makes it really versatile, letting it be used in many spaces regardless of the room’s established color scheme.

Mixing together faux finish, floral, and geometric wallpaper categories, this large-scale design is truly unique. Depending on the room’s décor and furniture items, this wallpaper can help accentuate a space’s elegant look or bolster its contemporary appeal.

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1. An industrial-chic atmosphere

Last but definitely not least, the #1 trend this winter 2016/2017 is an industrial-chic feel for your space. The best way to achieve this look is to use wallpaper that looks grungy, but not the same “weathered” or “aged” look at the was discussed above.


Concrete Cloudy Abstract Wallpaper Light Taupe and Eggshell Blue R4670


Concrete Cloudy Abstract Wallpaper Beige and Metallic Silver R4671


Featuring a mix of colors in different beautiful variants, this faux finish wallpaper is a more stylized take on the traditional concrete wallpaper category. It’s much more abstract and details of concrete elements are used less in favor of a stronger grunge look.


Concrete Cloudy Abstract Wallpaper Muddy Taupe and Metallic Blue R4668


Concrete Cloudy Abstract Wallpaper Grey and Black R4667


Some patterns in this series also feature metallic colors that subtly reflect the light. Using metallic wallpaper, particularly gold and silver, is a style that’s on the rise so be sure to keep an eye out for that as well!



Featuring photorealistic tiles, this wallpaper blends faux finish and geometric patterns into one high-end look. Like the previous example, this wallpaper also features a mix of colors that intermingle, creating a brushed, artistic look. The grey-blue and taupe colors feature that distinctive grunge look that gives this design an industrial feel.

With its contemporary appeal, this wallpaper would look right at home in a home office, kitchen, or bathroom. Installing tiles is a messy and time-consuming job, but a wallpaper that uses “paste the wall” technology can achieve the same high-end look at a fraction of the time, effort, and cost.

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