Digital Wall Murals to Dramatize Your Interiors

If you are looking for something to give an instant wow factor and create a point of conversation in your space digital wall murals are a great option.
Digital wall murals are high quality murals that are available in standard sizes or can be custom fit to your walls. Walls Republic's latest collections capture an eclectic range of themes from children's murals, nature, architecturally inspired murals, and black & white imagery. There is a one of a kind feature in each mural that is sure to set your interior apart. 




Street Art Wall Mural M8999

Graffiti Wall Mural M9041


These street life inspired murals are a bold option for a child's room, offering vivid colours and a youthful energy. These wall murals are a striking off-beat addition that will capture the attention of your children.






Rapids Wall Mural M9006


Nature wall murals are a great way to add an organic splash to your walls. This water inspired mural can bring a light, airy, and playful beach vibe to your bedroom. These crashing waves will make you feel juts like you are on the beach, perfect for creating a surf inspired space.


Twined Roots Wall Mural M9029


Digital wall murals can also give you a unique perspective on nature with enlarged close up photography. This roots image creates an almost abstracted look with its zoomed in shot and shows you the beautiful quality of nature with these twisted interlinked roots. Use it for a rich perspective on nature.


Sidelines Wall Mural M9040


Sidelines wallpaper mural is a great calming choice for a nature inspired look. The blurred water in the background and soft plant in the foreground make it an airy peaceful scene that is great for a living room.




Symmetry Wall Mural M9032


Faux finish and architecturally inspired wall murals are great for adding details to a space that lacks a defining focal point. Symmetry brings an explorative and traveled nature to your interiors with this image of traditional arches in black and white. It will add an artistic gallery-like look as a large scale feature on your wall.


Azure Joists Wall Mural M8989


For an unconventional wooden look, Azure Joists brings a barn wood aesthetic with a worn blue painted finish. This mural is great for a beach inspired vibe and for bringing an unexpected natural wood look. The digital printing brings such a high level of realism and detail that makes it a seamless substitution for real wood.


Coarse Concrete Wall Mural M8991


This Coarse Concrete texture has such great detail you will not believe that it's not real! For an industrial modern look this wallpaper is a great effortless option that can be added to any space for a striking architectural feature.



Chandelier Wall Mural M9013


Make a grand statement with this glitzy chandelier. It will create a luxurious ambiance in your home and an unmatched glowing look.

Digital murals are so versatile with their many styles and offerings, there is something for every style and space. Check out the digital wall murals available online at


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