The Top Pastel Wallpapers of 2021


One of the biggest wallpaper color trends we've been seeing these past few months is the increasing use of pastel colors to create a visually dynamic space. Unlike bold or deeper colors that dramatically change the room, pastel wallpaper colors have their own unique aesthetics that produce a more refined, softer look. 

For an instance, the large scale Le Jardin d'Elle Wallpaper featured above is a hand painted work of art created by artist Elle Belz and repurposed for your wall. The soft and neutral version of the pastel color of this mural makes the entire enterior decor feel relaxed and easy to live in. This big floral pastel mural is like a breath of fresh air into any home or commercial space.

In this article, we'll go over why pastel wallpapers are so popular and the top pastel wallpapers of 2021!


Why Pastel Wallpaper Patterns Are So Popular


Pink & Grey Groovy Curves Wallpaper R7128


One of the main reasons why pastel wallpaper patterns are so popular among homeowners and professional interior designers alike is that it adds a burst of color to the space without being too overwhelming or "strong." Unlike deeper shades of red, blue, or green, pastel versions of these colors add a softer touch to the room that makes it feel more airy and light.

In general, pastel wallpapers colors are much more versatile than darker colored wallpaper since pastel color literally blends well with any interior theme and motif. Aside from that lighter pastel colored wallpaper are perfect for decorating small spaces in order to create the look and feel of a bigger room. Like this funky retro Pink & Grey Groovy Curves Wallpaper that features large, curving shapes that create a diagonal stripe across the wall. The soft curves and bubbling shapes paired with the muted colors gives a soft design perfect for giving off a larger feels to a cozy bedroom wallpaper.


Pink Almond Branches Wallpaper R6026

Whereas darker colors have a more dramatic or emotional aesthetic, pastel wallpaper colors are more relaxed and casual. There's a lightheartedness that's attributed to pastel colors, making them go-to colors for designers who want to create a more refreshing space.

From pretty soft pink to gorgeous patterned options, Pink Almond Branches Wallpaper will transform any room into a perfectly peaceful sanctuary. Thanks to its gentle and subdued wallpaper colour, they became the quickest and simplest way to set the mood of any room. Either use it for the entire room or even an accent wall, the space becomes the perfect for rest, making it a vibrant room suited to energetic people!


The Top Pastel Wallpaper Patterns For 2019 (So Far!)


Pink & Gold Vinyl Floral Wallpaper

One of the easiest ways to create a modern and elegant chic interior scheme is to use wallpaper with pink and gold touch. Our first pastel wallpaper pattern that's sure to be a hit is this Pink & Gold Vinyl Floral Wallpaper that has classic design with lush flower blooms , Handpainted on the vinyl linen canvas. With a variety of colour tone to create walls that shows emotions. The pastel pink are immediately noticeable because it's paired up with white and gold floral pattern.
Given its interesting look, you can even use this as a feature wall and use pastel pink on the rest of the walls for a bright, cheery theme!



Pink Metallic Weathered Cubes R6098

We have a strong feeling that this pastel wallpaper is going to be an instant classic this year. It's another geometric design, this time using cubes rather than triangles. Unlike the flatter 2D appearance of our first pick, this one emphasizes a 3D look that seemingly pops off the walls. It's a much more colorful wallpaper, but the use of pastel colors keeps it from becoming too tacky or "busy." Instead, the soft colors contribute to a more relaxed aesthetic.

The outline of the cubes changes from white to light peach to darker gold, giving this pastel geometric wallpaper another unique visual feature. The brushed textured of the colors gives this wallpaper a more artsy feel as well.

On the other hand, a pastel pink wallpaper on the bedroom wall creates a romantic vibe that is perfect for a couple while the bold geometric pattern of this Pink Metallic Weathered Cubes bring fun to the room atmosphere. When this wallpaper is used together with a matching blanket and cushions, the color sets the mood for happy, relaxing pillow talk.


Teal Peacock Feathers R6096

While geometric wallpaper designs generally have a more modern aesthetic, let's take a look at something more classic or traditional. This particular pastel wallpaper has a nature-inspired theme with a dense display of peacock feathers.

The use of pastel blue, green, and yellow add a very vibrant mood to the space, making this a great addition to communal spaces, such as a kitchen, dining room, or living room. The watercolor aesthetics add a flowing dynamic to the imagery, giving it a heightened sense of energy.

A pop of pastel blue wallpaper like this one can brighten up the dullest of bathrooms. The bright and saturated colours fill this fun Teal Peacock Feathers wallpaper to create a vivid atmosphere. Each peacock feather features painted brush strokes for an artistic and painterly effect, while metallic linework also shines throughout the feathers for a brilliant sheen.


Blue & Sage Green Funky Transparent Ovals R6077

Looking to create the perfect retro-inspired space? This super creative geometric wallpaper will do the trick! (It seems pastels and geometric designs really go hand-in-hand). Unlike the previous examples, this particular pastel wallpaper uses more muted colors with a stronger gray undertone to create a subtler look.

The overlapping shapes have a very dynamic look that showcases a lot of movement and diversity. Overall, the colors create a contrasting look actually works quite well together!


Grey & Blue Dwindling Diamonds Wallpaper


Last but not least, pastel colors are great for use in kid's rooms because the softness of the colors lends itself well to creating a relaxing yet engaging atmosphere. In the room shot above, the dwindling diamonds wallpaper has been pasted on the nursery wall. This wallpaper choice is actually a great way to add color and design to the space. This pastel wallpaper features a more traditional design that's quite timeless. The use of a plain white background puts the emphasis solely on the blue design, making it stand out even more.

This fun and playful Grey & Blue Dwindling Diamonds Wallpaper uses dainty diamond shapes with light colours to create a retro scandinavian design. Lines intersect throughout the pattern to break the diamonds into triangles and rhombuses that create a subtle fading or dwindling effect. Blown vinyl creates a smooth texture, while any white shapes or lines are created using nothing more than the base wallpaper, resulting in a smooth and shimmery effect.


Get Your Room Looking Pretty In Pastels!

Using pastel colored wallpaper is a huge trend in 2021 and it's one that we're keeping our eye on! Pastel colors are so versatile and can be used in a more minimalist way (such as the lattice wallpaper) or to add a tasteful burst of color to the space (like the 3D cube wallpaper). Which pastel wallpaper stands out to you? Where would you personally use pastel colors in your home? Let us know in the comments below!


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