Custom Wallpaper Murals: The Best Way to Spark Individuality and Creativity in your Home

Imagine how many places you’ve been in your life and how many of those really stand out in your memory. A Spanish philosopher named George Santayana believed that “design is the paradise of individuality”. Technology has provided the platform to create wondrous spaces in our time like no other before in history.

A mural emphasizes the value of personal space and allows you to share who you are as an intricately unique person. This revolutionary approach to design allows you to dictate and choose the way you express yourself by transforming the important places that define the way you live with fantastic and fashionable imagery you simply can’t forget.

Wallpaper mural prices are accommodating for its high demand and the product of designer envy is actually becoming more within reach for home owners. Wallpaper murals have become a sort of interior design movement, and now is the time to experiment. Here are 5 reasons why you can only go right with wallpaper murals:



The ultimate bath time scenery by the ocean


Custom murals allow you to generate atmospheres and emotions and that you can only dream of. They enhance a space instantly with eye-popping colour and imagery that is dramatic and full of character. Wall murals encourage a positive living and working environment that ultimately transforms your home or business with a fully stimulating and spatial experience. You can emulate the feeling of peacefully bathing by the lake or floating atop the skyline of Tokyo.


Feel at the center of technological progress in Tokyo, Japan

Murals can help reflect business integrity, culture, or personal values that people can pin point and remember. Wall paper murals are recognizable and effectively help build brand persona for valuable partnerships. They are a great way to show-off your business. You can easy amplify your interiors with walls of art and imagery to create resonating visual experiences that attract and impress.


Vegas, anyone?




Rich and lush look of real marble for a luxurious atmosphere

Wallpaper murals are an absolutely budget friendly alternative to real and raw materials while maintaining durable quality and richness. Imagine trying to buy a 7 foot wall of lustrous marble for your walls and deciding later on you might like the warmth of a weathered red brick interior for the winter; your wallet won’t be so thrilled.

Precious materials are highly expensive, but wall murals are more cost effective and require less maintenance and commitment years down the road. Switch it up and experiment! Wall murals are super easy to add and install with the brilliant results, I guarantee you, will not disappoint.


Lustrous royal purple crystal formations




“Iris Flowers” by Van Gogh


Wallpaper murals allow you to easily change up your space depending on ever changing interior trends and personal taste without hesitation. Now you can spice up your digs and bring all your design ideas to life with ease! Wall paper murals are not only a great alternative for real materials but for real artwork as well. For example, paintings can be expensive, let alone tracking down an original work to purchase. You can easily hang and de-hang the paintings of Van Gogh to that of Monet, or any artist you fancy, using a printed mural of the originals. And the result: perfectly personalized quirky, fun, relaxing, and stylistic artistic interiors that will leave everyone in awe.


At the Races Wall Mural

“Water Lilies” by Monet




Turquoise Faux Wood Wallpaper Mural

 With glaciers the size of Manhattan melting off the face of the planet, it is important now more than ever to be environmentally conscious. Wallpaper murals don’t exhaust our natural resources and achieve lively results for merely a fraction of the energy cost for production. If you love the feel of a natural wood paneled wall, a wallpaper mural is much better on our environmental footprint than paneling actual raw wood. You can still achieve highly realistic results and still bask in the warm rustic charm of a paint chipped wood in your home or business.


Natural stumps for the fraction of the energy costs




Bewitched Geometric Wall Mural

Wallpaper murals use a complex technology made simple and fun for you to pick and create a space that is your own with extremely gratifying results. Wallpaper murals are “inspired by you and made for you” and the personalized options are truly limitless. The customizability of wall murals allows any home or business owner to bring the wildest dreams and visions to life. You can choose any image in the world that caters to your personal interests, hobbies and individuality (cityscapes, maps, cars, artwork, and outdoor vistas).


Are you a vintage car enthusiast?


…or a coffee fanatic?


The sky is the limit when altering colour, scale, or even adding text to reflect the atmosphere you want to convey. You can stretch, flip, or tile your mural in any way you please. You can print on different substrates and apply treatments for characterized texture, embossing, or metallic sheen. These are just a few examples but it doesn’t stop there.


With wall murals, you can let your creativity run free; your spaces should drive and motivate your passions. As good old Walt once said,

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”


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