Popular Bedroom Wallpaper Trends for Designing an Envy-Worthy Sanctuary

Watercolor Minimalist Blossoms Floral Wallpaper Blue and White R4690

Defining How The Space Is Used

Wallpaper in the bedroom can take on a variety of directions depending on how the space is used and who is using the space. Wallpaper designs for bedrooms deal with rest and relaxation, while a teen's bedroom often acts as a place for rest, entertainment, and work. For a child, the space becomes more than a space for rest and the aspect of child's play should be taken into account as well.


The Most Popular Ways To Use Wallpaper For Bedrooms

There are a variety of popular eye catching and innovative ways to utilize wallpaper for bedrooms. Wallpaper is the perfect way to define the smaller zones within a room. By using various complementary wallpapers throughout the space, you can begin to define the different functions within the space such as sleep spaces, play zones, vanity spaces, and work spaces.


Floral Medallion, White & Pink R1901


Commonly, many people choose to define the space behind the bed as a feature wall or to define a headboard with wallpaper by creating a small feature section of wallpaper just behind the bed.

Wallpapering the ceiling is another unique way to use wallpaper in the bedroom. It can help a large room feel more intimate by creating the illusion of a lower ceiling. This can also help draw your eye up to the ceiling if you have a special light fixture of ceiling detail you wish to emphasize. To produce an unconventional look, playing with one type of wallpaper hung in two different ways will generate a lot of visual movement throughout the space.


Cloudy Stucco Wallpaper Beige and White R4795


Popular Patterns, Colours, and Wallpaper Styles

The bedroom is the most intimate and personal space within the home and is the space you see at the beginning and end of every day. Therefore, it should clearly showcase your individual personality and evoke your lifestyle or desires. Another key factor in selecting wallpaper for bedroom is to harmonize with the style of your current  fixtures and furnishings. The existing elements within the space will heavily define whether you are looking for contemporary, transitional, or traditional wall coverings.

If you are looking to create a space with a calm and natural oasis atmosphere, you can opt for warm grasscloth wallpaper, or wallpaper in a light colour.


Rush fine Orange Grasscloth R2000


A deep coloured wallpaper or damask pattern is capable of defining a space that has a more regal or traditional vibe.

One popular style of wallpaper for bedroom is floral wallpapers which can be soft, romantic, calming, or playful. Floral wallpapers are available in various styles and colours to appeal to anyone and match any aesthetic. Gold is currently another popular trend to incorporate into interior design and can add depth and shimmering qualities to a bedroom. There are a vast amount of wallpaper designs with bold and subtle metallic details available to buy online at Walls Republic on wallsrepublic.com.


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