The Top Retro Wallpaper for Your Bedroom

Creating a vintage vibe for your bedroom is made simple with this list of retro wallpaper! From tie-dye aesthetics to eye-catching color palettes, wall décor is an important part of unifying a room’s interior design. Choosing the right bedroom wallpaper can be tricky, but one of the first steps to simplifying the process is to think about the general mood you want to set – Cozy and romantic? Playful and quirky? Creative and energetic? In this article, we take a look at the top retro wallpaper for your bedroom!


Retro Tie Dye Watercolor Abstract Wallpaper Blue and White R4684


First up is the classic tie-dye aesthetic! This abstract pattern makes the perfect bedroom wallpaper because it balances a minimalist appearance with an engaging style that brings an energy to the space. The different shades of blue work together to create a visually appealing wallpaper, making a stylish statement whether you’re using it in a large bedroom or a small one. The watercolor aesthetic features gradient effects that showcase subtle changes in color, ranging from dark blue as it spreads to a lighter tone.

If you’re looking for a warmer, more neutral color, this Retro Tie Dye wallpaper also comes in a beige and white version. For a more multi-colored look, there’s the yellow and taupe version that adds a different flair to the bedroom. In all versions, the white background helps to keep the retro wallpaper from becoming too complex or busy. For other tie dye wallpaper, click here!


Vintage Suitcases Wallpaper Light Blue and Beige R4818


If you’re looking for bedroom wallpaper that has more concrete imagery rather than abstract designs, Vintage Suitcases is a wallpaper that is sure to stand out. Featuring stacks of antique suitcases, this wallpaper is brimming with small details that make it look like a work of art! The surface is made to look “aged” or “weathered,” with details such as faux stains and cracks. What this does is add a rustic look to the wallpaper design, creating a sense of history. Featured above in a light blue and beige, the colors are quite muted and subtle. This can be beneficial since the vintage wallpaper itself is already full of details – when used as bedroom wallpaper, you may want to keep things simple and choose between bold colors or a complex design.

However, if you like the retro design and think it’ll add a creative touch as bedroom wallpaper but you aren’t sure about the subtle colors, you’re in luck! This vintage wallpaper also comes in two other versions: a darker blue and grey and a very vibrant red and navy.


Metallic Static Zigzag Abstract Wallpaper Brown and Orange R4680


While geometric wallpaper tends to be much more modern or contemporary, you can select a design with a retro color scheme and still retain that authentic “vintage” feel for your bedroom. With Metallic Static Zigzag, this geometric wallpaper features a funky arrangement of thin bands of color in a chevron formation. Alternating between different colors, the color scheme has a more “antique” aesthetic. Bedroom wallpaper is definitely an area where you can experiment and be creative, and this geometric pattern is certainly unlike others in the same category!

Want a lighter color scheme? This retro wallpaper also comes in pastel version with blues and lilacs; for a neutral look, check out the grey and white version.


Linea R3406

From retro color schemes to retro designs, the next bedroom wallpaper on our list is sure to dramatize your space. Linea features an art deco-inspired pattern that mixes straight lines with curved sections – a playful contrast that is both energetic yet professional. Because of its vertical design, you can even use this in smaller bedrooms as it’ll create the appearance of taller walls (and a larger space). Minimalist styles can work wonders as bedroom wallpaper, especially if you want your space to have a refined or elegant appeal. The best part about this retro wallpaper? You can get the high-end designer look while sticking within your budget!

If the dusty brown isn’t your style, Linea does come in a blue version as well.


Pastel Blue Tinted Wood R2581


Faux effect wallpaper can be a great source of inspiration when selecting your next bedroom wallpaper. They provide a realistic, authentic look that mimics materials such as brick, concrete, plaster, and marble. This one features a faded wood design with a vintage aesthetic that is pretty eye-catching! The washed look has a minimalist feel, while the splashes of light blue add a visual intrigue that’s stylish and on-trend. Bedroom wallpaper such as this one can help create a relaxed, “zen” atmosphere thanks to its design and color – whereas bolder or darker colors can make the bedroom appear more romantic and dramatic, lighter colors have a calming, welcoming effect.

For a more naturalistic approach, this version features brown and taupe colors; a vibrant orange version is also available for those who want a more quirky bedroom look, while the pastel pink wallpaper would look at home in a child’s or teenager’s bedroom.


Brown Groovy R3307


For a retro look that’s on the playful side, Groovy is a geometric wallpaper that’s a bit out of the box. A trendy choice for those who want to create an interesting and original bedroom wallpaper look, Groovy features repeating columns of squares in a slightly tilted position. It’s a fun look if you don’t want conventional straight or symmetrical geometric wallpaper for your bedroom. The color scheme also has a vintage vibe with its sepia tone.

For a different color, Groovy also comes in a navy version.


Azure Tie Dye R2398


If you’re a fan of tie dye aesthetics, here’s another wallpaper for you! Featured above in a brilliant blue color, the tie-dye design takes on a more geometrical style with its neat rows and columns. The watery effect adds a unique look that brings an artistic edge to the space. Because of its versatile and flexible design, this makes a great choice for small and large bedrooms alike.

If you want a more minimalist look, this Tie Dye wallpaper also comes in a light grey version and a taupe color scheme. For a more neutral colored look, there’s also this brown version.


Textured Modern Taupe and Ivory Eclipse Wallpaper R4055

Last but not least, the final spot on our list of retro wallpaper for your bedroom has to be this Eclipse wallpaper. Another geometric pattern makes the list and with good reason. It’s a neat blend of vintage and contemporary design, creating a nice balance that conveys an on-trend style. The polka dot imagery is highlighted with textured embellishments on each circle, making them stand out even more. Thanks to its neutral color scheme, the taupe and beige offers a relaxed look that’s also versatile in its usage.

Looking for a more dramatic bedroom wallpaper look? This black and gold version does just the trick. The blue and taupe version has a professional look, while the white and beige version is a lighter take on the one featured above.


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