Irresistible 2016 Wallpaper Design Trends for Your Favourite Living Room Style

Are you looking to upgrade the look of your living room to the latest and greatest trends of 2016 but have no idea where to start? We’ve done the research for you and we’re giving you the scoop on the top 4 trendy design styles to help you spruce up your living room space for your personal lifestyle. With this guide, you will be able to beautifully ramp-up, not just your living room, but your bedroom, bathroom, and all your favourite spaces using wallpaper like design a pro.

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Royal Blue Vintage Blossoms Wallpaper R3032 | Walls Republic


Living rooms are the heart of the home being the main space for entertainment or for simply lounging and relaxing. A cozy living room brings a home together as it transforms your living quarters into a warm, welcoming, and inviting place for you and your whole family to enjoy. If you’re looking for a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, we’re introducing a couple of new 2016 trends to help you tie your living rooms together.




Find the perfect deep coloured wallpaper and hop on the metallic design trend

We’re noticing a lot of boldly saturated deep royal blues paired with gleaming gold, brass, or copper décor accents for 2016. Deep and rich colours are one way to create cozy living interiors. Warm metallic décor helps balance the space into a happy and homey medium. You are going to want a place that is calm and soothing when you’re ready to flop down on your couch and relax. Darker patterns tone down energy to ease you right into your space. Sub sequentially; richer hues possess serene light reflecting qualities that are perfect for when the sun peaks into your room, bounces off the wallpaper right into your space.






Rustic brushed timber plank wallpaper for a cozy cottage living room



Nature is all about health and well-being and there’s no better way to indulge in its soothing benefits than with outdoor inspired wallpaper. We’re not just talking florals for 2016 (although you could do that too); we’re all about faux fashion. This includes realistic faux material finishes such as faux wood, stone, brick, and this year cork as a popular and sustainable feature or statement wall.

You can find your favourite faux here.


GRASSCLOTHS Arrowroot Off-White Grasscloth Wallpaper R1985


Grasscloth wallpapers are another way to subtly incorporate natural textiles into your living room wallpaper ideas. They add just the right amount of earthy woven fibers that are durable and sustainable. Soothe the soul at home with a sisal, jute, or bamboo grasscloth.

Find more garden fresh grasscloth here.




Lush metallic feature florals for your living room  


You can style your living room by even mixing up enchanting floral wallpaper with your favourite weathered wood for the ultimate outdoor atmosphere. Immerse yourself in nature’s fresh embrace and bring in the green!

Explore more frilly florals here.




Make the jump from classic to contemporary with a large scale modern chevron that shows-off personalized imagery


Are you looking for a new urban vibe for your living room sanctuary? We’ve got some crisp cool selections that are sure to inspire! Contemporary wallpapers for 2016 include extravagant patterns that are fun, characterized, and geometric-based; they really say a lot about personality (which is what you want your space to be).


A tie-dye stripe is not just your ordinary stripe


Experiment in your living room with wallpaper that puts a spin on the classic and traditional. With lattice prints, to hexagonal illusions, and even pixelated patterns, contemporary wallpaper is a way to show-off your taste and knowledge for unique eye-popping visuals.

You can gather great samples of gorgeous geometric wallpapers here.




Large scale damask in a soft and pretty blush palette


Décor fanatics unite and let your design chops shine in your fancy formal living room! Entertain and welcome dinner party guests in a classy and sophisticatedly chic way by adding a dash of wallpaper to complete your home interior formula.


Most people generally like to keep their formal spaces on the white and neutral side for a brighter all-around wallpapered room that won’t overpower the décor in the space. But if you like the added drama, you can’t go wrong with a bit of colour and pattern as a feature wall. If you have a fireplace, a feature wall behind it is a clever way to highlight and centralize the focus into the center of your regal space. Large scale damasks and florals add an allure of elegance and sophistication in formal living room settings. Your bold design choice will surely be the talk of the party!


We love the shimmer of metallic silver wallpaper for your formal living room


It looks like the gold trend of 2015 is here to stay. Metallic wallpapers are another way to create radiant and rich interiors. Mixed metallics are one of the biggest interior design trends in 2016. Their unique luster and shimmer adds brilliant light quality to any formal living room. Pair these wallpapers with lovely vintage and neo-classic gold frames and furniture and you’ll have a formal living room that is trendy and ready for 2016.

Shine a light on your formal living room wallpaper design aspirations and see more of our collection laying out all the luxurious and metallic wallpapers you need to get you started.



Clean and fresh minimal living room wallpaper  


"Less is more" is the minimalist motto believed by Mies Van Der Rohe, the father of minimalism himself. What makes minimalism "more" are the carefully curated harmonies between colour and texture. Minimal living rooms emphasize what is raw and real by focusing on physical qualities rather than decorative ones. To achieve a "minimalist" look for your living room, sticking to solid and desaturated colours, like white, grey, and black paired with tonal textures is a good place to start.


Black & White Lattice R2548


A popular trend is a faux exposed brick wall in white that creates the perfect backdrop for your living room to truly feel the fresh and raw effects of light in a minimalist space. Add a bit of your personality by including minimal patterns in linens or framed prints that dramatize the idea of clean, simple lines at best. A small pop of colour in a throw pillow or room décor is another way to add meaning and a bit of edge to your minimalist living room.


Exposed white brick with extensive tone-on-tone effects


Weathered concrete is featured in all the design magazines and is a popular material choice for 2016

If minimalism is the style for you, we’ve got the perfect wallpaper base for you here in Black, white, and grey.

That’s a wrap to our list of the top 4 undeniable and irresistible designer wallpaper trends for 2016. We hope you found a wallpaper style that fits the missing piece in your living room puzzle. Walls Republic offers an endless selection of wallpapers for your living room. If you’re feeling extra inspired, shop now at Walls Republic!

Happy Wallpapering!


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