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The Most Popular Types and Styles of Natural Grasscloth Wallpaper

Posted on October 03 2017

The Most Popular Types and Styles of Natural Grasscloth Wallpaper

Natural “grasscloth” wallpaper is a popular all-around term used to classify a whole field of naturally finished products, such as sisal, jute, bamboo, or seagrass. You can re-vamp and transform your interiors into a texturized indoor vista that mimics the freshness and sincerity of the outdoors. This guide will help you find the perfect quality grasscloth wallpaper to weave your spaces together!


5 Favorable Earthy Colours for Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth wallpapers come in natural and bountiful hues and tones that enhance the allure of earthy freshness. We have hand-picked the top 5 essential grasscloth wallpapers that will do just that!


1. Red/Amber Grasscloth Wallpapers

Duo Jute Red & Yellow Grasscloth R1976

Duo Jute Amber Grasscloth R1970

We have decided to warm you up to our list of popular grasscloth wallpaper colours starting with Red and Amber. If you’re looking for a harmonious mix of colour and texture, Red and Amber grasscloth colour options range from the deep red-orange of clay and the fiery yellow-orange splendor of the sun. with richly saturated tone-on-tone values.


2. Brown Grasscloth Wallpapers

Duo sisal Coffee Grasscloth R1994

 Duo sisal Bronze Grasscloth R1995

Natural brown grasscloth wallpaper is a more subtle option if you’re looking for rich texture. Brown grasscloth reflects the raw texture of wood in colours including, deep chocolate, or creamy caramel, chestnut, coffee and even bronze. Natural brown grasscloth wallpaper can help you feel rooted and relaxed in your interior spaces.


You can mix up buff beige and bronze grasscloth wallpaper for a brighter atmosphere but still using brown hues.


3. Grey Grasscloth Wallpapers

Sisal Powder Blue Grasscloth R1993

Sisal Blue-Grey Grasscloth R1991

Grey grasscloth wallpaper is the coolest option for our list of most popular grasscloth wallpapers in all its definitions. Grey grasscloth has natural urban sensibility in hues, such as, slate, powder, or concrete combined with the perfect ratio of blue. If you don’t like the vibrancy of amber or the depth of brown, grey-blue wallpaper is a great way to reflect natural inner-city textures for a softer more contemporary vibe.


Some great tone-on-tone value including cool and warm hues for a sleek textile finish.


4. Green Grasscloth Wallpapers

Raw Ramie Green Grasscloth R2004

 Sisal Baby Blue Grasscloth R2005

Green Grasscloth wallpaper is a popular lush and fresh colour options that abstracts of the vitality and texture of natural grass or leaves and other eco-greens found in nature. Soft pastel greens create a wispy and meditative feel for your spaces. For a more zesty and vital atmosphere, bright green grasscloth is the best choice.

Add some tonal zing with a naturally bright green grasscloth wallpaper.


5. Yellow /Ochre Grasscloth Wallpapers

Rush Regular Orange Grasscloth R2001

Jute Mango Grasscloth R1988


Yellow-ochre grasscloth wallpaper is our last colour on our most popular grasscloth colour list. Yellow grasscloth mixes soft creams and yellow tones for a finish resembling dried grasses carefully woven together. Yellow-ochre derives itself from natural earth pigments and is great for adding warmth and energy at the same time.


>2 Treatments that are Unique to Natural Grasscloth Wallpapers

1. Metallic Grasscloth Wallpaper

Metallically coated grasscloth adds a hint of shimmer and shine to an already texturally rich interior wallpaper finishing. The effect of metallic grass cloths on a wall can be completely contrasting to the original natural finish. Glazing grasscloth with a metallic finish synthesizes an exciting and new “never-seen-before” modernized persona and product that is ready to enrich any wall. Metallic grasscloth can be lightly coated or completely metallized but even the slightest coats of bronze, copper, silver, or gold can enhance your favourite jute, sisal, and seagrass grasscloth for a finish that will outshine the others.


