Geometric Wallpaper Mural for Living Room

Making an impact in your living room can easily be done with a feature wall. The single wall, which acts as the main focal point in the room, ties the space together so it’s best to use a pattern that is large-scale, noticeable, and unique. Wallpaper murals offer all of this and more. Unlike traditional wallpaper, the printing process for murals is different, resulting in crisp, photorealistic imagery that features rich colors.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at geometric wallpaper murals in particular. This wallpaper mural style offers an interesting modern look, whether it’s featuring sharp angles or curvy, repeating shapes. Since the imagery is more abstract rather than hinging on a specific picture, it also has a timeless quality that allows it to last through the years while still maintaining a trendy look.


blue geometric ringed wallpaper mural

Field of Rings M9317


Field of Rings utilizes a three dimensional look to create a unique, one of a kind appearance. The circular shapes and lighting effects add a sense of depth to the walls, making it “pop” off the surface even more. This type of imagery is great for imbuing your living room with a sense of energy and mystique. The light sky blue and dark navy blue color scheme is simplistic, which works to put the attention on the different shapes on the surface.


wooden argyle wallpaper mural

Wooden Argyle M9321


From a highly contemporary 3D design to one that emphasizes the 2D plane, Wooden Argyle is a geometric wallpaper mural that combines a modern geometric motif with retro aesthetics. The wood panelling is a welcome addition of faux finish effects, giving the design a warm, rich look. This is reinforced by the brown color scheme, which has a vintage palette. Wooden Argyle also features areas with brushstrokes, a creative “handmade” touch that adds to the character of this wallpaper mural. When used as a feature wall in a living room, this geometric mural perfectly toes the line between modern and retro.


modern geometric snakeskin wallpaper mural

Modern Geometric Snakeskin Wallpaper Mural Grey and Gold M9265


Another geometric wallpaper mural that uses a faux effect, this one features a snakeskin pattern in the background, giving this design a boost in stylishness! The bright beige/yellow background contrasts with the darker steely gray lines, creating triangles that vary in size. Perfect for small living rooms, the geometric mural’s design has a prominent vertical appearance, effectively creating the illusion of taller walls. Geometric designs are all about being creative, and this one definitely showcases this principle!


geometric watercolor lattice wallpaper mural

Geometric Watercolor Lattice Wallpaper Mural Blue and White M9272


For a geometric wallpaper mural that mixes in abstract and watercolor aesthetics, this next pick is one of our favorites for a good reason. It’s such a creative take, blending different design motifs into one gorgeous living room wallpaper mural. The lattice design in the background provides the “geometric” part of the mural, fading into an eye-catching gradient of blue colors. It has a painted or tie dye effect, adding a splash of color to any living room space. Because of the high quality printing process, the wallpaper mural features bold colors and lines that are never blurry.


woodland geometric wallpaper mural

Woodland Geometries M9230


For a geometric wallpaper mural that has an artistic touch, Woodland Geometrics is a surprising design that adds the feeling of nature to any living room. It features a simplistic color scheme that has a classic appeal. The white and taupe allow it to be easily used in the room, slipping nicely into your current space’s color scheme. What makes this geometric mural unique is its addition of images and other aesthetics. For example, it features a sparse forest at the bottom, a 3D tiling effect in the background, and several “grungy” areas that add a sense of age to the overall pattern. As with all wallpaper murals, you can also edit it with an inspiration quote or leave it blank.


cork tops geometric wallpaper mural

Cork Tops M9237


Sometimes, our everyday surroundings can be a source of inspiration for wallpaper designs. This is certainly the case with the next geometric wallpaper mural. It features an overhead view of a dense packing of corks, creating a repeating geometric look that emphasizes curvy shapes with a black and beige color scheme. The lifelike look is also enhanced because of the photorealistic nature of wallpaper murals. When used as a feature wall in a living room, it adds a playful, eccentric look that is original and vibrant.


metal scallop wallpaper mural

Metal Scallop M8975


In the totally opposite direction, Metal Scallop has a darker, more rustic appearance that is dramatic and bold. The taupe color scheme imbues the living room with a sense of tradition and elegance, while the minimalistic design has a classic touch. While the overall design is subtle, we can’t help but feel the sense of monumentality and grandeur that this geometric mural has. It has a historic look that is grand, perfect for setting the mood as living room wallpaper.


geometric box diamond wallpaper mural

Boxed In M9245


For a grungy, weathered look that combines various geometric shapes into one crazy design, take a look at Boxed In. With rounded diamonds encased in a thick square, the repeating shapes have a faded look that varies across the entire pattern. Certain areas feature darker colors, drawing our attention to those spaces. It adds a dynamic feel that makes our eyes wander across the entire wallpaper mural. The level of visual interest is heightened and becomes a centerpiece when used as a feature wall in the living room.


chevron collage wallpaper mural

Chevron Collage M9242


Last but not least, let’s end our list of living room geometric wallpaper murals with one that is super creative. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, feature walls should use a mural that is iconic and large-scale. Featuring a chevron pattern, this mural features a collage of different imagery, ranging from world maps and sketched trees to dogs and signs. The creativeness of this piece is something that caught our attention immediately, and it’s sure to do the same in your living room space. While the imagery includes a lot of color and details, it’s balanced by the white sections so that it doesn’t become too over complicated or busy.

Overall, as you can see, geometric wallpaper murals are a diverse group of patterns that utilize various design aesthetics to create a memorable piece of wall décor for your living room. Creating a feature wall in your living room can be easily done with a mural, so we hope this list of our favorites geometric patterns has helped you!



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