Grasscloth Wallpaper Perfect for Earth Day

When decorating your space, one aspect that many homeowners often overlook is the actual material of the wallpaper product. While one of the most common is vinyl wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper, there are certainly other wallpaper materials to look out for. Textile wallpaper and glass bead wallpaper are examples of materials that are more niche and its usage depends on the situation since these products can be more fragile and harder to maintain. However, one popular wallpaper material that’s been on the rise is natural wallpaper materials. With Earth Day right around the corner, let’s take a look at some environmentally friendly wallpaper!


Corkboard Orange and Brown Grasscloth Wallpaper R4652


First on our list is this unique corkboard wallpaper. The textured visuals of the design lend itself well to both small and larger spaces, making it truly versatile and flexible. Whether you need small living room wallpaper or kitchen wallpaper for a larger room, grasscloth wallpaper is generally suitable for many different purposes because of its more abstract, non-distinct pattern. With this eclectic corkboard design, consider using it in an area where you want to create a sense of community and engagement. The warm color scheme features heavy orange and brown colors that make the space feel more energetic and welcoming.


Bamboo Stack Brown Grasscloth Wallpaper R4642


While the previous corkboard wallpaper design was more playful and eccentric, this bamboo grasscloth wallpaper emphasizes a professional, classy touch. With a more structured look, thin strips of bamboo have been threaded to the wallpaper backing, creating a striped or panelled appearance. Consider using this bamboo wallpaper in areas such as the bedroom to create a relaxed, natural appearance. One of the features we love best about this particular grasscloth wallpaper is the use of thin threads that holds the bamboo pieces – it has a visual elegance with a handmade touch, perfect for creating that iconic Earth Day look that can be appreciated for many years to come!


Bamboo Brown and Yellow Grasscloth Wallpaper R4641


If you still want the panelled look but with additional design elements, this bamboo grasscloth wallpaper is for you! Similar to the previous example, this one also features strips of bamboo but with a fabric space between each pair. This adds another element of detail to the wallpaper, creating a neutral color scheme that’s perfect for transitional spaces, such as the hallway. With striped wallpaper where the design is horizontal, consider using it in small rooms to create the illusion of longer walls (and thus, a larger space).


Honeycomb Green and Black Grasscloth Wallpaper R4615


If you’re new to grasscloth wallpaper (or wallpaper in general), you might be wondering if there are other colors you can choose from. The short answer is, “yes, of course!” While a lot of natural wallpaper products feature neutral colors (e.g. brown, beige, etc) or warm colors (e.g. orange, yellow, etc), there are certainly other colors to choose from. For example, take this deep green grasscloth wallpaper. Without a doubt, it’s a stunning attention-grabbing color that would look amazing in any space. With some natural wallpaper, the materials (whether it’s fabric, threads, and so on) can be dyed a different color. Not to worry though – the materials are still considered to be eco-friendly and the high quality threads maintain their consistency!


Reflection Purple and Silver Metallic Grasscloth Wallpaper R4640


A lot of grasscloth or natural wallpaper emphasize a more low-key, subtle sophistication. However, if you’re looking for something that’s on the bolder, more vibrant side, check out Reflection. It features a highly metallic silver background with purple threads stitched on top. This creates a luxe and glamorous look that not many people would attribute to natural wallpaper or organic materials. Consider using this in a powder room to create a high-end designer look that balances a textured surface with a shimmering background. To get the full effect of the metallic backing, you can also think about using this natural wallpaper in a room that sees a lot of natural light, such as a living room with a lot of windows.


Raffia R1980


A defining feature of grasscloth wallpaper is not only its natural materials, but the tactile appearance of the product. The highly textured surface adds a sense of character and depth to your home’s walls. Some grasscloth wallpaper feature a rough surface, especially if it uses cork or exposed threads; other surfaces are smoother, such as the Raffia wallpaper above. This one showcases an array of different colors that are absolutely gorgeous – truly something that makes a visual impact in the space. The surface is smoother and feels like a collage of paper.

One thing to consider when purchasing grasscloth/natural wallpaper is that each wallpaper roll is different and one-of-a-kind. Because of the way the wallpaper is produced, this results in slight variations each time. What this means is that the design match for grasscloth is free – just apply the wallpaper to your walls as you normally would, but you don’t have to worry about matching the design with its neighbor because there is no pattern match. This allows you freedom to mix and match different wallpaper colors and even products!


Elder Cork Metallic White and Silver Wallpaper R2825


Going back to a cork wallpaper, this one has a flatter, smoother surface compared to the very first cork wallpaper featured at the beginning of the article. Best used on all walls throughout the space, use this grasscloth to get that trendy contemporary look. This cork wallpaper is also thicker than regular vinyl wallpaper, meaning it can also double as an unconventional sound absorber. While grasscloth wallpaper that uses threads have an organic, handmade appeal, this one looks more like faux finish wallpapers, such as plaster and concrete.


Metallic Mica Beige and Silver Rocky Road Wallpaper R4592


Mica, a type of mineral, is another material commonly used in grasscloth wallpaper. Think of the terms “grasscloth” or “natural wallpaper” as the main category title and materials – such as cork and mica – as subcategories. Compared to cork or fibers, mica is the most visually distinctive thanks to its highly textured look that’s similar to a gravel path. The small stones are carefully affixed to the wallpaper backing, covering it in a dense layer. Mica chips may also have slightly reflective surfaces, which reflects the light to create a gorgeous shimmering look.

This Earth Day 2018, let us help you celebrate it by transforming your home with beautifully crafted natural wallpaper that uses environmentally-friendly materials. From woven and threaded designs to textured cork and mica, grasscloth wallpaper are an eco-friendly wall décor product that makes every day in your home “earth day”!


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