Stylish Striped Wallpaper For Small Rooms

Small or irregular shaped rooms can be quite difficult to decorate. From choosing space-saving furniture to using space to your advantage, wall décor can actually help keep the room from looking too tiny or cluttered. How? By using a specific wallpaper type that creates the illusion of longer or taller walls. With its vertical patterning, striped wallpaper is an excellent choice for homeowners that are struggling to find the perfect wall décor for their room. Whether it’s a small bedroom or powder room, striped wallpapers are not only versatile and stylish, but they offer a unique functional benefit as well. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at stylish striped wallpapers for your small rooms!



Distressed Stripe A49562

Traditionally, striped wallpapers have been thought of as boring or uninspiring, but hopefully we can change your mind with this article! Wallpaper designers these days are treating walls as if its their canvas so you might be surprised to see some pretty artistic representations of “striped” wallpaper. First up is Distressed Stripe, which features a heavily rugged and weathered aesthetic. It gives the traditional striped pattern a contemporary update that makes it perfect for the modern home!


Vertical Textured Beige Grazed Stripe Wallpaper R4422

If you are looking for something more traditional, this next striped wallpaper fits the bill. It has the classic striped shape but one that has a bit more visual flair with the textured appearance. A textured wallcovering – whether it’s done through usage of different materials or the actual design – can add a lot of depth to the walls, giving it a tactile feel. If you want the walls to look wider, horizontal stripes is the way to goo as the linear design focuses the eye to travel along a specific line. Likewise, to make walls look taller, vertical stripes are used instead. This would be best utilized in rooms with a lower ceiling.


Lavish Textured Black and Gold Speckle Stripe Wallpaper R4050

The general shape of striped wallpapers doesn’t really change that much. Most of the time, it’s just alternating rectangular bands. However, wallpaper designers are using their creativity and artistic vision to add their own personality to the product. Take this striped wallpaper for example. It features gold flecks across the surface, which gives this wallpaper a weathered look, but also a high-end, glamorous appeal. The color scheme of black and gold has an iconic feel that’s transformative and dramatic.


Pearl Zebra Stripe R2962

Now, while a lot of the striped wallpapers we see today feature the same linear pattern, that’s not always the case! Take Pearl Zebra for example. It definitely features the linear directional outlay of traditional striped pattern, but with a curvier or wavy finish. This is perfect for those who aren’t looking for the classic striped look or want something that’s more out-of-the-box. It’s a playful take on stripe wallpaper, one that makes it suited for spaces such as a kid’s bedroom or a playroom.


Beige Dotted Stripe R2960

Adding a geometric overlay to a striped wallpaper is one way to create a unique looking pattern. Dotted Stripe does just that, and also uses color to create an interesting look. While the striped pattern uses black and beige, the dotted overlay uses a darker beige that stands out from the background. This helps add a textured look that accentuates the complete look and feel of the wallpaper.


Coral Chevron Stripe R2555

Speaking of out-of-the-box striped wallpaper, who said striped patterns need to be completely straight? This one uses an angular chevron pattern in a way that maintains the fundamentals of striped wallpaper but in a slightly different way. The zigzagging lines add a sense of dynamic movement to the wallpaper, which helps to add a lot of energy to the space. The orange adds a vibrant burst of color that’s balanced by the neutral-colored white stripes.


Tan Tie Dye R2400

Trendy striped wallpaper can (surprisingly) come in many different shapes and Tan Tie Dye proves it. It uses a combination of both horizontal and vertical stripes to create a more abstract finish. The tie dye creates an interesting watercolor effect, making it appear handcrafted and more organic than straight lines. The artistic approach to this striped wallpaper is well worth the effect, because it’s one that stands out. Use this in a small living room or dining room and “wow” your guests!


Grunge Static Stripe R5203

Next up on our list of stylish striped wallpaper is Grunge Static Stripe, which is a highly contemporary take on the pattern. The handpainted look has a haphazard approach, giving it a modern look. The monochromatic look is one we’re definitely fans of because it’s much easier to slip into pre-existing rooms where there’s already an established color scheme. The taupe color scheme has a calming and relaxing effect on the space, making it great for areas like the bedroom, hallway, and living room.


Striped Woven Cream Braid Wallpaper R4317

Last but not least, the final product we’d like to highlight on our list of stylish striped wallpaper is none other than this Woven Cream Braid! It’s quite similar to many faux effect wallpapers that mimic real life materials, such as marble, wood, brick, and concrete. Here, the photorealistic imagery is that of woven straw that have been braided together to create a stunning visuals. The naturalistic look is a perfect blend between classic and contemporary tastes.


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