Most Popular Restaurant and Hotel Wallpaper Murals 2022

Adding colors to the interior space can help transform the environment, breathing new life into the room. This is particularly important when designing a public space, such as a restaurant or hotel. One of the most popular restaurant and hotel wallpaper mural trends for 2021 is using gold colors. Using gold wallpaper mural colors is a great way to add a sense of luxury and excitement to the space, while balancing a professional look. In this article, we'll be going over why you should consider using gold wallpaper murals and highlight some of our top picks!


Why Use Gold Wallpaper murals?

As a color, gold is the perfect balance between neutral brown/beige and bright yellow. Looking at the colors in isolation, darker yellow tones are a more mature, sophisticated option whereas lighter/pastel or brighter yellows are more optimistic and cheerful. In terms of adding energy to the space, darker yellows are more subtle and relaxed, while bright yellows are more energetic. However, overuse of bright yellow can result in a gaudy or tacky space, so you can opt to use a deeper yellow tone instead. Blending amber and yellow together, gold wallpaper murals are easy on the eyes while retaining the warmth and engaging qualities of both brown and yellow.

Why should you use gold wallpaper murals? Gold wallpaper murals add a sense of luxury and elegance to the space, imbuing the room with a relaxed, yet high-end look. Like bright yellow or red, gold wallpaper murals garner attention but not in an overtly flashy way. It's more nuanced and works well to unify the entire space. Wallpaper murals ( in particular work extremely well with images featuring gold colors since its high-quality printing process results in rich, vibrant tones that truly capture the beauty of the color palette. Now let's take a look at some of our top gold wallpaper murals for restaurants and hotels!


Shop Our Top Gold Wallpaper murals

Golden Mineral M9444 

Starting off our list with Golden Mineral, this eye-catching gold wallpaper mural features numerous bands of color all melding together to create a visual feast. The gold tones are accentuated by the darker brown and black, providing a light/dark contrast that causes our eye to roam over the entire pattern. Using wallpaper murals in restaurants and hotels is perfect because these wall décor products excel at portraying subtle color gradients with the attention to detail showcasing even more vibrant colors and adding them to the mix.

The gold/black/brown color palette is a classic – perfect for those who want to create a more classic look. Since wallpaper murals in restaurants and hotels are used as a feature wall, we recommend pairing this gold wallpaper mural with dark brown or black wallpaper to create a rich, mysterious look throughout the space. Alternatively, you can opt for lighter brown or even white complementary wallpaper ( to brighten up the space.


Galactic Dream M9441

Creating that extra sparkle or glamourous look in a restaurant or hotel space is easy with our second wallpaper mural pick. Staying with the idea of using rich colors and gradients, Galactic Dream is a sci-fi themed wallpaper mural that is sure to turn heads (to read more on why galaxy-themed wallpaper murals are so popular, click here to read our previous article, Create a Galaxy-themed Room!). The design is simple at its core, but the execution is done exceedingly well. Only through wallpaper murals can you get images this complex in terms of the crispness and clarity of the small details.

The lighter central section of the wallpaper mural slowly expands to reach the darker colors at the edges of the mural, a design choice that adds a sense dynamic movement. Unlike the previous gold wallpaper mural where our eye was constantly wandering across the image from color band to color band, we can't help but return to the bright light at the center in this one. Definitely consider using this stunning gold wallpaper mural behind the receptionist desk in the hotel lobby or on a large wall in a restaurant.


Connect the Dots M9439 (left) and Golden Mesh M9432 (right) 

If you're looking for a more subtle golden touch in your restaurant or hotel space, we've got two geometric wallpaper mural prints for you. Both Connect The Dots and Golden Mesh feature gold as accent colors, rather than the main focus. These two wallpaper murals both feature a thin linear geometric overlay with a minimalist color scheme and imagery. These two definitely add a contemporary appeal to the space.

For the Connect The Dots wallpaper mural, you can use similar blue wallpaper to complement its dark color palette, or pair the wallpaper mural up with gold wallpaper to play up its golden colors. For Golden Mesh, pairing this wallpaper mural with white wallpaper can create a minimalist, clean-cut look throughout the space. Alternatively, you can use gold complementary wallpaper to create a bold look that uses more color.


San Francisco Bridge Under Fog M9100A

Yes, ending with this particular cityscape mural is a bit of a "pun intended" situation, but we can't deny the absolutely stunning golden glow of this wallpaper mural. Featuring San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, the iconic structure is bathed in the warm glow of the sun, seemingly rising out of the fog. While this mural is also available in sepia and black and white, the full-color version above displays rich colors that are unforgettable. The composition gives it a symmetrical geometric feel, which serves to heighten its modern aesthetics.


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There are a lot of fun and exciting trends in the interior design world when it comes to wallpaper and wallpaper murals, and gold wallpaper murals was just one example. With a warm color that creates the feeling of a more open, inviting space, be sure to browse our collection of gold wallpaper murals and choose one for yourself! We always love hearing from you! After seeing our featured gold wallpaper murals above, how would you use it in your own space? What wallpaper color would you pair these wallpaper murals with? Share your ideas below in the comments or tag us on social media!


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