Relaxing Wallpaper Murals for Salons and Spas

Salons and spas is a category that encompasses a wide variety of services, ranging from high-end hair salons to modern nail salons. Depending on the business' brand, the theme you want to achieve, or the general "vibe" you want to portray, using specific wallpaper murals can help change the ambiance of the space. In this article, we'll be focusing particularly on creating a relaxing atmosphere for your salon or spa. We'll go through specific colors that can be beneficial, as well as give you a look at some recommended wallpaper murals. Let's get started!



Wallpaper Colors To use For Salons and Spas

Introducing color to the salon and spa space can make a dramatic impact, transforming not just the environment but the mood of the room itself. Some colors are more relaxing, while some are more energetic, so it's best to keep this in mind when selecting the right wallpaper color for your space. In general, calming colors include pastels, neutrals, blue, and paler/light greens and yellows.



Earthy tones, such as brown, beige, and taupe, have a very authentic look about them that really suits a wellness center like spas. Pastel tones add a bit more color to the space, but its paleness or lighter tone has a more calming effect. In general, color gradients work very well, whereas harsh contrasting colors tend to be more energizing than relaxing.

On the other hand, if you want to inject some energy and vitality to your salon and spa, these are some of the wallpaper colors to look out for: red, orange, pink, and metallic. In addition, extreme varients of colors can also add energy to the room. These include neon and darker shades.


What wallpaper patterns work best for salons and spas?

Because color does so well on its own to transform the salon and space atmosphere, some patterns that are highly recommended include abstract wallpaper murals and watercolor wallpaper murals. Both of these categories focus less on distinct imagery and more on the use of color and shapes. Curves and other undefined lines can help create a flowing movement on the walls, further emphasizing a natural flow or calming energy.



On the other hand, dense or more complex imagery tends to add more energy to the space. These include wallpaper mural categories such as cityscapes and world maps. With a lot of smaller details, our eye naturally tries to focus in on all of them at once, so while these types of wallpaper murals are perfect for adding a lot of energy to the space, it may not necessarily be what you're looking for if your goal is to create a calming or relaxing salon and spa experience.

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Washed Ink M9446

While black and white can create a very strong contrast that's far from relaxing, this watercolor wallpaper mural actually softens the tones, adding more gray or "middle" shades that balances it out nicely. What results is a very interesting pattern that almost looks like it has a creamy "texture" to it. The softness of the colors combined with the abstract look is one that will work well in many spaces.


Fishing by the Shore M9293

Part of the reason why a wallpaper mural can be relaxing is how it inspires auditory cues. In this one, we can already hear the gentle waves of the ocean as it meets the shoreline. The bird's eye view creates the sense that we're softly floating over the scenery, making it an excellent mural to use on the ceiling


Concrete Snake M9402

Similar to the previous ocean wallpaper mural, this one takes us to the countryside with a long winding road. The focus on the winding road adds a sense of movement that flows from one edge of the mural to the other. The lighter color scheme also adds a relaxing touch to the salon and spa space, with its golden yellows, soft oranges, and pastel greens.


Fresh Leaves M9311

For a more artistic take on nature, this one features a dense packing of leaves, but it's never overwhelming visually thanks to its simplistic color scheme. Different shades of green combine to create an interesting, stylized take on nature. It has an almost abstract aesthetic to it that makes it quite flexible in its usage.


Field of Purple M9297

From ocean wallpaper murals you can hear to ones you can practically smell, this overhead view of a field of lavender is one of the most relaxing murals we've ever seen. The textured look of the plants also adds a softness to the visuals, making it a great addition to any salon or spa. Similar to the previous mural, this lavender wallpaper mural has an abstract nature to it.


Minimalist Painted Mountains M9255

Another black and white wallpaper mural makes it onto our list, but this time, it has a more gradient look than the inky mural. Blending watercolor and nature into one stunning mural, the misty mountains have a softness to them that's brought to life. The brushstrokes, color usage, and textured background gives it a true "painted on canvas" look.


Watercolor Floral Burst M9306

Last but not least, this salon and spa wallpaper mural fuses the floral and watercolor categories together to create a colorful yet calming display of blossoms. We absolutely love the color gradients in this particular mural, with deeper blurs transforming into the more yellow-green colors. The plain white background helps to keep the mural from being too visually overwhelming.


A Relaxing Salon or Spa Space can be achieved with a wallpaper mural!

Wherever you end up installing a wallpaper mural in your salon or spa, paying special attention to color and pattern can help creating a more relaxing atmosphere for your clients. Be sure to let us know in the comments below what type of wallpaper imagery makes you feel more calm and relaxed. Is it a natural landscape? A forest? Or general watercolors?

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