Designer Wallpaper Trends for 2016

The new year is fast approaching and with 2015 coming to an end we’ve decided to help you get a head start on your resolutions starting with your home interior walls. We’re bidding a sweet farewell to those old walls on your behalf and introducing the latest and greatest designer wallpaper trends for 2016.


Lovely rustic furniture paired with natural faux wood wall panels (Orange Tinted Wood Wallpaper)


Natural faux has is a wallpaper trend that has gotten a lot of noise in 2015 not just in wallpaper but even in furniture and décor. And it doesn’t stop there. Its popularity in ultramodern and contemporary interiors is only getting louder. We loved natural faux in 2015 for the clean and bold linear styles.

Crisp linear running brick vs weathered and asymmetrical red brick (Tan Running Brick Wallpaper and Historic Brick Mural)


In 2016, the demand for faux wallpapers is increasing even more so for its developing material sophistication that encapsulates the true realistic qualities of wood, brick, concrete, and stone. Here are a few inspirational examples:


Rustic Wood (Mixed Media Mural Wallpaper)


Distressed Concrete (Concrete Band Mural Wallpaper)


Weathered Brick (Marsala Running Brick Wallpaper)


Ancient Stone (Aged Stone Mural Wallpaper)


Be sure to expect the unexpected with uniquely weathered, distressed, rustic and irregular textures with an allover pattern that tell a story that will never lose interest.


Faux wallpapers are a trend to be reckoned with and continue to transform any interior space into pure designer bliss (Cold Concrete Mural Wallpaper, inspirational saying is optional)



Weathered Geometric Checkered Tiles Mural


It seems like 2016 is the year to appreciate age in wallpaper trends and we’re not complaining. Weathered geometric wallpapers are a slice out of history reinvented with a modern twist. They possess a mature finesse that binds your spaces together with a gorgeous layered fusion of bold and pastel colours in exuberant mosaic patterns.


Weathered Geometric Painted Lilies Wallpaper


Pixelated Weathered Geometries Wallpaper


Weathered geometric wallpapers give new meaning to classical and rigid geometric styles. Every weathered geometric wallpaper style highlights distinct colour variations and pixelated details that truly bring a wall to life in a vibrant and, let’s not forget, fashionable way. Be sure to look out for this 2016 wallpaper trend that you won’t want to skip out on.

Blue Water Lilies Geometric Wallpaper and Gold Painted Damask Wallpaper



Hand-painted effect Van Gogh brushed landscape wallpaper (Pastel Brushed Landscape Wallpaper)


If you’re a lover of art and appreciate the intricacies of original work, then hand-painted wallpaper is an upscale and tasteful trend whose classic style is highly in demand for the upcoming 2016 year. What is exciting about this lavish trend of painted wallpapers is that they are elegantly high-class and sophisticated but also allow you to achieve an expensive look for your interiors at discounted prices.


Tan Blossoming Almond Tree Wallpaper


Turquoise Blossoming Almond Tree Wallpaper


Wallpapers with hand-painted art create subtle and serene atmospheric effects in your interiors illustrating delicate and wispy florals and other natural motifs at a large scale.


Van Gogh blossoming almond trees hand-painted effect wallpaper (Yellow Blossoming Almond Trees)

Because these wallpapers are scenery oriented, it is amazing how the pattern flows continuously across the wall without a disjointed panel effect. There is so much more in store for this trend that is getting ready to blossom to full bloom in 2016.



"Everything Will Be OK" Collaged Paneled Mural


We’ve got the next 2016 wallpaper trend that will sweep you off your feet and leave you breathless. Paneled murals are the result of a new game-changing revolution in the technology of digital printing and design.


Crystalize paneled mural wallpaper


Paneled murals take the definition wall art to a whole new level with dynamic imagery that can span seamlessly across an entire wall. They have been used widely in retail and businesses and are now readily available for you to snag for your home.


Berlin city paneled mural wallpaper


Translate unique images of real subjects, like nature, cityscapes, and even abstract patterns into your favourite spaces to truly make them your own.

Paneled murals completely transform and dramatically alter the mood of your space with colour and scale. Feature walls can even be customized to reflect your personal interests.


Vintage collage paneled mural wallpaper



3D floral contemporary wallpaper


3-D wallpaper is a powerful trend that’s popping itself right into 2016. This tone-on-tone wallpaper creates the illusion of 3-dimensional pattern with daring depth and colour like you would’ve never imagined. This is a wallpaper trend that really lives in its space bringing about captivating transformative power in any interior.


The eye-catching layered origami effect of this 3-D floral is a great alternative to traditional and flat patterned wallpaper. It is great for a plush, romantic and contemporary atmosphere.


This geometric wallpaper is structured with a unique great tiling effect that is far from the usual. You can also alter the contrast of tonal values of highlight and shadows for even richer and stronger embossed results (Brown Triad Geometric Wallpaper, Pastel Blue Triad Geometric Wallpaper, Yellow Triad Geometric Wallpaper


Contemporary 3D Faux Paneling Architectural Wainscot Wallpaper


3-D wallpaper has wooed us into a whole new style exploration in the world of wallpapers. The power is up for grabs now and right into 2016.



Arrowroot Grasscloth Wallpaper


Grasscloth is a mid to high-end, natural and eco-friendly wallpapering product, and what better way to start off 2016 by being environmentally conscious and stylish at the same time. Grasscloth is moving itself right onto the list of 2016 wallpaper trends because of its timelessness in material.


Bamboo Grasscloth Wallpaper


Grasscloth is made with natural grass fibers, like sisal, jute, or bamboo, that are intricately woven together to create an earthy coloured and fresh interior ambiance. Each type harbors different qualities that vary in the woven pattern including loose to tight ends that achieve different visual finishing effects.


For example bamboo (far right) has more horizontal definition that small stitched sisal (left).

A new thrilling addition to grasscloth wallpaper that is on the rise in 2016 is overprinting over grasscloth. You can now amp up and hybridize your grasscloth and print your favourite patterns onto the wallpaper using it as a backdrop or substrate for imaginative creations and designs or even douse it in a metallic coating for a lustrous finish like no other.



Printed geometries and plants on grasscloth substrate


Stitched luxury linen wallcovering with a stitched diamond geometric pattern forming vertical stripes


Luxurious linen wallpapers feature the look of real textiles, such as silk, if you’re looking to dress your walls for a charming and cozy atmospheric aura. Although linen wallpapers are not necessarily for the spotlight and grandeur of feature walls, they are an upscale choice that creates a nice harmonious backdrop for your spaces.


Royal Diamonds glassbead dotted diamond geometric pattern on a rich elite linen wallcovering.


Don’t close the curtain on your designs, cloak your walls with glamorously gleaming linen walls that are sure to steal the show. Get your walls feeling rich and posh with this trend that is sure to stick around in 2016 and for many more years to come.



It’s time to wrap up last year’s wallpaper fashions and start up with this extensive list to start up these continuing and upcoming trends. Now that you’re in the know get cracking and brainstorming on those new design resolutions for 2016. As they say, out with the old and in with the new!


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