Floral Wallpaper Murals for Creating a Unique Gallery Look in Your Home

Add a contemporary twist to your floral wallpapers by choosing a floral wall mural. Floral wall murals bring unique gallery looks to your interiors with murals that have a hand painted quality, realistic digital murals, and faux finish floral styles. The large scale prints will make a vivid and memorable look in your home.

Simple Innocence Painted Floral Wall Mural M8548


Simple Innocence gives you that large scale painted gallery look and will help create a relaxing spa like atmosphere with its soft calm colours and simple floral scheme.


Soft and Sweet Floral Art Wall Mural M8595


Soft and Sweet can also bring you that same gallery feel with vivid colours that make it a great pop of colour for a neutral space. Wall murals make great feature walls and with this large scale patterning it will help create a strong focal point within the space.


Lollypop Blooms Flower Wall Mural M8550


Lollypop Blooms has a child-like whimsy with the look of a child's chalk drawing of flowers. The bright colours are playful and eccentric, adding a casual vibe to any space making this mural especially great for a child's play space or bedroom. It can also be used to play down an elegant space that needs a light carefree element.


Grey Concrete Faux Finish Floral Wall Mural M8837


Faux finish styles are also on the rise as a popular trend for 2014 offering a variety of different finishes and natural looks. This concrete style with an abstracted floral symbol has the industrial look of concrete that is softened with the large scale floral patterning for a rough exposed ambiance.


White Bloom Digital Wall Mural M8955


Wall murals also offer larger than life imagery depicting objects such as large scale floral images that bring an unexpected level of depth and dimension to your walls. They are a great way to add an impactful feature wall that is one-of-a-kind with their ability to be custom fit to any wall.


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