The Trendiest Rainbow Wallpaper For Your Home


Red wallpaper, blue wallpaper, neutral colored and more, it can be hard to choose just one wallpaper color for your home. For those who want to make a dramatic, creative statement with their space, why not choose all of the colors? Rainbow wallpaper might seem like a gaudy choice, but just wait until you see our list. Wallpaper designers are using a rainbow color scheme to create tastefully stylish wallpaper designs that are absolutely stunning. Here is our list of the trendiest rainbow wallpaper for your home!



Rainbow wallpaper isn’t just about throwing every single color of the rainbow in the image. It’s a careful usage of multiple colors that add a unique, engaging look. With Birds Haiku, this geometric wallpaper mixes in a natural touch with the birds sitting on the bordered background. It’s a lovely blend of two different and distinct wallpaper categories, one that makes for a really unique centerpiece in any home. Featured above in a forest green, the various colors of the birds and leaves stand out. From the bold reds to the bright yellows, Birds Haiku is one rainbow wallpaper that pushes the boundaries.


Blooms of Flowers R5491

Because of the intensive use of colors, consider choosing a rainbow wallpaper that is more minimalist in terms of its design. This means that the majority of the visual interest will be emphasized by the color usage. With our next pick as an example of this minimalism, Blooms of Flowers uses a painted look to carefully blend different colors together. For example, a bold orange stroke down the middle of a green leave, a touch of deep purple with a light blue, and soft pinks next to darker army greens. All of these intertwining colors are set against a white background that puts the emphasis on the main imagery.



Moving in a totally different direction, rainbow wallpaper doesn’t necessarily mean that the colors have to be extremely bold or vibrant. In fact, a pastel color scheme is one way to use rainbow wallpaper in your home without it being too outrageous or tacky. One of our newest geometric wallpapers is Geometric Style, a stylish look that mixes a minimalist repeating diamond pattern with an array of different pastel colors. Because of the softer colors, you can even use this rainbow wallpaper throughout the space and it would still offer a natural, trendy look.


Classic Bird Of Nature Black And Green Wallpaper R4176


For something truly bold, Classic Bird of Nature is one floral wallpaper that works as a feature wall or throughout the space. This also features birds like the previous wallpaper, but focuses on more nature-themed imagery, such as dragonflies, leaves, and braches. The plain black background helps to accentuate the rainbow colors that range from deep greens to vivid reds. Whereas dark colors tend to make the room feel smaller and more enclosed, the multi-colored appearance of the imagery counters this by creating a more engaging, inviting look.


Classic Bird Of Nature White And Green Wallpaper R4175


Going for a lighter look in your home? This nature-themed design is also available with a plain white background. In contrast with the black background above, a white background is less about adding a dramatic look but a more natural, simplistic one. With both the black and white background, Classic Bird of Nature is a wallpaper that incorporates a gorgeous watercolor aesthetic. The light “brush” strokes add a gentle look as the different colors mix together to create a stunning vista that brings the outdoors into your home!


Contemporary Faux Multicoloured Wooly Branch Wallpaper R4399


Looking for bolder colors but you don’t want to turn your living space into a multi-colored nightmare of a headache? Wooly Branch is an interesting take on floral wallpapers, focusing on a tree and its branches rather than actual floral blossoms or other flowery imagery. Contained within thin strips, the deep, bold colors have a more nuanced look that doesn’t look overwhelming. It provides you with the multi-colored look without being gaudy because the white background does well to add a sense of minimalism to the wallpaper.


Modern Geometric Blue and Orange Trigonal Wallpaper R4390


For a multi-colored look that doesn’t put rainbow color to use, Modern Geometric utilizes a smaller selection of tones to create a unique look. The brighter orange and greens pop off, creating a lighter contrast to the darker grey and blue. A running theme is the use of white to offset the diverse color scheme, making it more useable and visually balanced. With this smaller scale design and funky color choices, consider using it throughout the space in a children’s bedroom or playroom.


Abstract Watercolor Splatters Wallpaper Pink and Orange R4758


With a similar color arrangement to one of the earlier rainbow wallpapers featured in this list, this floral wallpaper has a more abstract look that focuses on the use of colors to bring a sense of depth to the imagery. The splatters of color add an artistic look and while it uses a more neon or lighter color scheme, the white and black areas of the floral image keeps it from being too overwhelming. The different color tones are paired up with similar ones, such as the red and orange, pink and purples, and green and blues. This creates a more structured look that still maintains an eye-catching stylishness.


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