Summer Wallpaper Trends that make your Living Room Look Radiant

The summer season is all about sunny beaches, cool drinks, and fun times with friends and family. While some people like to travel, others prefer to relax at home. It’s easy to transform your interiors into the perfect summer-worthy “staycation” with wallpaper designs that are vibrant in color, interesting in design, and very creative.

In any residence, the living room is a communal area shared among family members and friends. That being said, the interior design of this space is important in setting the tone. In this article, we take a look at four of our favourite summer wallpaper trends that we think will completely transform your living room!


1. Luminous Colors with Watercolor Wallpaper

First, let’s tackle the concept of color. For wallpaper that is truly worthy of being a “summer wallpaper trend,” focus on those that feature brighter or more vibrant colors.




To add a touch of nature to your home, choose green living room wallpaper that enhances the space with a sense of freshness and liveliness. The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year is greenery, the perfect vibrant look that infuses optimism into the atmosphere. Since the living room is an area that generally contains more windows (and thus, more access to natural light), we think this particular design would complement the lighting. The light beige background contrasts beautifully with the vibrant green leaves, creating a natural, organic look that would only be emphasized in the natural light.

What we love best about this particular wallpaper is not only the use of soft colors and negative space, but also the details on the background. The slight “cracks” and aged look gives this pattern a more classic, historic aesthetic.



Modern Minimalist Brick Wallpaper Red and Green R4805 - A twist on the classic red brick wallpaper style.  


Faux finish wallpapers are always trendy (we’ve talked a lot about this topic in the past) and brick wallpaper designs are among the most popular. The majority of color variations tend to stick to more traditional tones, such as red. However, this brick wallpaper has a unique twist, blending in a rusty green shade to make the design pop. 

This design stands in stark contrast to the previous one. Whereas the leafy floral wallpaper has a sophisticated, weathered look that also portrays a touch of elegance, this red/green brick wallpaper is purely contemporary. With its detailed look and bold colors, this faux brick pattern makes any living room feel modern and stylish.


2. Urban-inspired Wallpaper Murals

Photorealistic wallpaper murals are incredibly trendy and with good reason. The crisp edges and complex details present a high-resolution look. For those who are staying close to home this summer, why not take a “trip” across the globe – right in your own living room!

Often used as feature walls, wallpaper murals are commonly used in spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms because the wall sizes are generally larger than other areas of the home. (Tip: For those who like to mix and match different wallpaper patterns, we’ve got you covered!)



Havana Colours M9136 - Add a pop of color with this urban wallpaper mural!  


Mixing bold colors with an interesting setting, this urban wallpaper mural features the historic city of Havana. As a living room wallpaper mural, there are many ways it can be used. Take note of the different colors present in the mural - the face of the buildings in bright yellow, teal, sky blue, and pink. For those who want to create a more colorful, energetic living room, you may want to use this mural as is. However, since wallpaper murals are fully customizable, maybe black and white or sepia is more your shade.



Paris Restaurants M9097 – Shown above in black and white with red color highlights.  


Moving on, let’s take a trip around the world to another well-known city: Paris! With this mural, we love the black and white look with minimal red colors. This gives the image a visual intensity that is both bold and subtle. The color usage directs the viewer’s attention to the key areas of the wallpaper mural, namely the Parisian restaurants. For those that want a smaller amount of color, this option is perfect.

One of our favourite ways to “dress up” a modern or minimalist living room is to use the full color wallpaper mural. If the majority of your living room consists of black and white furniture, this mural adds a stunning pop of color that is sure to garner attention.


3. Funky Geometric Wallpaper for a Classic Look

As a category, geometric wallpaper has been around for a long time. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of different variations and innovations in terms of color and pattern. For our next living room wallpaper trends this summer, we’re going to focus on more quirky geometric patterns.



Watercolor Geometry Wallpaper Pastel Yellow and Pink R5030 - A pastel geometric wallpaper with a watercolor design.  


This pastel wallpaper combines a more unique geometric design with colors perfect for the summer season. The yellow shades are absolutely permeating with a sunny radiance, creating a more dynamic and open atmosphere. Pastel pink and peach tones are a lovely pairing, adding a softness that balances out the linear edges of the shapes.

Perhaps what visually stands out the most with this geometric wallpaper is the watercolor effect on the hexagons. Each shape has a faded water effect that gives it a painted look. This detail adds an artistic appeal to the pattern, making it seem like it’s been handpainted.



Textured Modern Taupe and Ivory Eclipse Wallpaper R4055 - A playful geometric pattern in neutral colors.  


Unlike geometric wallpaper with sharp edges or definitive lines, curved shapes present a softer appearance. For the summer season, go with a more playful geometric design, such as this one with its circular patterns. A more subtle approach combines these circles with a light taupe color palette, whose neutral colors make it the perfect pairing for any living room space.

Another unique element of this living room wallpaper is the metallic detailing. It gives the design a slight shine when it catches the light. Remember before how we noted the presence of natural light in areas such as the living room? Using metallic wallpaper in spaces with a lot of light is a great way to create a glamorous look.


4. Natural Wallpapers With a Creative Appeal

Last but not least, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention an annual summer interior design trend that should definitely be included here as well. Natural wallpapers are those that use – you guessed it – natural materials. Grasscloth is one example.



Paper Strokes Natural Grasscloth R1979 - Vivid colors AND eco-friendly wallpaper!  


We’re going back to bright, vivid colors with our second last pick. This grasscloth wallpaper features numerous strips of treated paper that have been adhered to the backing. Different colors mingle together to create a multi-toned effect that is sure to spark a conversation among guests and family members alike. In addition, the highly textured surface adds a dimensional look to the walls, creating a sense of depth.

One of the best aspects of grasscloth and natural wallpapers in general is how diverse they are. Some use arrowroot; this one uses paper, while other products use mica stones. However visually different they may all look, they all share similar eco-friendly traits, making it a great choice for homeowners who want to create a stunning look while being environmentally conscious.



Reflection Pink and Yellow Metallic Grasscloth Wallpaper R4645 - The metallic background gives this design an unparalleled shine.  


For the last wallpaper we’d like to feature, let’s choose something that truly shines – literally! Featuring thin pink strips of fabric threaded onto a gold reflective backing, this grasscloth wallpaper is the total opposite of the previous one. Whereas the previous example had a bright color scheme, this one is more muted. The previous grasscloth focused more on textured and verticality in its design; this one is all about catching the light and creating a stylish look.


And that’s our favorite 4 summer wallpaper trends for your living room!

From urban wallpaper murals to pastel geometrics, this season is all about using color and interesting designs to create a unique space for your home. Changing the atmosphere in your living room can be made simple by focusing on color and/or the actual design itself.


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