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The Top 5 Spring Wallpaper Trends

Posted on March 20 2018

The Top 5 Spring Wallpaper Trends

A new season means new wallpaper trends! The best way to say farewell to winter and hello to spring is to take a look at all the latest spring wallpaper trends to hit the interior design scene. After wall, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. It can also extend to redecorating and transforming your space. In this article, we’ll take a look at our top five spring wallpaper trends. From creative florals to unconventional geometrics, read on and get a head start on these on-trend looks!

1. A Softer Take on Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone’s Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, is a rich, deep purple that’s dramatic and transformative. Coming out of the winter season, the spring season is all about renewal and starting fresh. While the boldness of Ultra Violet is sure to be popular among interior designers, consider using a softer or lighter alternative, such as pastel purples and lilacs. Mixing deeper purple shades with lighter purples is also a way to “tone down” the darkness of Pantone’s color of the year. For our first spring wallpaper trends, take a look at these two light purple wallpapers:


Lilac Damask R2064

Both Lilac Damask and Lilac Vintage Blossoms (below) feature lighter purple colors that add a unique look to the space without being too overwhelming or dramatic. The softer tones contribute to an atmosphere that is open, welcoming, and engaging. With Lilac Damask, the traditional classic wallpaper has a more monochromatic look, featuring a darker purple background with a white and lilac damask overlay. The damask motif is always a popular choice thanks to its timeless, sophisticated appeal.


Lilac Vintage Blossoms R3030

Lilac Blossoms feature hints of pastel pink in the color scheme, but for the most part, it uses different shades of purple. Without overusing dark purple colors, the softness of the imagery is translated perfectly to the color palette. The taupe background and use of darker purple tones as shading provide a sense of depth and unity. The hand drawn effect of the floral blossoms also adds a creative flair.

2. Unconventional Geometric Wallpaper Patterns

Geometric patterns tend to stay in style for a longer period of time because of its contemporary appeal. However, many wallpaper designers are putting more thought into creating patterns that are not only unique, but stand out from traditional geometric wallpaper. An unconventional geometric wallpaper pattern is our #2 spring wallpaper trend because of its creative look!


Layered Textured Squares R5121

From mixing different wallpaper styles together to creating optical illusions, unconventional geometric wallpaper designs are taking over! Layered Textured Square, featured above in a vibrant yellow and orange version, mixes a traditional geometric pattern with abstract aesthetics. The repeating rows of squares are something we’re familiar with but the additional “stamped” designs in the background add a sense of artistic flair. It has a randomness not typically associated with geometric wallpaper.


Modern Geometric Depth R5102

Modern Geometric Depth may be more inline with traditional geometric designs but it utilizes a 3D effect that creates a sense of depth for your walls. The look is pretty unconventional, given that the majority of geometric wallpapers we see typically focus on the 2D plane. The simplistic of the color palette and minimalist approach to the design perfectly balances the illusionary effect created by the placement of the shapes.


3. Bohemian Wallpaper Styles

While bohemian wallpaper styles were gaining in popular near the end of 2017, we think this trend is just getting started! As more wallpaper designers develop their own take on bohemian wallpapers, we’re excited to see what’s in store. What makes this specific wallpaper category so stylish? The complexity of the designs rivals that of damask motifs. With its intricate details, bohemian wallpapers truly are a visual feast for the eyes.


Bohemian Persian Rug Inspired Coral and Indigo Wallpaper R4705


The coral and purple colors of the Persian Rug wallpaper is a great example of why bohemian themed wallpapers are so popular. They often utilize uncommon colors in a way that creates a stunning, one of a kind look. Looking at this wallpaper, each color has its own purpose on the wallpaper, whether it’s the darker purple colors creating an additional geometric-like effect, the soft blue creating a straight border on the side, or white to add a more balanced visual effect.


Blooming Medallion R5243


If vibrant colors isn’t your thing, consider a more monochromatic look with Blooming Medallion. It’s showcased above in a taupe/brown color scheme with the motifs in a lighter color. Again, this bohemian wallpaper features a stylized, heavily detailed symbol that is absolutely gorgeous. It’s floral, yet not overtly a floral wallpaper. Bohemian wallpapers tend to have a playful, eccentric appearance that makes it stand out, and even though this one has a more minimalist color scheme, the large-scale medallions definitely convey a sense of originality and creativity.


4. Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper murals are always a trendy choice because its large-scale design is perfect for creating feature walls. The printing process results in crisp, clear, high-quality imagery. Abstract wallpaper styles often focus on color usage – combine that with watercolor aesthetics and you have a vibrant, visual centerpiece!


Underwater Fuchsia M9320


While other wallpaper designs may focus on unifying the room, feature walls are often used to make a visual impact in the space. It’s one of the first things a visitor will be drawn to when they enter the room. For our first pick, we’ve gone with this absolutely stunning watercolor mural that uses a minimalist color scheme in an elegant way. The different shades of pink and purple work together to create an energetic, lively look.


Gradient Tie-Dye Wallpaper Mural Blue and White M9259


If bright, bold colors aren’t your thing, you can still get in on this spring wallpaper trend by going with a more subdued watercolor look. Gradient Tie-Dye uses a blue color scheme that’s more muted and low key, but still maintains the watercolor aesthetic that makes these murals so visually appealing. The artistic look of watercolor wallpapers is on full display with this monochromatic design.

5. Flat Floral Designs

The spring season is a time of renewal and what better way to reflect this than to talk about floral wallpaper! Floral wallpaper designs have always been popular thanks to its timeless nature that evokes tradition and a sense of elegance. However, contemporary floral patterns are switching things up with their unique, creative looks. The final spring wallpaper trend on our list is flat floral designs! These are imagery that utilizes a nature-themed look but with a flatter, “2D” appearance.


Technicolor Nature M9304


This dark, dramatic look is enhanced by the multitude of vibrant colors, creating a visual contrast that is not only eye-catching, but energetic as well. The warm colors, such as yellow, orange, and red, also provide a contrast with the cooler shades of green and blue. The flatness of the leaves on the black background has an artistic quality, similar to pop art.


Floral Watercolor Blossoms M9308


For a lighter look, this one features floral designs on a white background, but uses a similar flat or “pressed” style. Using a watercolor aesthetic, the different colors blend together to create a sophisticated, gentle look, perfect for spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Don’t forget that wallpaper murals can be customized, so for those who want to get really creative, think about adding an inspirational quote to the wallpaper!

This season, spring wallpaper trends are all about exploring the “new.” Whether it’s newer wallpaper categories or a new way to look old wallpaper styles, you can always find the perfect wall décor for your space at Walls Republic!


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