Customizing Wallpaper Murals - a Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, give your mom a gift that she’ll remember for years to come. No, we’re not talking about flowers (although that is an excellent gift as well) and no, we’re not talking about regular or traditional wallpaper either. This year, make Mother’s Day memorable with customizable wallpaper murals! Sometimes referred to as “digital murals,” a wallpaper mural is a large-scale of wall décor. Similar to a traditional wallpaper, murals are pasted on the wall and provides a truly eye-catching aesthetic. However, murals are much more detailed and have a photorealism unmatched by regular wallpaper prints. Let’s take a look at some of our top wallpaper murals that make the perfect Mother’s Day gift! 

For the mom who’s a jetsetter, why not get her a Mother’s Day gift that will remind her of past travels and inspire future international adventures? World Maps are often a popular mural choice because of its iconic look that traditional wallpaper just can’t replicate. After all, most wallpaper murals don’t feature pattern repeat – just one large image. This particular mural, Global Geological Structures, features the classic world map look with its pastel yellow background and gridlines. 

Flowers are a common Mother’s Day gift but this year, why not go in a different direction instead? This photorealistic wallpaper mural features a large-scale white rose and we promise it doesn’t wilt! It adds a sense of sophistication and elegance, making it a great choice for use as a feature wall in a bedroom or dining room. For those who want to be even more creative, consider pairing this floral mural with a white damask wallpaper to extend the traditional aesthetics throughout the space.


A Day In The Garden M9208


Adding an artistic look the space, A Day In The Garden is a gorgeous floral mural that will transform your space into a miniature art gallery. The flat look of the imagery imbues the room with a contemporary aesthetic. The minimalist green and black color scheme is an intriguing look that adds character to the overall interior design.


You might be wondering just exactly how you can customize your wallpaper mural. On the mural product page, you’ll see a variety of options – see the image above for more details.

One of the best things about custom murals is that the size of it can be fully customized to your specific wall. Whether your mom is looking for a custom mural for a large kitchen wall or a smaller living room, providing a custom size will allow us to create a product that fits perfectly. Another important mural customizable option to keep in mind is “Personalize – Text.” With this option, you’ll be able to add words directly onto your mural. A popular option many people and interior designers often choose is an inspiration quote.


Library - One


Looking for a Mother’s Day gift for a bibliophile? For any book lover, this wallpaper mural is the best choice! Featuring rows of bookcases and endless books, you can use this pattern to create the sense that you’re really in a library. The deep brown of the faux “bookshelf” adds a sense of warmth to the space. With this mural in particular, we see just how detailed wallpaper murals can be as each book and small detail is brought to life.


Paris Overview M9069A

 Speaking of photorealistic looks, this bird’s eye view of the city of Paris packs in even more tiny details! From the small cars on the road to the intricate details of the building, it’ll feel as if you’re really in France. To create a classic look, why not consider a grey scale version of the mural? It’s an easy way to create a classy look – plus a grey scale color alteration is completely free of charge!


Pastel Marble M9312


Another popular Mother’s Day gift is jewellery but instead of getting your mom something to wear, why not get something to dress up her home’s walls instead? For a more abstract look, Pastel Marble is a visually appealing faux effect design that promises to transform any space. While the most popular faux styles include wood, brick, and concrete, marble is quickly rising to the top with its stylish looks. The soft pastel color scheme – featuring beautiful peaches, pinks, and blues – gives the space a softer appeal.


Wooden Love M9229


Last but not least, Mother’s Day is all about showing your mom just how special she is to you. With a minimalist look, this faux effect wallpaper mural features a simple large heart that says quite a lot. The vibrant red stands out against the traditional wood background, making it the center of attention.

As with any gift for that special person in your life, be sure to think ahead of time so that you can receive the product before the event or holiday. Since custom murals aren’t mass-produced like regular wallpaper rolls, they will take time to produce. For more questions, don’t hesitate to contact Walls Republic!


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