Stylish Commercial Wallpaper and Mural Combinations

Creating a stylish, modern look for your commercial space is made each with visually stunning wallpaper murals and versatile commercial wallpaper. Combining these two distinct wall décor products and using them together can result in a unique aesthetic for your space. In this article, let's go over why you'd want to use two different types of wallpaper in one room, how to choose your patterns, and look at 4 on-trend combinations from our catalogue.


Why "Combination" Looks Are Great For Commercial Spaces

One of the best things about mixing and matching different wall décor products is that you can create one-of-a-kind looks. Some combinations play well off of each other, creating a visual dynamic, whether through pattern or color.

On the other hand, some wallpaper combinations work seamlessly together to create a more unified look that spread throughout the space. Which route you take is up to your own preferences and how you want your commercial space to look.

Using wallpaper within the commercial space also sets it apart, creating an atmosphere that visitors will remember. Commercial wallpapers do not typically feature mid or large-scale imagery, so for those who do want something more visually striking, pairing these wallpaper patterns up with a large mural is one way to get that look.


How To Choose Your Wallpaper Mural

As the centerpiece, the wallpaper mural is the more important part of the duo. It'll provide the bulk of the visuals with its large-scale image. When creating your own "combination" wallpaper look, we strongly recommend choosing your wallpaper mural first and your commercial wallpaper second. Our wallpaper murals are divided into different style categories rather than color, since mural imagery is much more varied than regular wallpaper rolls, which generally feature fewer colors.

Think of what type of commercial space you're decorating. For example, a wallpaper mural with a calming or soothing aesthetic would make the perfect fit for a spa, while a complex, highly detailed cityscape may be too "busy" when trying to create a visually relaxing environment.


How To Choose Complementary Commercial Wallpaper

Once you've chosen a wallpaper mural to use as your feature wall, the next step is to choose a commercial wallpaper product that will complement it. In general, your wallpaper mural will be featured on the most prominent wall or the largest one (our murals can be customized to fit the exact dimensions of your wall). The complementary commercial wallpaper will go up on the rest of the walls. When choosing your commercial wallpaper, consider the visual style you want to achieve: Do you want to emphasize contrast or create a more unified theme?

If you want to create contrast, you can do this through color or pattern. Since commercial wallpapers don't come in a lot of different patterns compared to home wallpaper, creating contrast through color is your best bet. For example, if you have a floral wallpaper mural that uses mainly yellow and green colors, you may want to go with a brown commercial wallpaper to extend the nature-theme look throughout the space. The brown color pairs nicely with yellow and green, while adding a new color to the mix.

If you want to create a more unified look, identify what the most dominant color is on your wallpaper mural (the color that's used the most) and select a commercial wallpaper in a similar color. This will help create a similarity that connects the wallpaper mural to the commercial wallpaper.


#1: Weathered Watercolors


Gradient Tie-Dye Wallpaper Mural Blue and White M9259


Simple Plain C7347

First, let's start with a combination that emphasizes a more minimalist, textural look. The watercolor wallpaper mural features a simple tie dye aesthetic with various shades of blue. Its design has more of a horizontal alignment, making it a good fit for smaller spaces as well, since this can make the wall look slightly wider than it actually is.

To create a darker color scheme, use blue commercial wallpaper as your complementary pattern. In our case, we wanted to 'lighten' up the space so we chose a light gray pattern instead. This puts the emphasis solely on the watercolor mural, but this commercial design itself is quite eye-catching as well. It has a textured look that pairs well with the main mural.


#2: A Bold, Earthy Look

Dramatic Watercolour Jungle M9437

Simple Plain C7345

Our next combination pairing uses a contrasting element to its pairing that helps extend a more organic feel throughout the space. The main wallpaper mural is another watercolor-inspired piece, this time with imagery rather than something more abstract. The large-scale leaves are an on-trend pattern that invokes the feeling of being in the middle of a lush jungle. The gorgeous colors really stand out from the plain black background.

While we could have easily paired this wallpaper mural with black or even green commercial wallpaper, we're going with a deep brown instead. We recommend using commercial wallpaper to introduce a new color to the room only if the wallpaper mural features a more basic color scheme. In this case, it does as black and greens are the only main colors on the jungle mural. The brown plays off the green leaves nicely, adding a more earthy color to the palette.


#3: A Classic Tough With Neutral Colors


Antique World Map M9167

World maps is a popular wallpaper mural category, thanks to its intricate details and traditional aesthetics. This particular world map wallpaper mural features more colors than usual, such as adding red, green, and navy blue to the mix.

To create a unified look, we've paired the world map wallpaper mural up with Sand Pinot, a textured beige commercial wallpaper that features a dense tactile look. Its soft beige color adds a lightness to the space, pairing with the multi-colored world map mural quite well. When you have a wallpaper mural with super complex imagery and/or a mural that uses a lot of different colors, choosing a neutral or light colored complementary commercial wallpaper can provide the perfect visual balance.


#4: Bold Colors Done Tastefully


Wooden Love M9229


Marbled Metallic Copper Natus Wallpaper C7164

Sometimes, the boldest colors in your room can come from complementary wallpaper instead of the actual wallpaper mural. However, this also helps reinforce the "main" pattern, which is this faux wood wallpaper mural. It's a nice casual look that adds a stylish look to the space with its lifelike pattern.

We've paired the faux wood wallpaper mural with this cork commercial wallpaper, shown above in a deep orange color. The warm tones really add a welcoming vibe to the space, especially when paired with the heart stamped wood mural. Both the wood and this commercial cork wallpaper have a textural look that adds a tactile element to the space.


Be creative with your wallpaper mural and commercial wallpaper combination!

Choosing what wallpaper mural and commercial wallpaper you want to mix and match is a creative way in approaching the design for your commercial space. One last tip is to order free wallpaper samples of wallpaper murals and commercial wallpaper that you're interested in. That way, you can get large physical samples and get a real life look at how the colors and patterns interact with each other. Let us know in the comments below what mural image you'd use for your commercial space! Would you try to create a color contrast or use complementary wallpaper that's a similar color?


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