The Best New Wallpaper Styles For Kid’s Rooms

Choosing wallpaper for a kid’s room can be a challenge since there are many things to consider. Their personal tastes, your budget, and the actual space are just some aspects to keep in mind. You want to select a wallpaper style that’s not just trendy now, but retains its look as your kids grow as well. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the newest wallpaper patterns to hit our shelves. These ones in particular are perfect for kid’s wallpapers because of its playful design, creativity, and interesting aesthetics.


Real Adventure R5435

For the kid who’s a pet lover, why not showcase their interests with this animal-themed wallpaper? Real Adventure features an eclectic collage of different animals, mostly of the canine variety! Featured above is a pastel pink, the minimalist color scheme balances the imagery, keeping the wallpaper from becoming too “busy” or tacky. The hand-drawn images are also a nice touch and can be a source of inspiration for your kids as well!

This wallpaper is also available in white for a more neutral look, black for a darker color scheme, and gray.


Handpainted Heart R5423

Creating a relaxed, gentle look can easily be done by selecting a minimalist wallpaper. However, keep in mind how minimalism is used on the wallpaper. With the previous wallpaper, although the color scheme was indeed “minimalist,” the actual imagery covered the entire surface. With Handpainted Hearts, the foreground imagery is more spread out, allowing for a minimalist look, rather than a minimalist color scheme. This design features green, blue, yellow, and white, creating a soft color palette that is sure to look fantastic as a kid’s wallpaper.

This wallpaper also comes in a pink wallpaper version and a peach wallpaper color.

Walls Republic Tip: Decorating a kid’s room can take many shapes, such as their bedroom, a nursery, or a playroom. How the space is used can help dictate what type of wallpaper you’re looking for. For example, you may want a more relaxing or subdued print for a bedroom to create a relaxing atmosphere. On the other hand, a playroom might call for intense colorful wallpaper with a more complex design.


Metallic Large Clouds R5436

It’s a scene straight from a storybook! This cloudy landscape adds a mysterious aura to any kid’s room. With its sketched look, Metallic Large Clouds has an artistic flair that will inspire anyone to take up a pencil or paintbrush themselves. Best used throughout the entire space, the abstract look gives this wallpaper a timeless quality, meaning it’ll be a stylish choice for years to come.

Other colors this wallpaper is available in is beige and pink.


Enigmatic Rabbit R5446


A playful wallpaper design can add energy to the space, making it more welcoming and fun. Enigmatic Rabbits follows the minimalist trend of previous wallpaper styles featured above, but with more detailed imagery. The peach, yellow, and orange color scheme adds a tropical, summery look to the space, creating a more engaging visual appeal. Because of its minimalist look, this wallpaper works best throughout the space rather than as a feature wall.

This adorable wallpaper is also available in white/taupe for a more classic look, and pastel green for another bright aesthetic.


Geometric Style R5444

So far, many of the wallpapers we’ve featured include designs with specific imagery, whether it’s clouds, dogs, or rabbits. With this next wallpaper, it’s more about the abstract design rather than the actual image. Contemporary geometric wallpaper is a versatile pattern, one that makes it a great choice for kid’s room wallpaper. Geometric designs never really go out of style, meaning you and your kids will enjoy this modern look for longer!

This geometric wallpaper is also available in a fun rainbow color palette and a calming blue color scheme.


Jungle Plants R5452


So far, our list has mostly included pastel and softer colors. Let’s shake things up a bit and look at something with a bold, intense color scheme. With rich green colors blending into vibrant reds, Jungle Plants is truly a transformative floral wallpaper. Bringing in the wild outdoors into your kid’s room with this wallpaper can be a great way to bolster the energy in the space. Because of how detailed the imagery is, you can consider using this wallpaper pattern on a single wall (essentially creating a feature wall).

Jungle Plants comes in a variety of different colors. This neon color scheme is pretty unique, while this deep blue and green version has an almost aquatic flavour.


Birch Trees R5440


Last but not least, we’ve seen a jungle setting but what about the forest? Birch Trees is a stylized and creative take on traditional striped wallpaper, featuring large-scale trees with hidden surprises that add a burst of color. From the bespectacled red fox to the golden yellow honeybee, this interesting look is not only out of the box, but there’s a surprising functionality to it as well. Striped wallpapers are often used by interior designers to artificially create the “illusion” of taller or longer walls. With this wallpaper, the verticality of the trees makes a wall seem taller. This makes it a great choice for smaller spaces to create the illusion of height and space.

Birch Trees is also available in gray and taupe.

And there you have it - our top new wallpapers for kid’s rooms! While many wallpapers designs are quite flexible and aren’t necessarily relegated for usage in a particular space, these wallpapers lend themselves particularly well to kid’s rooms thanks to its playful designs, versatile color schemes, and creativity.


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