Top 5 Designer Wallpaper Trends for Fall 2016

Farewell summer, hello fall! As one of the most gorgeous times of the year, the fall season is one that is defined by transition. This year, why not start the new season off on the right foot with the perfect wallpaper? Whether you need one for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or foyer, we’ve made it easy for you by choosing our top 5 designer wallpaper trends for fall!




The #5 Wallpaper Trend for Fall: Vintage

Everything "old" is new again! To start off the list, our #5 wallpaper trend for the fall season is vintage wallpapers. The aged and rustic appearance of these designs is always in style as it gives any room an added level of character and uniqueness.



Shown above in a lovely sepia tone that reinforces its vintage style, this wallpaper features a collage of handwritten letters and drawings by Vincent Van Gogh and his brother, Theodore Van Gogh. Letters From Van Gogh is perfect for art and stationery enthusiasts alike. The level of detail is astounding and will captivate your guests’ attention. This pattern would be an excellent addition to a bedroom as a feature wall, or a powder room to create a sense of enduring elegance.


Crude Beige R1375


Looking for something more rustic in the vintage wallpaper category? Crude Beige is a faux finish wallpaper that will give your room an industrial, "aged" feel. This wallpaper is a good choice for those who want a simpler pattern, but one that still shines with a level of detail and distinctiveness that can’t be achieved with a regular paint job.

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The #4 Wallpaper Trend for Fall: Bold Geometrics

Make a statement this fall with bold geometric wallpapers. The timeless nature of these designs means your room will continue to look modern and stylish for many seasons to come.



With an eye-catching swirling pattern, Coral Bohemian is a great choice if you want to add a sense of dimension to your walls. Thanks to its non-linear outline, this paper adds a sense of playfulness to a space, whether it’s a teenager’s bedroom or a living room that needs an additional visual edge.


Geometric Tribal Print Grey And White Wallpaper R4205


For a more compact design, Tribal Print has two sets of geometric patterns that provide a brilliant contrast to each other. The interlocking shapes have a sense of movement so the paper is a good choice for hallways, bathrooms, and offices. Bold geometric wallpaper styles like the ones shown above add a sense of depth to a room, working to totally transforming the space.

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The #3 Wallpaper Trend for Fall: Wood-Inspired

Are you looking to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere? While you’re sipping on your pumpkin spice latte in front of the fireplace, these wood-inspired wallpaper designs will give you a taste of nature and the outdoors.


Contemporary Faux Wood Nature Tree Stump Brown Firewood Wallpaper R3707


With a highly realistic photographic finish, you’ll feel as if you truly have a stockpile of firewood right in your room! For those who want a high-level of detail on their wallpaper pattern, this design is the perfect fit. The complexity of this wallpaper also makes it a great choice for mixing and matching with other patterns.



For a more standard wood-inspired look, this wallpaper is our pick. Vintage Wood showcases long vertical strips of wooden planks. However, this design is anything but ordinary or traditional, as the small details truly make this pattern stand out. The paper has a faded, washed aesthetic that will appeal to those looking for a retro faux finish.

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The #2 Wallpaper Trend for Fall: Leaves

More than any other season, patterns featuring intricately wallpaper designs with leaf motifs are always a popular trend for fall. But while the leaves are starting to fall off the trees outside, the leaves on your walls will remain picture perfect.


Modern Floral Metallic Glittered Gold Ravine Wallpaper R3726


With bold orange leaves that floats on the dark background, this sophisticated wallpaper has a metallic sheen that makes it pop off the walls. The surface also has a subtle raised texture, which adds an interesting visual element. Whether used on all walls or just a feature wall, Ravine is a fine balance between classic and contemporary styles.


Modern Classic Satin Luxury Tan Leaf Branches Wallpaper R3771


For lighter wallpaper, this one features pastel colours that work effortlessly with other design elements in your room to create a sense of harmony. The simplicity of the design is fresh and contemporary, making it extremely versatile in terms of its usage. A satin texture adds to the luxurious aesthetic of this wallpaper.

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The #1 Wallpaper Trend for Fall: Warm Colours

Our #1 trend for this fall season is wallpapers with warm colours – deep yellows, burnt oranges, and intense reds that mimic the changing leaves. No matter the pattern or material of the wallpaper, these colours invoke the feeling of autumn.



This wallpaper has a striking appearance that goes far beyond its simple striped pattern. The different shades of red are engaging and powerful, while the faded accents add another level of interest. Perfect for the fall season!



Still clinging on to the summertime? This wallpaper should help transition you to the new season with its cheery yellow background. Blossoming Almond Trees’s bright colour will help make a space feel more spacious and open, while simultaneously creating a more welcoming atmosphere.


Orange Tinted Wood R2583


Tinted Wood is a creative twist on the traditional wood faux finish with its prominent orange-coloured accents providing stunning bursts of colour. Whether you’re designing for a stylish casual environment or a trendy up-scale setting, this pattern can be used in both.

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And that rounds up our top 5 designer wallpaper trends for fall 2016! From rustic to modern, floral to geometric, there’s something for everyone this season.


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