Glamorous Floral Wallpapers for Your Tranquil Bedroom Retreat

Wake up on the right side of the bed with beautiful floral wallpapers for a restful, relaxing sanctuary! Make your personal space a place you'll never want to leave! The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in the home and is a space that you retreat to at the end of every day. Floral wallpapers can help transform your space into a calming restful place that will keep you recharged and rejuvenated.


Grey-Blue Dwell Bird Wallpaper for Bedroom R2315


Dwell brings a vintage vibe to your bedroom with its traditional bird and leaf pattern. It will create a relaxing elegance and is dramatic with its navy blue backdrop. The all over pattern is eye catching yet refined and simple, perfect for a space of rest.


Pink Dwell Bird Wallpaper for Bedroom R2316


In pastel pink, Dwell has a much softer and glamorous vintage look that is great for creating that sense of peace in any bedroom. It is light and enchanting in a child's nursery room for the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional.


Bright Pink & White Children's Bedroom Wallpaper R1027


Striped floral patterns can be a fun way to add a playful element to a child's space and can be further enhanced when mixed with uncharacteristically children's colours to make the space especially dynamic and intriguing. This striped floral pattern evokes embroidery in a small scale pattern with clean lines making it a great comforting choice for a space of relaxation.


Floral Ornament Floral Bedroom Wall Mural M8499


Wall Murals are another a-typical way to add the look of floral patterning to your walls. The soft curving lines of the wall mural and the layered tonal patterning add depth for a playful, dreamy, fantasy look. The crisp line work will compliment modern accessories and fixtures breaking up the rigid lines with a sense of organic movement.


Flora Byzantium Floral Bedroom Wallpaper R1194


Vivid floral patterns can also make a great accent framing a headboard behind a bed or acting as an accent on a nightstand. Small scale floral patterns can be used in unusual places for a surprising cutting edge look in your bedroom.


Pleasant Black & Pink Floral Bedroom Wallpaper R1525


Playful Grey Floral Bedroom Wallpaper R1573


Pleasant and Playful add a lively and bold floral look to your walls that can be played down for a casual look or played up with more luxurious finishes for a more elegant and glamorous aesthetic. These patterns have a traditional feel with an injection of contemporary colours and textures putting them right on trend.


Red Thistles Floral Bedroom Wallpaper R2454


Floral wallpaper styles that depict vines or leaves are a less 'feminine' floral style that is ideal if you are not a fan of traditional or typical floral patterns. This style still gives you the loose organic quality of floral in a more abstracted nature for a look that is casually elegant.


Twist Vanilla R1069


This muted floral also helps you veer away from traditional floral patterns, with an abstracted tone on tone floral that is very contemporary. The tone on tone patterning and abstracted form adds subtle depth and a textural look rather than bold patterning from a distant glance.



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