Light Wallpaper Colors Perfect For Kitchen Space

Choosing interesting kitchen wallpaper can be an exciting step in making your house feel more like a home. As a communal space, many people generally share the kitchen, whether it’s friends or family members. For that reason, why not go with light colored wallpaper? Lighter colors help make a space feel brighter, more open and welcoming. Since color also sets the tone and atmosphere for the space, paying special attention to wallpaper color is key when decorating your kitchen. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some stylish light wallpaper colors that would be perfect for your kitchen!


Pastel Green Garden R2814

If your goal is to create a kitchen space that feels organic and natural, why not go with a floral wallpaper style? Floral wallpaper comes in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s more traditional blossom imagery or a contemporary stylized flower. With this particular floral wallpaper, we think it’s an excellent choice for art-lovers! Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, Pastel Green Garden features delicate brush strokes that gives it a hand painted aesthetic. Selecting pastel colors as kitchen wallpaper is one way to keep the space looking nice and bright – the gentle colors really create a feeling of relaxation and invitation.


Watercolor Blooming Facade R5040

For a more traditional floral wallpaper, Blooming Façade blends delicate floral imagery with a more rigid geometric shape. The contrast between the two results in a lovely traditional-classic theming that shines as a kitchen wallpaper. The watercolors have a creative, artistic look. While the green and blue colors really pop and provide the kitchen space with a burst of color, the more minimalist background means the colors aren’t too overwhelming. Just as in other areas of the home, kitchen wallpaper is all about showcasing your personality. Don’t be afraid to show your personal tastes and creativity!


Grey Running Brick R2588

Another immensely popular wallpaper theme is faux effect wallpaper. Mimicking real life materials - such as concrete, plaster, marble, and wood – faux effects are often prized for their photorealistic finish. After all, why install a real wood or brick wall when you can use wallpaper and achieve the same realistic effect but at a fraction of the cost. Our next pick for light kitchen wallpaper is this light grey brick pattern. With its monochromatic look, the neutral color is flexible and can be used in almost any color scheme.


Cream Geometric R2246

Our next pick for stylish kitchen wallpaper has to be this one which blends faux effect theming with a geometric style. With a wood background creating an on-trend look for any kitchen, the contemporary geometric overlay gives it a unique look that’s out-of-the-box. Blending two distinct wallpaper categories together can often result in a clash of two “identities” that look odd; however, this wallpaper uses light colors to create a more unity between the two and uses a more subtle faded look for the more modern geometric design.


White Leaf R2953

If a minimalist look is what you want for your kitchen wallpaper, White Leaf is for you! It has just enough visual elements to offer a stylish take on nature-themed wallpaper, while simultaneously maintaining a simplistic color scheme and design. The abstract nature of the leaf design has a verticality that adds the illusion of height to your kitchen walls, making it feel like a larger space. The subtle lines add another degree of details that matches its minimalist theming.


Modern Geometric White Trigonal Wallpaper R4391

White wallpaper doesn’t mean “boring” wallpaper. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile and flexible wallpaper colors. It means you can change other aspects of your interior design without having to worry about clashing colors. Just like black, white really does go with everything! Our next pick for stylish light colored kitchen wallpaper is this contemporary geometric print. It features a gradient of white tones that provide a subtle visual difference that make it stand out more.


Watercolor Minimalist Blossoms Floral Wallpaper Yellow and White R4689

Artistic aesthetics, especially watercolor, is an on-trend wallpaper category that interior designers are absolutely loving. It’s a fluid and dynamic look that adds creativity to the space but also a sense of individuality and personality. Minimalist Blossoms features eye-catching yellow and orange colors that add a special warmth to the kitchen space. While light colors such as white and beige add a sense of classic tradition to the room, blue and green add a relaxing feel, while pastel pink and yellow tends to add a feeling of optimism.


Textured Paint R2787

Last but not least, textured wallpaper features the durability and stylishness of wallpaper products but with a more abstract pattern that’s much more flexible than distinct or specific imagery, such as flowers. Instead of using regular paint – which can get messy and doesn’t last as long – our wallpaper features “paste the wall” technology. This means easy installation and easy removal! This particular wallpaper is the perfect match for the yellow Almond Blossom wallpaper, another one inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.


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