Most Popular Powder Room Wallpapers that will Captivate Your Guests

Designing a small space with a huge impact - A variety of popular ways to design a powder room that will leave your guests talking.

Powder rooms are the perfect place to experiment with one-of-a-kind wallpapers and create a space that features bolder and less conventional aesthetics. Given that this is not a space where a lot of time is spent, you will not get tired of it quickly and it will be a refreshing surprise for your guests.




Fern Black & Silver Wallpaper for Powder Room R1529


Try something daring and unusual but consider the scale of your space and pick a pattern scale that will show at its best. While some large scale patterns may work in your powder room, if the pattern is too large for your space it can become disconnected and unreadable. Patterned wallpapers can also help transform your powder room from a typical space into a space with a lively and energetic aura.


Bold geometric patterns are a popular trend that can be purchased in a range of small to large scale patterns and soft to bold colours.


Arabesque Grey Wallpaper for Powder Room R1863


Timber Brown Faux Wood R1357


Faux finished patterns are another contemporary and versatile way to update your powder room. They are available in various patterns that mimic stones, bricks, tiles, wood and more to give you highly realistic textural looks. Try a brushed wood look to create a natural and organic atmosphere.


 Brushed Wood Blue Faux Wood R1878



If pattern is not for you, try a great texturedwallpaper like Mica or Grasscloth, that add depth, visual, and tactile interest to your powder room. They are simple powder room wallpapers with a high impact and unique tonal ranges. Powder room wallpapers with a metallic luster are another great trend for the powder room and can help brighten up the room with their reflective qualities.



Gold Mica Wallpaper for Powder Rooms (R2201), Sisal Bronze Grasscloth Wallpaper (R2019), Sand Mica Wallpaper for Powder Room (R2203)


Most importantly, test a sample of your wallpaper with the lighting in your powder room. Colour, texture, and sheen will have entirely different looks under different light conditions. Even though the powder room may seem like a small and insignificant space, it has a huge impact in your space and will inform a guest's impression of your home.


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