Golden Grasscloth 213910 

Golden Grasscloth 213842


2. Printed Grasscloth Wallpaper

If you love prints and patterns and the surface qualities of a hand-woven grasscloth, this treatment option will spoil you and give you the best of both worlds. Using grasscloth as a substrate is pure design genius. There’s an endless variety of pattern options that can be printed on a grasscloth for a dynamic and innovative effect or finish. Aztec geometries, leaves, florals, damasks, and stripes that reflect cultural or natural origins of grasscloth and nature are a great added bonus when looking to intensify your space.


5 Most Distinct Natural Qualities of Grasscloth Wallpaper

What makes grasscloth different from traditional wallpapers is its individuality and exquisite texturized finish. Unlike wallpaper, we can guarantee that no two rolls are alike. Natural Grasscloth wallpaper is intricately and tightly woven eco-friendly alternative wallpaper. Here are a couple key variations that will help you distinguish the qualities that make grasscloth so glamourous!


1. Sisal Grasscloth Wallpaper

Duo Sisal Green Grasscloth R1965

Sisal Denim Grasscloth R2018

Sisal Grasscloth originates from a Mexican Agave plant and was used by the Aztecs in their textiles. Sisal grasscloth wallpaper is made from natural and sustainable grass fibers that are closely woven together and dried in the sun. It is one of the most popular grass cloths for its durability and heathered simplicity that adds just the right amount of glamour and texture without being to dramatic.


Here is an example of a clean and simplistic use of sisal grasscloth wallpaper with a beautifully paneled overall look.

You can also see how Duo Sisal in Coffee was featured on Bliss at Home in Kristin’s Bookcase Makeover. Bonus points for sisal as one of our favourite grasscloth textures!


2. Raw Jute Grasscloth Wallpaper


Jute Sangria Grasscloth R1977

Jute & Paper Yarn Caramel Grasscloth R1998


If you like Sisal, you’ll love the intricacies of jute grasscloth wallpaper too. Raw Jute grasscloth has all the tightly woven goodness of sisal grasscloth but in thicker stranded and banded finishes that are more prominent and textural. What is unique about jute is that it uses a mixture of various coloured fibers to blend colours that are lustrous and glisten in the light.


3. Seagrass Grasscloth Wallpaper

Rush Grass Green Grasscloth R2003


Seagrass grasscloth makes it to our top 5 grasscloth wallpapers because of the non-repetitive look and the horizontally handwoven aesthetic detail. With all its visible loose odds and ends, seagrass wallpaper is rich in textural depth and natural character. The thicker bands and unique pattern makes seagrass grasscloth great for fashionable feature walls.


4. Arrow Root Grasscloth Wallpaper

Arrowroot Off-white Grasscloth R1985


There is no need to go against the grain with our choice of arrow root grasscloth wallpaper; we’re definitely all for it! Arrowroot as another great eco-friendly grasscloth that is particularly beautiful with its darker toned natural flecks and untrimmed woven strips in several cream colours. Unlike seagrass, Arrowroot has choppy horizontal details that add light tropical texture in a more subtle way for larger spans.


You can alternate arrowroot grasscloth wallpapers for pops of speckle and incomparable texture.


5. Bamboo Grasscloth Wallpaper

Bamboo Army Green Grasscloth R2008

Natural bamboo grasscloth wallpaper has a great Zen botanical vibe that can be reflected into interior spaces for added peace and tranquility. Bamboo grasscloth wallpapers have exaggerated horizontal expression along with minor vertical swaths. The fibers are thick and defined creating a versatile and contrasting paneled detail that is rich in natural greens and ochres. Bamboo grasscloth is a great tropic alternative for wood paneling in any orientation which is what makes it number 5 on our list.

Bamboo grasscloth provides a one-of-a-kind finish that is natural with an originally organic ambiance.

Flat and Boring is out - Natural grasscloth wallpaper is a trend on the rise that everyone’s got to have on their walls. Now you are ready to get out there, feel fresh and free and explore the outdoor world of natural textiles in your home.

"To be successful, a room must contain the element of contrast - in forms as well as in colors and textures."

-Michael Taylor, The Finest Rooms



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