Ocean Views: Sea-Themed Wallpaper Murals

We've all seen photographs of picturesque homes with windows facing the beachside looking out into the endless ocean. It's a picture of calm and relaxation and while many of us may not have the same view when we look outside our window (or even live near bodies of water!), that doesn't mean you can't get that gorgeous ocean view from your home. In this article, we'll be taking a look at our top sea-themed wallpaper murals!


Our Top Sea-Themed Wallpaper Murals


Aerial Waves M9292

Starting off our list with a general image of the ocean, this one features a top-down look at waves crashing against each other. Sea-themed wallpaper murals often take two different routes: on one hand, they can be quite calming and even relaxing, and on the other hand, ocean imagery can inspire energy and a sense of movement. Aerial Waves definitely falls into the second category. The white foam on top of the water adds a strong contrasting color to the overall image and it really pops off the walls. It's a cacophony that translates to a wallpaper mural you feel like you can actually hear as well!

For a gentler, more calming sea-themed wallpaper, let's take things a bit inland and head to a river instead. This wallpaper features the famous city of Venice from a more intimate angle. We're all familiar with its iconic gondolas and this wallpaper mural gives us a closer look at them. It invites us to be a part of the scene and it makes us feel as if we're actually there since we're viewing the scenery at ground level. Thanks to the composition of the photograph, this wallpaper mural also achieves a sense of depth that can make smaller rooms feel slightly larger than it actually is.


Fishing by the Shore M9293

Featuring absolutely stunning visuals and rich colors, this bird's eye view of a shoreline is full of interesting details that truly flesh out the scene. The color palette invokes the feeling of summer, with its deep teal colors bordered by the vibrant orange/greens at the very bottom. The shift from cool to warm colors adds a dynamic look to the overall scene. If your wall is wider than it is tall, consider contacting our in-house design team and request that this sea wallpaper mural be flipped so that it has a horizontal orientation as opposed to the vertical orientation shown above.


Vintage Engraved Mountains M9450

For those who want a sea-themed wallpaper mural with a more traditional twist, this next mural is for you! With a more classical aesthetic, this mural has a hand-drawn look that gives the space an artistic appeal. The neutral color scheme and rough textured "canvas" of the backing makes it appear even more authentic. We love the small sailboard near the bottom left that truly gives us an idea of how massive both the mountains and the river really is. This sense of monumentality is brought to life through minimalist details and colors.


Above the Ocean M9294

For something more abstract, Above The Ocean echoes the ocean-themed design of our first pick. It's a general look at the sea that absolutely envelops us as we look at it. The crystal blue colors have a gradient that sees the brightest of blues slowly transform to deeper navy blues. With its more abstract look, you can easily pair other wall décor on top of the wallpaper mural. In the room shot shown above, the wall has been further decorated with three minimalist pictures.


Bonus: Even More Sea-Themed Wallpaper!

If you're looking for regular wallpaper, here are some more water-themed designs for you!


Asian Ocean Waves R5725

This ultra dense wallpaper does a perfect job in mimicking the motion of waves. It's almost hypnotic! Because of its complex imagery, we recommend using this on mid to large-sized walls. For small rooms, consider using this on a single wall rather than the entire space.


Navy Blue Nautical Motif R5980

For the little ones in your life, one of our newest home wallpaper patterns is sure to capture their imagination. Featuring cartoon images of whales, fish, boats, and a lighthouse, this nautical-themed wallpaper has a minimalist color scheme that works well with its imagery. The nice pop of red against the blue is a nice splash of color (pun intended!).


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Whether you want to create a calming atmosphere or want a more energetic mood injected into your space, sea-themed wallpaper murals provide a stylish, on-trend look that is sure to get people talking. Which style of sea-themed wallpaper murals do you like more? The ones that depict just the water or ones that include the entire scenery, like the Venice and shoreline murals? Let us know in the comments below!


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