Create Strong Architectural Features in Your Home with These Architecturally Inspired Wall Murals for a Professional Designer Look

Architecturally inspired wall murals are a great way to add rich detail to a space that is lacking a visual focus. From faux finishes to replications of structural details, there are a variety of different looks that can be achieved.



For an architectural faux finish style, this concrete has impeccable details that make it appear like truly authentic concrete. It will certainly help create a modern industrial look in your interiors.


Lumber Wall Mural M8926


Tiled wood and stone are another faux finish option in a wall mural that adds a genuine natural look. They are a simple understated way to use a mural in the home while still achieving that highly realistic digital mural look.


Tiled Stone Wall Mural M8961


Blue-Grey Alabaster Marble Wall Mural M8927   


Fashioning a space with a marble wall mural is another unique take on a faux finish architectural mural and it adds a luxurious rich air.


Complex Wall Mural M8919


Abstracted architecturally informed shapes inspire this wall mural. With a high sense of depth and crisp geometry, it will add a contemporary aura to any space.


Facade Glass Wall Mural M8953


Facade offers you a structural glass facade look. It gives you the look of a contemporary glass building and creates an incredible transformation in your space that is inspiring.

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