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Whether you need a wallpaper that unifies the entire space through subtle colors or you want a patterned look that draws immediate attention, our retail commercial wallpaper features something for everyone and for every space. Using retail commercial wallpaper is an excellent way to bring different elements of the space together, creating a complete look that your visitors won't forget! In this article, let's explore how retail commercial wallpaper can help your business stand out.

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What Is Retail Commercial Wallpaper

Retail commercial wallpaper is a special type of wall décor product. Unlike residential wallpaper that is better suited for the home, commercial wallpaper is specifically made for use in public spaces, such as retail. Some of these benefits include the wallpaper being slightly thicker, lending to its increased durability and toughness; and special surface coatings that minimize the growth of bacteria and mold, such as Bio-Pruf. All of these features come together to add versatility and functionality to the commercial wallpaper product.



Why Use Retail Commercial Wallpaper

With so many different retail brands out there, creating a visually distinctive space is one of the best ways to "stick" in the minds of your visitors. Bland spaces reflect poorly on your retail brand, creating a dull and forgettable atmosphere. Color and pattern is a great way to add creativity and personality to the space – thankfully, retail commercial wallpaper offers both in one long lasting product. Compared to residential wallpaper, commercial wallpaper themes are more limited in terms of its designs, often focussing on small to mid-sized patterns. However, these still add a lot of style to the space that's both on-trend and professional.

Retail commercial wallpaper comes in all different colors and wallpaper materials, each one with their own unique benefits. For example, textile commercial wallpaper can give your retail space a softer, high-end appeal thanks to its tactile material and sophisticated look.


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For smaller retail spaces, finding a commercial wallpaper pattern that fits can be hard. After all, certain patterns and colors can end up making your room feel smaller, which isn't what you want! One wallpaper pattern that's an excellent choice for smaller retail spaces is stripes. These can create the illusion of wider walls if the striped pattern is horizontal, or striped wallpaper can make a wall appear taller, as in the case above with vertical stripes. The alternative bands of dark and light blue also helps to create a sense of space and movement that will create the feeling of a larger retail space.


Royal Diamonds R3160

Creating a specific mood for your retail space can definitely be done through choosing specific colors and imagery. For example, neutral colors are not only flexible in terms of its usage, but offers a classical look that's quite sophisticated. Beige in particular isn't the most exciting color compared to others like red or purple, but it's a "tried and true" one that just works for all spaces. If your aim is to create a cohesive retail space, consider using neutral colors to help tie the space together. This geometric commercial wallpaper is a subtle yet professional addition to any retail space.


For a raw, rugged look that's more on the contemporary side, consider using a highly textured commercial wallpaper. These add a visually distinct look to your walls, giving them its own character. Textures commercial wallpaper are among the most flexible of patterns because they can truly be used everywhere.

Another geometric commercial wallpaper, this one trades a clean, sophisticated look for an ultra contemporary, weathered aesthetic. The "faded" design is the perfect choice for retail owners who want to create a cozy, worn look. Again, our top pick is this neutral colored slate gray, which adds a cool, modern emphasis to the walls. The subtlety of the colors and patterns helps to accentuate the rest of the retail space.


Camel Osaka C7151

Last but not least, Osaka is a retail commercial wallpaper that features a highly textured finish on the surface. While we started our top wallpaper picks list with vertical stripes, we'll be ending it with one that's more horizontal in orientation. The roughness of the wallpaper gives the walls a tactile look and feel, adding a sense of depth to the flatness of the walls. Featured above in a light shade between pastel pink and light beige, this is a versatile retail wallpaper that does wonders in transforming the space.


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Whether you're working with a tight budget or you're ready to splurge, our collection of designer retail commercial wallpaper has something for everyone. Get the look YOU want today! Are you the owner of a retail store? What types of wall décor interests you the most? Let us know in the comments below!



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