TOP 10: Trendy Tone-on-Tone Grey Wallpapers

Grey has quickly become the preferred neutral in interior design over the past years setting the tone and backdrop for any interior. If you're looking for a way to play up your grey and take it to new levels tone on tone grey wallpapers are the perfect thing! They can add texture, dimension, sheen, and pattern to your walls for a trendy look with an innovative twist. Take style to a new level, and dare to try out our grey wallpaper options. 




Warm Grey Puppytooth R2547


Puppytooth is a small scale houndstooth pattern with a classic feel making it a timeless choice in your interiors. This mix of classic and trendy will certainly leave your interiors feeling cutting edge and sharp.




Grey Diamonds R2533

Diamonds is a nested diamond pattern with a simple sense of rhythm in neutral colour schemes. It is a great way to add non-overwhelming geometry to your dining room or living room with a graphic look.



Cool Grey Evolve R2540

Evolve is a circular geometric pattern with a strong sense of symmetry and balance. It is a bold, yet calming choice with simple geometries and warm shades of grey.



Grey Amoeba R2378

Amoeba is a bold graphic nested circle wallpaper with a highly textural surface. It was designed by leading Dutch fashion designer Mart Visser and contains a unique organic pattern for a really stand out feature.


Grey Lattice R2550

Lattice is a take on the popular trellis pattern with decorative curving line work. Trellis patterns have a simple unadorned nature that will allow you to play with other colours and prints while providing the perfect backdrop to make your space stand out. The trellis in grey is right on line with some of the most popular design trends of 2014.





Grey Damask R2065

One of our most requested patterns is this large scale tone on tone damask style with ornate details. It combines of large scaled overlapping damask motifs for a grand sense of movement. With luxurious metallic contrast it will create highly captivating spaces




Hedge Grey SR1139

Hedge is a small scale ornamental damask pattern with a subtle contrast. It will have a decorative luxurious look in a dining room fusing together traditional and contemporary.



With its fabulous contemporary transitional pattern, Emerge will match up with either modern or traditional designs. The dim grey colour brings elegance and a brilliant metallic shimmer to your interiors.






Dwell is a traditional Asian bird pattern with branch, leaf, and bird imagery. With a subtle metallic sheen it will add the perfect traditional touch to your entryways, hallways, and Dwell is adds a soft touch to your walls in grey with a hint of blue to add a playful element.



Fern is a floral fern leaf pattern overlaid on a highly metallic silver backdrop. It is bold, yet muted with its tone on tone scheme and is perfect for bouncing light throughout a space. Fern will bring a casually elegant look to your space with its mix of metals and simple patterning.


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