Designer Wallpaper Trends for 2017

With 2017 just around the corner, we’ve put together a list of the top designer wallpaper trends for next year. From faux finish wallpaper in commercial spaces to designing feature walls, get the inside track on what’s to come!


Table of Contents

  1. Nature-inspired and Natural Wallpaper
  2. Faux Finish Wallpaper in Commercial & Corporate Settings
  3. Silver and Gold Wallpaper
  4. Large-scale Wallpaper Murals
  5. Making an Impact with Feature Walls
  6. Conclusion

1. Nature-inspired and Natural Wallpaper

Whether inspired by nature or created from nature, the first trend for 2017 is wallpapers that have nature-inspired patterns or those that use natural materials, like grasscloth.

Why is this a trend?

The idea of big and bold is in again and with nature-inspired wallpapers, many times you’ll see large-scale patterns that feature beautiful vivid colors. Also, interior decorators are much more conscious about the type of materials they’re using in their designs. Grasscloth wallpapers are eco-friendly and are a perfect choice for those who want to use natural products.



Sure, those plastic flamingo lawn ornaments can be a bit tacky, but it’s a whole different story for your walls. For a bold look that catches everyone’s attention as soon as they enter the room, Pink Classic Flamingos is one of our favorite nature-inspired wallpapers. This contemporary wallpaper is gorgeous, featuring a hand-painted look that gives it an artistic appeal. If you’re looking for nature-themed wallpaper with a lot of personality, you can’t go wrong with this one!



For a large-scale nature pattern with a more subtle color scheme, this Tropical wallpaper does just the trick. While the leaf design adds a lot of freshness to the space, the neutral colors means it can be used anywhere in the house, regardless of the room’s current color scheme. This pattern – like all nature-themed wallpaper – is playful and fun, giving the environment a much-needed boost in energy.


Paper Strokes Bright Green Grasscloth R2012


Moving on to natural materials, grasscloth wallpaper is a great choice for interior decorators looking to make their space “green” in more ways than one. Grasscloth wallpapers use a variety of materials, such as arrowroot and jute. Because of its natural materials and the way the wallpaper is produced, no two rolls are ever the exact same. In keeping with the nature-inspired trend, this bright green Paper Strokes grasscloth wallpaper features bright colors that makes a space feel inviting and cheerful.



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2. Faux Finish Wallpaper in Commercial & Corporate Settings

This year, faux finish was an extremely popular choice for residential spaces. Whether it was wallpapers or murals, interior designers couldn’t get enough of brick, concrete, or wood-inspired patterns.

While we see this trend continuing into 2017, expect to see a rise of wallpaper usage in commercial and corporate settings. Some examples of the types of environments we’re talking about include retail space, offices, condos/apartments, dental or medical offices, nursing homes, and schools.

Why is this a trend?

More and more people are realizing that wallpaper isn’t just for homes but can be used in other spaces too. For example, with any business or organization, you want to differentiate your brand from your competitors. One simple way to do this is by making the physical space memorable, not just for visitors and customers, but for employees as well. Using interesting wallpaper patterns helps to set the commercial or corporate space apart from others.


Marsala Running Brick R2587


Brick faux finish wallpaper was a huge trend for 2016. In 2017, we anticipate seeing much more of it in the commercial space. Brick wallpaper is such a trendy design that we think it would be the perfect choice for new, modern restaurants. Nothing says “laid back” and “stylish” quite like brick faux finish wallpaper, and this is one trend we’re happy to see continue, albeit in a different setting. One thing’s for sure – brick wallpaper (faux finish wallpaper in general) is here to stay!


Coarse Concrete M8991


For a retail space, why not consider concrete wallpaper? This faux finish wallpaper mural features a highly detailed, photorealistic concrete finish that looks like the real thing. With its weathered and aged appearance, this concrete mural has an industrial vibe that can work well in many retail settings, ranging from clothing stores to high-end accessories shops.


Tan Vintage Wood R2592


Designing an office space can be tricky, especially since all employees have different tastes in terms of aesthetics and décor. However, this Tan Vintage Wood wallpaper features a simplistic design with a subtle color palette, which is great for shared spaces. This ultra chic wallpaper can fit in many professional settings, but it still retains a unique stylishness that wallpaper is known for.


Concrete Cloudy Abstract Wallpaper Muddy Taupe and Metallic Blue R4668


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3. Silver and Gold Wallpaper

One of our favourite wallpaper trends for 2017 is silver and gold wallpaper because who doesn’t need some bling for their walls? These wallpapers usually feature metallic embellishments that catch the light and create a subtle shimmering effect. Nothing says “dazzling” quite like metallic silver and gold wallpapers. Talk about glamorous!


Why is this a trend?

Metallics are making a big comeback as interior designers look to wallpapers featuring specific elements in order to make a statement. Instead of looking to pattern or design, we can look to other visual aspects of the wallpaper instead – namely, the shininess of the surface thanks to the metallic treatment.


Elder Cork Metallic Silver Wallpaper R2821


For a rustic, industrial look that’s super trendy, Elder Cork is a pattern that has a full metallic finish and is sure to catch your eye. What we love about this one in particular is the material – the cork backing makes it thicker than other wallpaper materials, meaning it provides more soundproofing and durability. Whether used in a bedroom, powder room, or office, the highly textured appearance of the cork combined with the reflective silver makes for a visually appealing combination.


