Faux Finish Wall Murals

Faux finish and wall murals are both 2014 wallpaper trends that are on the rise. The new digital technologies have allowed these faux finishes to take on a more than realistic appearance making them a great choice if you are looking for an authentic, effortless faux finish look.


Blonde Planks Wall Mural M8966


Blonde Planks has a vintage worn look and is a great light wood addition to any space. For a casual ambiance that is strikingly real, use it in your bedroom.


Azure Joists Wall Mural M8989


Azure Joists has a blue sanded paint overlay for a small splash of colour. This digital mural brings you the excitement of vibrant blue paired with the natural look of wood for an unconventional beach aesthetic. This mix of cool and warm tones will have you enticed.


Marble Cubes Wall Mural M8977


This faux marble finish gives you the brilliant look of marble for a truly rich and luscious look. It is the perfect alternative to achieving a marble look without the cost of real marble.


Aged Stone Wallpaper Mural M8997


The texture depicted in this wall mural is incredible with every crack and scrape looking completely realistic. This Aged Stone wall mural will bring a sense of history and intrigue to your kitchen or dining room.


Grey Painted Brick Wall Mural M8978


For a simpler painted brick look, Grey Painted Brick is the perfect subtle faux finish backdrop. Its unassuming look makes it a great backdrop for enabling other feature elements to stand out as well.


Concrete Slab Wall Mural M8992


Concrete Slab gives you a true industrial feel with its unexposed structural look and is a truly one of a kind faux finish style. Wall murals allow your designs to take on a new meaning with their realism and detail. They will truly transform your home and create an intriguing feature and conversation piece.


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