Our Top 7 Beige Commercial Wallpapers and Murals

As one of the most common neutral colors, beige is often seen by naysayers as a "back-up color," one that does really shine on its own but instead, is a boring and uninspired choice. Well, we have a few words about that! While it's true that beige is a basic color (after all, it's one of the most commonly used neutral colors), it's considered as such because it's so versatile and easy to use in almost all settings.

Have a room that's already designed but you still need wallpaper as your last step? Beige wallpaper can save the day since it pairs amazingly well with other colors. In this article, we'll be showing you our top 7 beige commercial wallpapers and wallpaper murals because we think beige may be basic, but it's never boring!


1. Beige With A Subtle Shine


Minimalist Fold C7183

A simplistic approach to wallpaper design doesn't have to be dull or uninspired. In fact, part of what makes textures commercial wallpaper so useful is its versatility. Whether you're designing a large or small space, textures is a wallpaper pattern that can fit in anywhere.

Starting off our list, we have Minimalist Fold, a beige commercial wallpaper that has a more linear – almost geometric look. The different colored lines adds a gradient effect that's almost soothing to look at. The vertical movement provides a nice energy to the design and overall, it's an excellent choice for those who are looking for a no-frills, relaxing aesthetic.


2. A Strong Textured Look


Rugged Jeans C7214

Textures commercial wallpaper can also be heavily textured, as is the case with our #2 beige wallpaper pick. As the name implies, this texture mimics denim or jeans, creating a more rough, weathered look.

It has a more tactile visual appearance that adds to the overall touch and feel of the wallpaper print. Best used throughout the space, beige is mixed with white to create some color variations that keep the textures commercial wallpaper looking fresh.


3. A Vintage Appeal

Retro World Map M9166

Let's take a look at the wallpaper murals category. While many feature bold and vivid colors, there are some that include a beige color scheme. World maps wallpaper murals are a great way to create a vintage or retro look in any space.

It's full of crisp details, whether it's the edges of the continents, the lines of the grid, or the small text. Using different shades of beige can create a more authentic, old look that makes it unique.


4. For A More Traditional Touch

Textured Thatch C7357

Another beige commercial wallpaper that emphasizes textures, this too has a more classic approach to the pattern. It mimics fabric or cotton, creating a look that adds a sense of character to the walls.

It's definitely a subtle commercial pattern, but one that can easily be used on its own or paired up with a feature wall. The criss-cross design of Textured Thatch has a more structured look that makes it great for professional settings as well.


5. Faux Wood That Looks Amazingly Real


White Washed Wood M9157

Faux effect wallpaper patterns are popular among interior designers because it adds such an interesting visual impact in the space. This stunning wood wallpaper mural is packed with a lot of details that really bring the pattern to life.

The photorealistic rendering provides a casual backdrop that's more on the minamalist side when compared to a wallpaper mural like the world map. Because of the straightforward designs, you can get creative when pairing this wood wallpaper mural with other wallpaper!


6. Geometric Meets Rustic

Subtle Diamonds C7318

While textures commercial wallpaper are most common, there are other categories to explore as well, including geometric. This particular print blends the normally contemporary geometric print with a more weathered or rustic aesthetic.

The rustic look is a nice change of pace from the usual clean lines and symmetry that we're used to seeing. Even with its "barely there" look, it's a beige wallpaper that imbues the space with a luxurious, high-end style.


7. The Power of Earthy Tones

Sandy Marble M9314

Last but not least, our final beige wallpaper pick has to go to this jaw dropping wallpaper mural. The sheer amount of details is truly stunning and it's sure to transform your room completely.

It has an earthy aesthetic that adds a natural touch to the space, making it perfect for rooms that see a lot of natural light. The different colors really help accentuate the grittiness of the details. The darker colors really make the lighter beige tones "pop!"


Beige Wallpaper Is Here To Stay!

After taking a look at 7 diverse prints, we hope we've convinced you that there are beige commercial wallpaper and murals worth your attention! Easy to use and incredibly versatile, beige is definitely not boring. Let us know in the comments what you think about beige wallpaper? Which of these patterns caught your attention? Would you use beige on its own or pair it with a different color?


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