Reflection Brown and Yellow Metallic Grasscloth Wallpaper R4646


We’ve got silver, now moving on to gold! This grasscloth wallpaper features a metallic gold backing that is highly reflective, giving off a striking glow. While the previous example emphasized the rugged, industrial-themed aesthetic, this wallpaper is all about sophistication, elegance, and glam. The intense gold color is wonderfully contrasted with the knotted lilac strands, which give the wallpaper an organic, handmade appearance.


Henge Cool grey R1428


Want to get in on the trend but metallic walls aren’t your thing? This wallpaper uses a silver and gold color scheme, but without all the metallic add-ons. Henge Cool wallpaper features less of a metallic shine but still contains silver and gold to create a nice, high-end look. What we like most about this wallpaper is the difference between looking at the pattern up-close and at a distance. Viewing the wallpaper at a close range, you’ll notice it features a similar industrial, rugged finish as a concrete mural. From far away, the colors work together to create an artistic abstract look.


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4. Large-scale Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper murals will be reaching new levels of popularity in 2017 and with good reason. They're super trendy and can boost the level of creativity in a room's design. Some of the popular large-scale wallpaper mural categories we predict for next year include urban landscapes, wood-inspired faux finish designs, and art-inspired patterns.


Why is this a trend?

Murals can be customized to fit your walls and you can use your own images to create wall murals. This makes wallpaper murals the perfect choice for those who want to create a truly unique, individualized look for their home or commercial space. The trend of customization is one we’ve seen in other industries as well, so it’s only natural that it’s beginning to ramp up here!


Paris From Way Up M9069


Landscape murals are a great way to add a touch of creativity to the space. We often talk about wallpaper and murals changing or adding character to a room. With this Paris From Way Up mural, the space feels more contemporary, urban, and chic. Often used as a feature wall, we think this mural would be perfect for both residential settings (perhaps in a living room or a bedroom, like in the image above), or in a restaurant or café space – because who wouldn’t want to be sitting in a Parisian café?


Stumps M8923


Unlike other wood-inspired faux finish murals and wallpapers that feature wooden slabs or planks, this one showcases the cross section of tree trunks. It’s a pretty creative twist and one we’re not used to seeing, which is why it made our list. The brown and beige colors add a level of cosiness to a room, and the only thing that’s missing is a warm fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate!


Tree Whisperer M9223


Artistic murals often feature abstract imagery or elements. In the example above, the paint splatters and brushstrokes are highly visible, giving the mural a “painterly” aesthetic that was common during the Impressionism art movement. Remember when we said murals were highly customizable? Many of them come with optional inspiration sayings like the ones featured in the image above. Whether you want to include it or not, the choice is up to you!


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5. Making an impact with feature walls

Along the same lines, the #5 trend for 2017 will be creating feature walls (sometimes, they’re also sometimes called “accent walls”). While murals (such as the ones in the previous category) are commonly used to create feature walls, you can use “regular” wallpaper as well. However, you have to be slightly pickier so be sure to refer to our guide, What You Need To Know About Wallpapering Feature Walls.


Why is this a trend?

It’s a simple way to make a big statement. Feature walls automatically garners attention because the other walls are meant to highlight the main (or "featured") one. Also, some patterns lend themselves well to being used on a single wall, rather than all four walls. For example, if you find a pattern you’re in love with but you think using it on all walls would look too overpowering or complicated, then consider using it on just one wall.

Diagonal Floral Cluster White And Pink Wallpaper R4145


While bold colors and patterns are a trend for next year, not everyone is interested in using such vivid colors and large-scale patterns all over their room. It can feel claustrophobic, especially if the space is on the small side. To some, this Floral Cluster wallpaper may appear too “busy,” but it’s actually a perfect candidate for a feature wall – noticeably large pattern? Check. Colors that attract attention? Check. This gorgeous pattern would look amazing in a bedroom or living room.


Grey Blossoming Almond Trees R5000


Using gray colors in a room design can be tricky. Since color can affect mood, too much gray can make the space feel depressing and closed off. However, gray can also be seen as sophisticated, sleek, and classic. In this example, combining this grey Blossoming Almond Trees wallpaper with unpainted sections of the wall makes for a great contrast.



Pastel Piles of Books R2808


While living rooms are popular areas for feature walls, bedrooms are also a key space to play around with creating one. What is so great about this pattern in particular is that it’s colorful but not gaudy or flashy. The lovely pastel shades are engaging and relaxing, perfect for a child’s bedroom. In a bedroom, the most common area to create a feature wall is behind the headboard or near the bed since it’s a furniture item that is usually the central focus in the space.


Watercolor Minimalist Blossoms Floral Wallpaper Yellow and White R4689  


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6. Conclusion

And there you have it - our top 5 trends for 2017! Which one’s your favourite? From glamorous metallics to nature-inspired wallpapers, we can’t wait to see what new wallpapers are heading our way.

As always, be sure to keep an eye out on this blog and follow us on Twitter, @wallsrepublicWR, for all the latest news on wallpaper trends!

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