Designer Wallpaper for your Dining Room

It’s a new month and in August, we’re looking at designer wallpaper to really create a “wow” factor within the interior space. The dining room may not get as much love as areas such as bedrooms and living rooms, but it’s still an excellent place to use wallpaper because it acts as a communal or shared space.

When creating a high-end look for your dining room, focus on establishing a specific mood or emotion. Establishing this mood can be done through using specific colors and/or patterns. Lighter colors tend to make the space feel more open and inviting whereas darker colors are mysterious and elegant (click here to read our previous article on how color can affect our mood).

From fancy, classic looks to contemporary aesthetics, here are some options for your next design project!

Ultra Modern Dining Room Wallpaper


Retro Geometric Fishbone Wallpaper Navy and White R4996


For the contemporary dining space, geometric patterns are what we’re turning to first. This fishbone design has an energetic look with its strong diagonal lines, which creates a sense of movement that will catch your guest’s attention. We also like how the lines aren’t uniform but are thickest in the middle. This creates an added layer of visual interest.

Using soft pastel colors that make it stand out from more neutral tones, the mint green works well with the faded taupe. The cool green is not one we see often, and using out-of-the-box tones can be one way to make a space feel more modern. The contrast between the different colors results in a more interesting interior design choice.


Modern Geometric Marble Wallpaper Pastel Blue R4811


Sticking with a cool color palette, this light blue wallpaper also features geometric patterning overlaid on a background with a subtle marble/watercolor effect. The combination of the two creates a high-end, modern look that is perfect for any contemporary dining room. Toeing the line between traditional and modern, the stately appearance truly gives this design a grand aesthetic but, as usual, geometric designs help give it an updated or contemporary look.

With its detailed look, you can even use this designer wallpaper to create a feature wall in your dining room. This would serve to highlight one particular area within the space while establishing a trendy look.


Historical and Traditional Dining Room Wallpaper


Tiled Floral Collage Wallpaper Grey R4865


Looking to create a fancy, classy look for your dining room? Using wallpaper with a more traditional look can do just that. The historical aesthetic conveys a sense of grandeur and designer wallpaper styles such as the one above can really help in pulling the interior design together. The tiled conveys a uniformed, structured look that is truly sophisticated.

Shown in a white/grey color scheme, the tiled floral pattern features tiny details that add a lot of character to the space. It also appears slightly “faded,” making it seem aged. For those who want a sense of history in their dining room, this is the perfect choice!



Rustic Painted Damask Wallpaper Pastel Pink R4852


Damask wallpaper is often used to create an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere. Perfect for communal areas such as the dining room, these highly detailed designs feature floral elements with a historical touch. As one of the most popular wallpaper category, this one in particular caught our attention thanks to its rustic looks. The weathered effect gives this wallpaper an aged look.

One of the top wallpaper trends for 2017 is the use of pastel colors. We’re seeing so many new patterns that using these soft colors. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re quite flexible as well and great for incorporating into your room’s current color palette.


Creative, Bold Dining Room Wallpaper


Bohemian Persian Rug Inspired Burgundy and Taupe Wallpaper R4704

From modern and traditional to ultra bold, creative looks! The dining room can be a space where you use vibrant, colorful patterns to create an original aesthetic that is entirely “you.” Our first pick for this category is a style that’s quickly becoming one of our favorites thanks to its attention to small details. Bohemian wallpapers are always filled to the brim with intricate patterning and this example is no exception.

The bold red colors and immense detailing means this pattern will become the center of attention in the dining room. It’s hard not to look at this gorgeous wallpaper with its vibrant aesthetics. Given its design, you can even use this wallpaper as a feature wall.


Coffee Beans M8956


Last but not least, why not consider using a wallpaper mural in your dining room? Similar to feature walls, these digital prints can be featured on a single wall to create a stylish look. Its photorealistic detail definitely serves this last example well. For all those coffee lovers out there, this coffee bean mural is for you.

The abstract nature of the composition adds an artistic element to the dining room, making this wallpaper mural a unique choice for wall décor. The warm colors and realistic visuals are sure to invoke the smells of a fresh cup of joe.


Dining Room with Designer Wallpaper – a World of Possibilities!

When choosing dining room wallpaper, establishing a specific mood is important. Designer wallpapers range from elegant and sophisticated to lighthearted and playful – it’s up to you to decide which route you want to take.


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