Must-See Metallic Living Room Wallpapers for 2016

There are so many living room trends flying left, right, and center for the New Year it is almost impossible to keep up! We’re giving you the scoop on how to style glamorous gold and shimmering silver wallpapers for luxuriously chic living rooms like no other. Metallic wallpapers were on the rise in 2015 and are moving right into 2016 at lightning fast speed. Material expression is a growing contemporary trend and metallic wallpaper is a brilliant way to let your living rooms shine.



Silver wallpapers will add a deep and edgy allure to any room. Rustic metallic wallpaper is the new stylish trend for 2016. It emphasizes the timelessness and durability of metals in design. With silver wallpaper, you can achieve a unique light quality in your living rooms for a subtle shine that you wouldn’t get from a flat colour or pattern. We are smitten over the mysterious yet magnificent shimmer of silver wallpaper as it glistens in the light.



This spotted silver wallpaper comes in a minuscule scale that is not too overwhelming if you’re looking for just the right amount of flair. The rustic details result in a rewarding textural look that is gritty and fierce.


Subtle contemporary wave pattern in black on a shimmering silver backdrop


Matte and metallic tonal mixture in a wondrous wave pattern


The most popular patterns for silver wallpapers are modern geometric shapes. From swirls, circles, waves, and other abstract forms. The silver tinge and tonal palettes of these contemporary wallpaper patterns add the extra needed kick for wallpapers in 2016.




Modern Striped Geometric Luxury Silver Shift Wallpaper R3785  


Although the idea of silver wallpaper might seem overpowering in a space it is actually a great neutral base for styling your rooms. We have no problem with mixing metals; in fact, we recommend it.



Rose Quartz and copper are popular palettes for 2016; as mentioned in our blog on Pantone’s Colours of the year. These colours pair perfectly with the greys of silver wallpaper. Adding these details in décor and linens are a great way to as a blush of warmness to cooler hues of silver wallpaper in your living room.


Some inspiration from: brittanymakes



Classic Damask Luxurious Metallic Dark Gold Wallpaper R3877


Give your walls the Midas touch. We’re all about the glitz and glam of gold wallpaper for 2016. Gold wallpaper is great for rich and sophisticated formal living rooms. Pairing your gold wallpaper with vintage furniture and fancy frames is one way to really make your paper pop.


Dust of gold on an enchanting leaf patterned wallpaper


Gold Trance (R2729) is a ravishing wild snake pattern that
form unique medallion shapes on living room walls


Large scale damasks and florals are the go-to patterns for gold wallpaper. Damasks set the stage for the show-stopping regal charm of glistening gold wallpaper for your living room. Warm tones and organic shapes create the perfect cozy living room atmosphere.




We love the timeless elegance of this royal blue and gold striped wallpaper  


Royal Blue and gold is in and making a statement in living rooms for 2016. We’re seeing this trend everywhere for the boastful and bold colour pairing. Like silver and blush, the warm luminous golds paired with deep blue hues come only natural. The timeless elegance of this pairing is what make blue and gold wallpaper a first-class trend for designers.


More from our inspiration on: STUDIO MCGEE


If you are looking for something a little softer than a deep blue to mix with your gold, turquoise is your colour. These contemporary wallpapers are a great alternative if you are looking for a bit more colour but still love a splash of gold for your living room.


Triangular rhythmic pattern in Turquoise & Gold Reverb R3039


Spotted surprises of gold paired with splotches of teal in this chic wallpaper R3797


Metallic Striped Modern Dark Grey Wallpaper R3890


Metallic wallpapers should never be over looked designers are flocking towards this trend for 2016 in all aspects of design. Metallic living room wallpapers are luxurious and classic, but exemplify modern and contemporary material charm. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different metallic and use your silver and gold as a neutral with fun and exciting colour compliments. Adding metallic wallpaper to your living room will bring you high quality designer results that will outshine every time.


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