Geometric Wallpaper Inspiration to Create a Graphic Wow Factor in Your Home
Contemporary geometric patterns are currently playing a large role in interior design and are transforming spaces with their bold graphic prints. They are great for creating dramatic feature walls and are an on trend wallpaper look in any interior with the wide range of traditional to contemporary patterns available online at Walls Republic.







Chevron Geometric Wallpaper in Coral


Geometric wallpapers are a great choice for creating a stand-out feature wall. If you are using a bold or bright geometric pattern as your feature stick to a simple colour scheme to avoid overwhelming the space. Geometric patterns can be bold and demanding, and if you try to combine too many statement pieces your space will lack a focal point and as a result look chaotic and disjointed. The neutral furnishings in the living room above provide visual breathing room from the saturated coral walls allowing the wallpaper to take center stage. The monochromatic coral accents further help create a cohesive space. Chevron patterns are also a popular 2014 wallpaper trend and are a great way to add a contemporary trendy look to your home.






Byzantium Ripple Floral Geometric Pattern Wallpaper R2227


Geometrics have come far since their initial popularity in the 1960's and 1970's with new contemporary additions and a broadened colour palette available. To achieve a retro inspired 60's look, choose wallpapers in browns, oranges, and greens. For a more contemporary trendy wallpaper scheme, choose wallpapers with current colour trends, such as radiant orchid.


Orange Hexagonal Wallpaper R2256


Large scale graphic patterns are also very contemporary and bring a bright, cheerful, playful atmosphere to any space. A layered pattern helps bring the whimsical aura and creates a great sense of movement, depth, and excitement.






Seville Spanish Tile Wallpaper Mural Geometric Trend 2014 M8844


A small scaled pattern such as this tiled one is great for a smaller space where a large pattern would be too overwhelming. The minimal honeycomb patterning with a simple splash of colour gives just enough pattern and colour to pop in a small space. The tiled pattern replicates the look of real tiles and is a simple classic geometric with contemporary colours to give it a trendy twist. Wallpapers with a metallic iridescence are also a popular geometric wallcovering trend so the combination will create highly contemporary spaces.






Tan Netted Geometric Pattern Wallpaper R2218


For a look that is more elegant or traditional, try a smaller scale geometric pattern in a neutral scheme. A linear geometric, such as a trellis print, is subtle and soft while still making a distinguished graphic impression. This trellis pattern is a contemporary take on a more classic pattern and helps bring a sense of luxury and grandeur.


Timeless Black and White Houndstooth Pattern Wallpaper

If you are looking for something simple and timeless, you cannot go wrong with a classic pattern such as houndstooth. It can complement a range of spaces and is a pattern you will not get bored of easily. Modern geometric wallpapers offer an endless array of possibilities for transforming your interiors. Check out the wide selection of geometric wallpapers available to buy online at Walls Republic here!


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