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The Most Striking Black and White Wallpapers for Modern Homes

Posted on October 03 2017

The Most Striking Black and White Wallpapers for Modern Homes

Black and white patterned wallpaper is a brilliant choice for adding contrast and classic style to your home interiors. Are you leaning on the daring and ambitious side and thinking of putting up black and white wall paper?

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you your own edgy, chic, or modern interior that you drooled over in those magazines because choosing the right style isn’t always as simple as black and white.

1. Bold and Dramatic

Black and white wallpapers are bold and beautiful! Choosing a black and white pattern for your walls is a great way to emphasize drama in your home. The bigger the pattern, the more dramatic the finish! Black and white wallpaper amplifies the spatial depth of a space while playing with the purest forms of shade and shadow to dramatize the perfect bold interior. Wallpaper patterns with more black create a dark, crisp, and contrasting finish that pulls your focus inward. Black and white wallpaper patterns that are predominately white are subtle, bright and expansive that pulls the visual attention outward.

Black on white wallpaper vs White on Black wallpaper


2. Timeless and Congruent

Black and white wallpapers never go out of style and are edgy and irreverent. The respectable duo of black and white is a distinct combination that lasts through the ages. Although black and white wallpaper is bold and dramatic, it can also be used as a neutral. The neutrality of black and white is what makes black and white wallpaper stand the test of time. Black and white is not limited to JUST black and white. You can pair up black and white wallpaper with a monochromatic furniture palette by throwing in different shades and shadows. You can harmonize your favourite wallpaper pattern with brighter coloured accent furniture for a thought provoking effect. The reason is plain and simple; black and white just goes with everything!


Tradition Black interlace pattern with beautiful vintage ceramics


The unique distinction of black and white wallpaper can only be understood once you make the daring jump. You won’t believe the impact till you see it on your walls yourself. Here are our top 6 traditional wallpapers in black and white.


1. Black and White DAMASK wallpapers

Black and white damask wallpaper is a great choice for classic and elegant contemporary interiors. Damask wallpaper references Byzantine and Islamic tapestries that come in a variety of styles and scales. Damask on its own speaks drama but it does wonders on your walls. The contrasting outlines of black and white bring out all the intricate details of the specific damask you choose for your space. Mixing up damask with other solid and bold furniture is a great idea for living or dining rooms.


Black and white embellished medallion wallpaper | S43709 Walls Republic


2. Black and White STRIPED wallpaper

Black and white striped wallpaper is yet another classic option that makes for vibrant and dynamic interiors despite the combination of neutrals. Stripes are not only limited to just a straight style but come in v-shaped chevron or even irregular zebra stripes. You can add a little fun to your daily grand exit to work by trying out a black and white striped pattern for your home entryway.


Dynamic chevron wallpaper in black and white


3. Black and White FLORAL wallpaper

You can add a touch of delicacy to your home with a rich floral black and white wallpaper. Florals can be light and wispy or dark and romantic. You can freshen up your morning routine with an elegant black and white floral juxtaposed with clean white modern cabinets or dishware for your kitchen or dining area.


Rich black and white florals to add nature and life into your space


4. Black and White MODERN GEOMETRIC wallpaper


Nothing says modern like black and white geometric wallpapers! Geometric wallpapers have a structured and sophisticated look that stands-out more than ever in black and white. A minimalist cubed pattern adds dimension and movement that is great for potentially boring spaces like an office or basement.


The bigger the better! Cool geometric wallpaper patterns in black and white.


And now end ending off the list with our personal favourites...


5. Black and White LATTICE wallpaper

Black line work on a white background


This black and white lattice is a simplified trellis pattern that outlines the perfect background for your favourite home décor pieces without too much visual tension. The delicate line weight in this pattern is great in smaller darker spaces that need illumination, such as, bathrooms or hallways. Black and white lattice print is simple, beautiful and refined and goes just about anywhere which is why it is one of my personal favourites.


6. Black and White HOUNDSTOOTH wallpaper

Houndstooth paired with bright feature furniture


Throw it back to 1800’s Scotland with this fashionable black and white houndstooth wallpaper. Black and white houndstooth wallpaper has crisp tessellated abstract geometries that are highly electric and energizing. The even ratio of black and white makes the pattern on the paper resonate on your walls. This pattern is classic, bold, and still popular and trendy which makes black and white houndstooth perfect for mixing with solid furniture and small pops of colour to highlight your personal work space.



Black on white patterns are great for kitchens because of the need for light. You can try fun florals on a partition wall or a small-scale geometric pattern as a tile subsitute for a backsplash for a funky feel.


Ornate black and white wallpaper in the kitchen | SR1534 Walls Republic



Depending on your interpretation of bathtime, you can choose an either black on white lattice pattern for a rejuvenating aura, or a dark floral for an evening soak in the tub.


We love how @cottageandvine used this elegant lattice wallpaper in black and white



Virtually every black and white wallpaper can go in a living room because of varying tastes but its all about how you style it. Living rooms are a great place to experiment and amplify the drama in your space. Try playing with large-scale patterns to really emphasize your attention to detail.


Large scale patterns, like this flocked damask, can change the quality of a space.



Creating a stimulating work environment is key for personal productivity. Offices are a great way to play up on the neutrality of black and white wallpapers. Pair up black and white wallpaper with highly saturated furniture accents or crank up the sophistication with a monochromatic setting.


Modern and mature monochromatic palette with black and white striped wallpaper



Chevron or houndstooth is a great pick for a bedroom in my opinion. These prints embody great personality and energy which is what you want for a space that is your own. A chevron or houndstooth would be great behind a dresser or headboard.


Black and white houndstooth wallpaper for a bedroom | R2542 Walls Republic

Black and white wallpapers are big, bold, and beautiful. They can revamp your home into chic, modern and contemporary spaces filled with depth and character. The drama and timeless characteristics of black and white wallpaper should never be overlooked and can easily be switched and flipped around as the seasons and fashions change.


As coco said, “black has it all, white too.”

Don’t forget to check out more modern black and white wallpaper patterns at


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