Faux Tile Wallpaper Styles

If you are looking to achieve a tiled look but do not want the hassle of installation, faux tile wallpaper may be a good option for you. Tiled wallpapers are a contemporary faux finish style that is growing in popularity and is a quick easy way to add a realistic tile look in any space.


Sand Checkered Faux Tiled Wallpaper Mural M8827


Check is a simple traditional checker patterned wallpaper offering an intense tonal range and depth. In a neutral scheme it can be paired with other bold colours that will make it really pop and stand out in your space.


Ochre Embroidered Faux Tile Wallpaper Mural M8841


Prismatic is a traditional zellij tile art pattern that can be found in Spanish architecture. This wallpaper mural infuses strong geometry and bold, bright colours in a woven patterning. You can use tiled wallpaper in smaller applications such as to emphasize a bar area, or as a backsplash in a kitchen. This bright coloured wallpaper will transform your spaces into warm, luscious environments.


Goldenrod Diamond Faux Tile Wallpaper Mural M8843


Medersa is a traditional Moorish zellij tile art patterned wallpaper mural. With simple geometry and lively colours, this wallpaper has the comforting, warm, rich feel and look of real tiles. It is a great way to inject culture and history into your interior spaces.


Turquoise Staggered Tile Wallpaper Mural M8847


Herringbone is a basic zigzag wallpaper mural with a modern touch of colour. Geometric patterns, especially chevron patterns, are a very on trend wallpaper style for 2014. This tiled wallpaper certainly adds a fun, bold, and bright aesthetic which will keep your interiors fresh and relevant.


Jade Geometry Tile Wallpaper Mural M8846


This Jade Geometry wallpaper mural is comprised of essential geometry and shapes. This traditional pattern can be found within Morocco and Spain and will look authentic when used in your own home.


Ochre Floweret Tile Wallpaper Mural M8838


Flores is a busy floral wallpaper mural in vivid hues with the same warm and rich look of real tile. It has a truly handcrafted look with the painted floral look and the brilliant sheen really animates this wallpaper.


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