Create Iconic Wallpaper Using One Main Color

Mixing and matching different wallpaper patterns is one of the easiest and most fun way to get creative with your interior design. We’ll let you in on a secret – it’s actually easy to do! To make things simpler, focus on a single main color for your space; that will be what unifies the room. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at four different colors and giving you a pairing of wallpaper that would look fantastic. In many cases, using a plain or textured wallpaper is the easiest way to create a mixed wallpaper look. However, you can get even more creative and consider mixing and matching two distinct wallpaper styles. Now, on to the wallpaper pairings!



Classic Bird Of Nature White And Blue Wallpaper R4181

In many of our pairings, there will be one wallpaper style that’s the “main” focus. One way to use a mixed wallpaper look is by creating a feature wall and using another wallpaper on the other walls as a complementary design. First up, this Classic Birds of Nature wallpaper is showcased above in a minimalist blue and white color scheme. The watercolor aesthetics adds an element of artistic creativity to the images, giving the blue shades a nice gradient effect. You can definitely use this nature-themed wallpaper as a feature wall if you so choose!


Mystical R3005


Let’s create a rich blue look for the space, shall we? By pairing this textured wallpaper with the bird wallpaper above, you help extend the blue color scheme throughout the room while also maintain the focus on the dominant wallpaper (i.e. the wallpaper with the images). Now, the typical feature wall includes one main wall (the one with the most imagery) and three accompanying walls (usually textured or plain wallpaper). However, by using one color, you can create other looks as well. Consider using the bird wallpaper above on two opposite walls and the blue textured wallpaper on the other two opposite walls. This creates a unique look for your space!



Vintage Suitcases Wallpaper Grey and Blue R4819


From a minimalist nature-themed wallpaper that’s more on the traditional side to a wallpaper that embraces a retro aesthetic, Vintage Suitcases is filled with details that brings the image to life. Featured above in a grey and beige, the neutral color scheme is generally one of the easier colors to incorporate into a room, especially if the space is already fully furnished. Neutral colors tend to be an easy match with other colors.


Aged Faux Wooden Boards R5111


Mixing and matching wallpaper with a plain or textured wallpaper pattern is easy, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it’s the only wallpaper style you can mix in. Remember, color does an amazing job of unifying the interior design so if you want to use a non-plain wallpaper, go ahead – just pay attention to the colors! Shown above in a grey colorway, this faux finish wallpaper matches nicely with all of the colors used in the Vintage Suitcases wallpaper, whether it’s the grey, beige, or blue-grey. Additionally, this wood wallpaper has a vertical alignment whereas the suitcases have a more horizontal alignment. This makes for a visually interesting dynamic – just another way you can get creative with your home’s wallpaper!



Almond Blossom R5003


We can’t get enough of this Van Gogh-inspired wallpaper. Almond Blossom comes in a variety of colors (including the original blue color), but this burnt red-orange is just too fantastic to pass up. It adds such a warmth to the space and the color – although unique in its visuals – is actually quite versatile. When we were thinking of wallpaper patterns and colors to mix and match, we knew exactly which one would look gorgeous with this…


Modern Minimalist Brick Wallpaper Red R4807


It’s another faux effect wallpaper and this time, it’s the iconic red brick style. Mixing and matching two different wallpaper patterns can open the doors to many interesting and even odd combinations. However, keep in mind that the color ties everything together so you get the best of both worlds – a beautiful floral wallpaper and a contemporary red brick pattern.



Lilac Everlasting R2679


Mixing and matching different wallpaper patterns is one way to “dress up” a room or make it look more casual. For example, take this damask wallpaper. With a traditional classic look, it’s a historic floral motif that adds elegance and sophistication to the space. However, if you’re looking to create a modern aesthetic, you might be thinking this pattern wouldn’t fit in your space. That’s where using a complementary can help!


Concrete Cloudy Abstract Wallpaper Grey and Black R4667


By pairing the traditional damask wallpaper with a more contemporary wallpaper, this helps to make the damask print look more casual and contemporary, even though you’ve done nothing to the actual wallpaper itself. With this wallpaper pairing, we’d definitely recommend using the damask as a single feature wall and the abstract cloudy wallpaper on the remaining walls

And that’s that! Four eye-catching wallpaper patterns that add a unique individuality to your space! And for our final tip, if you’re looking for your very own wallpaper “pairing,” the best way to do this is by looking at wallpaper color categories rather than specific designs. That way, you’ll be able to quickly see color matches!


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